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  1. Deep down, we all like Boris a bit don't we? (He's of Turkish origin, so I'm not being an elitist, Jingoistic nazi)
  2. The voting form had 4 Brexit parties on it. they can’t all win. i suspect none of them will as the vote will be diluted
  3. People are saying they should get a £30 million bail out from the government. If they do, so should BWFC as it affects as many people. There's no reason for the government to give them preference over thousands of other failing organisations.
  4. The biggest steel producer in the UK are Finnish. The truth is that it’s a product that is cheaper to make overseas and import.
  5. I know a bit about steel purchasing. british steel has been dead in the water for 15 years and propped up by one loan after another. In a global economy, it simply cannot compete and that has fuck all to do with Brexit, the EU, or Theresa May.
  6. Coyle and Barry Knight. 2 names that actually make me feel like murdering someone
  7. Kevin de Bruyne is better than Ronaldo and messi.
  8. Wasn’t there one to the fizzy cup final against the scousers? Got trashed on the way back. Whilst not comparable to the ones on a certain coach to Macedonia that I know of, I imagine the bogs were an utter joy on these things.
  9. Spider

    Taken over?

    I’d rather give it back to Anderson.
  10. Is bitcoin ready to go through the roof again?
  11. It always looks like caged dog fighting to me The researchers must just stand in the middle of council estates hoovering the contestants up.
  12. Not a TV show, but somehow Warburtons have made Robert de Niro stand outside Bolton train station in the pissing rain. Bread might be dear, but they've nailed the ads.
  13. If it wasn't for Liverpool providing the odd smile, this season could well have finished me off. We need Newport to win that final. Snapping Chungy will be forgiven.
  14. Wouldn’t take long in the ESL. Especially this season.
  15. Possibly a prediction that plenty have already made but I can see Farage doing extremely well in these elections. No matter what you think of him, his popularity is growing and the BBCs attempts to keep wheeling him into the spotlight expecting him to look foolish are failing (maybe on purpose...) The rise of the hard right is currently inevitable. The anonymity of the polling booth is going to cause a bit of an upset. If I’m wrong, great. But the sense is that hein and his ilk have huge momentum.
  16. Spider

    Taken over?

    Hotel is still showing as closed until 20th May. Unless it's full of Chinese billionaires
  17. Spider

    Taken over?

    A quick scan of the last few pages tells me that Howard's star is fading rather considerably, and there's a bit of anger knocking about. Personally, I've no issue with Howard and much of what he's written seems pretty well-informed with a generous dollop of guesswork. If we could predict the future accurately, we'd be millionaires. If Howard is, in fact, Natasha, then she's played a blinder. Chances are, he's just someone who has decent knowledge and the internet has worked its usual magic.
  18. An honourable mention to Agent Solskjaer who is doing a sterling job down at the bog. But the scousers simply cannot be allowed to get their hands on the main prize.
  19. Facebook (if you bother) would have been absolutely fucking unbearable if the scousers has won the league today. As it was, the entire place was self pity free and still is. After the champs league final I expect it to be different.
  20. Wonder if LH white will be on here today with his scouse willy hanging out?
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