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  1. Yeah but you know where you stand with extremists.
  2. The problem isn't just Corbyn - every other senior Labour figure that is wheeled in front of the cameras is a complete spacker. Labour don't always have a good leader, but they tend to have a solid team. This time around, it's just awful, and they really could have capitalised. It makes you wonder if they don't really want to win. Just sit back, hope Brexit is a complete fuck up then come in next time. I wouldn't be surprised.
  3. I can't be the only person who thinks their lead singer sounds like Father Dougal's mate from the episode of Father Ted with the stolen whistle?
  4. I get that I’m being a bore. But I’d rather be a bore and make sure it’s pore and not pour.
  5. It’s poring and pore not pouring and pour. sort your shit out lads.
  6. Didn’t watch it but my guess is that it was an hour of pure white dog shit
  7. Gossipmongers Cheese 1 Spider 0 mad Mary not good enough
  8. “I’m a roarer, a rogerer, a gorger and a puker”
  9. These monkeys you speak of Do they get about on little roller skates, and do they wear waistcoats? You need to be clear on the key points.
  10. Spider


    The Bengals will have him
  11. 2 things that seem to have been overlooked: * His trousers had turn ups. If you needed any proof of guilt, look no further. * Emily Maitliss 100% piped him off right after the interview.
  12. Well that was an absolute car crash. ”I had a condition that meant I didn’t sweat” What. The. Fuck.
  13. Spider

    BWFC v MK Dons

    Odd one that. related - can stoke take him back anytime? New manager may want to give him a chance
  14. Spider

    BWFC v MK Dons

    To be honest Itd be ace to somehow survive, but for now I’m getting way more out of watching the utter joy on my lads face when we win games, and now he has a 93rd minute winner to add to that growing mountain of BWFC memories that can never be taken away from him. That today is every bit as good as getting a draw at home to a Tottenham or an Everton.
  15. Spider

    BWFC v MK Dons

    Any links to the goal?
  16. Spider

    BWFC v MK Dons

    I fucking love football, me. I do.
  17. Spider

    BWFC v MK Dons

    Why all the phone lights going off on 78 minutes? It’s not a fucking Coldplay concert
  18. Spider

    BWFC v MK Dons

    That’s just livened things up
  19. Spider

    BWFC v MK Dons

    I’m bored shitless This is the Division 3 I remember
  20. Did they tell you if Carl Frampton made it out?
  21. Don’t waste your time
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