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  1. Kiwis There'll be the usual cricket scores in the early games. England will go close. The taffs can more or less fuck off
  2. https://images.app.goo.gl/YW7hCdE26U5eChuS6 When your ecstasy kicks in 4 hours too late...
  3. Those day care places are a fucking gold mine. They pay the girls who work there min wage, charge £40 a day per brat, and buy their food etc. in bulk. Don't get me wrong, they do a brilliant job, but the owners are coining it in.
  4. I was saving that one. I added up how much it cost me in total to put both of mine through nursery (including the pathetic "free" hours the govt give you). No exaggeration to say I got no change from £20k for the pair of them. £600 a month, per child, for 3 years.
  5. That tag they put on the baby’s toe at the hospital isn’t for ID, it’s just a fucking massive invoice
  6. 2 kids 2 new sets of uniforms, PE kit, shoes (fucking shoes are £40 a pair), bags. Forward payment of lunches and out of school clubs because we both work, payment for a couple of school trips. Swamp tax, cow ointment - the expenses are endless. Fresh from an August holiday to France where I will admit to spending more than I expected on wine. Dunno if you've got any nippers but if not, my advice would be not to bother.
  7. How much do they get through a week? (Just seen Tyldesleys post!!)
  8. Can we not just have one month of no fucking moaning?
  9. He reckons about 60 helicopters but I haven’t a clue personally. They may have gone to Norwich, that’s east. Its just that the Gulf is getting a bit like a taxi queue on Bank street at 2am in a Sunday morning currently, so something’s afoot.
  10. What does Tommy spend his funds on? Genuine question
  11. Whilst we all worry about Brexit, Iran are starting to upset pretty much every fucker they can think of. They've started bombing Saudi oil refineries and the chances of an almighty kick off in the Gulf increase by the day. On an completely unrelated note, a friend of mine now works at Brize Norton and it’s known down there that every UK Apache helicopter has been loaded onto a transporter plane and sent “some place east” in the last few days. I’m fact, Brize Norton has been busier than Heathrow for a couple of weeks. Obviously, it could be that we’re shoring up the channel tunnel for the end of next month, but a huge military exercise in the Gulf would certainly draw attention away from domestic matters.
  12. I’ve just shelled out for season tickets and Sunderland tickets. Mid September fresh from two weeks holiday with the kids. Kids who needed several hundred quids worth of new school stuff etc.. its a dear do for most. Still think we’ll get 10k home fans though.
  13. Seen something on twitter that maybe Mounts can answer as he still plans to fuck the UK off for a retirement in the sunshine: I'm just watching a programme called ' a place in the Sun ' where middle aged retired white couples immigrate and change the culture of European beach communities. My question is why are these people called ' ex pats ' and not immigrants?
  14. I've mentioned this before, but previous Brexit dates have been preceded with very few - if any - preparation updates from central government. In the last 2 weeks, we've had a flurry of "In the event of No Deal" communications with actual instructions on them, not just wishy washy might-be's. They are specific to our industry and some real effort is being made with them. I don't care what anyone is saying to the cameras, we're leaving with No Deal. I'd even chuck money on it.
  15. "Around the World in 80,000,000 Trips" - A travel guide by Worthy10. Synopsis: Congratulations on buying the world's first travel guide comprised entirely of hints, tips and advice from an internet forum exclusively for Bolton Wanderers fans. The author has spent the last few years visiting 99% of the earth's surface, spending his pension/lottery win/inheritance with the feverish haste of a randy Tudor monarch. If you're considering a trip to Brazil, and want to know where to buy a Warbies thick sliced loaf, this is for you. Stuck in Pyongyang with a longing for a Carr's Pastie? Look no further, he'll hook you up. No matter where you want to go, Worthy10 has been and has done so armed with the invaluable advice of a few northern pisspots to make the most of his adventure. So make sure you pack this first. And don't touch the money.
  16. I've been through 10 pages at random on this thread and found a dozen spulling mistakes. You're all better than such levels of pettiness. Now carry on, and if there's any more behaviour like that you'll ALL get detention. Clear?
  17. They’ve told him to more or less fuck off I see.
  18. To be honest, it's his methods that ruin him. But imagine if a load of asians were outside a court that had a gang of pale faces up on the same kind of charge (it's not JUST asians that do this though the stats show it usually is), there's no way that would go unmentioned on here. He's highlighting a problem, but in the wrong way.
  19. Us - 0 Sunderland - Many
  20. Spider

    Rotherham (a)

    We scored first yesterday.
  21. Probably. After a million attempts and enough money to buy a fleet of aircraft carriers made of gold, it’s bound to happen. As ever, a catastrophic failure would be happily received. City will go all out for the Chumps League.
  22. No I see the connection P. Your breadcrumbs are simple enough to follow. He was in jail for potentially letting free the very people he wants to hunt down. which makes him thick as mince.
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