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  1. Vaccine all but ready. Everyone done by Easter. So a few more oldies get potted? They’re going soon anyway. And that’s it after April, so it’s just like conceding a couple more goals when you’re already 6 down in the 88th minute. Theres more important things to worry about now like Brexit and getting to the Costa del Sol.
  2. Have the premier league taken them dark blue ribbons off the trophy now?
  3. Now I am on record saying he’s the worst player ever to pull the shirt on. But I said that about Zat Knight once upon a time. As exciting as a 4 game streak is, I’ve slept on it, had a wank, and think maybe we see where we are at xmas. Santos has shown he’s capable of being awful. But I’m dead chuffed he’s turned it round.
  4. Let’s just double check this Bolty Bingo Card: * Nice Aussie weather ✔️ * Earning a fortune ✔️ * Walking football ✔️ * Scooters ✖️ * We won get over it ✔️ * Refusing to answer any direct question ✔️ * The Hun ✔️ I’m calling a full house lads
  5. The £6 cans of special brew are playing havoc
  6. Does a bloke follow you around just tooting 2 notes on a tuba?
  7. Wigan have gone bottom too Sleeping with my Norpig tonight.
  8. Just proves that the defence were terrified with Crellin behind them Gilks needs to stay fit until we can sign a spare goalie. He’s crucial the noisy cunt
  9. Spider


    Double figures COYFWM
  10. I’m erect about football for the first time in years. Its like that Viagra advert in my pants. Fckin love football me
  11. Santos Ive not seen a turnaround in someone this extreme since A Christmas Carol
  12. If we can hold on here Smash Southend to pieces We’ll be top by new year
  13. These 7pm kick offs keep fucking catching me out. FFFS
  14. My wife just turned up with 4 cans of Fosters, if anyone knows any decent divorce lawyers, hit me up. Its less than a month since I caught her storing leftover dog food in the fridge.
  15. All my elderly relatives are dead. The only pensioners I speak to regularly are probably you lot. Do what I want.
  16. They can use Track and Trace. 2-4-1 on the £20billion
  17. They quite like us sending our SAS lads in when they know their special forces will fuck it up
  18. Mr Michel also "thanked the president-elect for his clear support regarding the implementation of the Withdrawal Agreement the EU concluded with the UK last year" Where in that have the EU been begging for help? Face it, the EU are now bigger than us. Worth more. Further up the pecking order. The Empire has gone. Get over it.
  19. Spider


    Allardyce is like the car in those Top Gear specials that none of them want to drive but always makes it to the end better than the rest.
  20. It is, but cases are decreasing rapidly, which is great. Having looked at Bolton's numbers, we've dropped from 5th in the league to 46th (a rapid fall only our team can mirror) Optimistic we may squeeze into tier 2 next week if it carries on like that,
  21. Rub your eyes, and give it another read Mounts.
  22. Trump on voting in 2018: https://twitter.com/CBSNews/status/1331273852387799042?s=20
  23. 2 months left yet. I think he's going to end up sat naked on the White House lawn, eating dog biscuits through a snorkel. We're gonna need more popcorn. Imagine actually backing this fella. Imagine the cognitive porridge in your head.
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