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  1. I meant I could get elected to parliament, at which point I could be chosen as a cabinet minister. in essence, very few ministers are highly trained experts at the job they end up doing.
  2. If Kate Bingham is there because of her name and/or friends, then that stinks too. The weird thing is that politics in general is back to front. I could, based on our system, get elected into the cabinet and be given the chancellors job with absolutely no experience. Fucking daft.
  3. @hughmungus Bet you enjoyed that Bradford goal
  4. Not deserved at all
  5. Fully fucking deserved
  6. Playing some ace football
  7. We’re by far the better team
  8. Pitch is rank Kick off was shit boooooo
  9. Way outside my preferences, but that Donk video is brill. It’s original and sounds well polished. Wont get onto any of my playlists but fair fucks to them lads, keep going!
  10. Did someone say that it hadn’t found a single person? If so, do you think they meant it literally or were employing a little dramatic license to emphasise that it’s underperformed? You do have a track record of missing irony. 😁
  11. Harding is a classic example of cronyism. She’s also really shit.
  12. I’ve already made my mind up
  13. Not alleged. I think Traf pointed out that it’s official
  14. Honestly no idea who she is She looks like she’d do a turn
  15. I had to google Gemma Collins. Itll have to be Priti. Lucky girl.
  16. Trial by WWays Kangaroo Court is the only way.
  17. Fair dinkum. I am assuming it’s done a reasonable job. But the price seems far too high, is the point I’m making.
  18. According to the Guardian, T&T employs just under 20,000 people. Average wage of £26,000. That’s half a billion in wages.
  19. Where did I say that? Come on, do you honestly think that £37billion is a fair price?
  20. The pandemic has made the government have to throw around numbers that are so large they become in fathomable to most people. £300 billion for furlough, a few billion here for grants, billions for T&T. It’s only track and trace that really looks like a number that doesn’t fit. furlough for millions at £300billion looks about right. But a tenth of that for a system that employs (and this isn’t official so may be way out) a few thousand people. But we’re all numb to these astronomical numbers now
  21. Just says track and trace. Doesn’t mention testing. Weirdly, there’s hardly any info available about it on government sites.
  22. Totally agree about the vaccine programme. Best of British and the rest of the world (apart from Israel) are way behind. But T&T smells iffy. Happy to be proven wrong though.
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