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  1. Hoppy510

    Taken over

    Is a single word of this fact Sluffy or is it all absolute conjecture on your behalf as usual? I'm thinking conjecture unless you have anything to share with us that can be proven.
  2. Hoppy510

    Taken over

    There's no way FV would put out a statement which read along the lines of "we are trying to finalise a deal but it is being held up by X, Y and/or Z as a result of which it may or it may not go ahead" as presumably negotiations are ongoing and they wouldn't want to muddy the waters any further. Even if they were daft enough to do that it would only confuse the matter even further.
  3. Manny Pacquaio does it again. The 40 year old senator from the Phillipines beat the previously undefeated Keith Thurman last night to take the WBA super welterweight title. We've seen great fighters who have won world titles at multiple weight classes before - Sugar Ray Leonard and Tommy Hearns spring to mind - but 8 different weight classes? Wow. Massive respect to Manny who despite his success I still think is underrated. As for Amir Khan getting a shot at him (as he prematurely announced earlier this week) - I'd be surprised if that ever happens. Surely a Thurman rematch is up next and Manny must be thinking of retirement before too long given that his fight is built around his speed of foot, fist and thought. I'd hate to see him go on for too long and he really has nothing left to prove.
  4. Hoppy510

    Taken over

    I don't think that would be to anybody's benefit because at this stage he knows as many of the facts as you, Sluffy and everyone else do - i.e. none whatsoever.
  5. Hoppy510

    Taken over

    Putting aside the fact that it's the club's debt as opposed to his debt that he built up...opinion is divided as we still don't have access to the accounts or know what has gone on behind the scenes, but my view is that at best he was incompetent given that the club was losing money hand over fist so anyone with an ounce of intelligence should have seen the train coming from miles away - losing money year upon year can only lead to one possible outcome i.e.bankruptcy and he should have acted much, much earlier. Better still, he might not have got involved in the first place as the club would have gone into administration three years ago when it was a far better proposition to buy. It also looks likely that Anderson carefully avoided putting himself in front of the oncoming train as he remains a creditor so is likely to get away without much in the way of damage to his personal finances - certainly not compared to the damage to BWFC. And it's rumoured that in the early part of his tenure when things didn't look so bad, he turned down offers to buy the club because he wasn't getting enough personally out of the deal - remember all those "tyre - kickers" and billionaires who "couldn't provide proof of funds"? Too late now Ken. Obviously with his track record for asset-stripping companies, there could well be a more sinister side to all of this but as it stands we are all being kept in the dark so nobody knows for sure what he's done or what degree of responsibility - other than managerial incompetence - he has. And until the facts come out opinion will remain divided.
  6. Hoppy510

    Taken over

    Not until there's something official to say e.g. this parrot is dead.
  7. Hoppy510

    Taken over

    If it does come to the worst, wouldn't Newport get promoted to L1 and AFC Fylde to L2? Jaysus.
  8. Hoppy510

    Taken over

    Mostly. Why? Has anything happened?
  9. Hoppy510

    Taken over

    Having run our club into the ground, Anderson is now alleged to be holding up the sale, so just for clarification, does he still own the club or is it just a squabble about him getting his two pounds of flesh?
  10. Hoppy510

    Taken over

    Does all this mean that in simplified terms, Morris/James/PBP/FV are basically the same players in for both the club and the hotel (i.e. that the water's aren't being muddied by an external unknown quantity) and any dispute re the two sales is more a matter of sorting it out between them?
  11. Hoppy510

    Taken over

    Unfortunately, Sluffy's website is struggling ATM with posts down massively in the last two months due his intolerance of the expression of concerns over Anderson's tenure and his inability to allow perspectives that differ from his own, distinguish between legitimate concerns and firm opinions or have the piss taken out of him for being so uptight. Only 20 posts all day yesterday from a total of 4 different posters and most of those were from Sluffy himself. Shame as it used to be a decent discussion forum with some interesting characters and banter. Hopefully it will get back to being what it once was.
  12. What a fantastic opportunity for David Lee's kids to show what they can do. I really hope some of them step up to the plate and demolish the 6th tier opposition because if they don't they'll not be getting an opportunity to play at 3 levels above any time soon.
  13. https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2019/07/13/bolton-wanderers-among-clubs-chasing-free-agent-jack-grimmer/ Versatility is the key when you have 5 outfield professionals on your books. Maybe he can play wing back right back and central defender simultaneously? Doubt we can afford him though, even though he's bog standard.
  14. Hoppy510

    Taken over

    Even a couple of concerts, a community BBQ, an agricultural show, a stunt motor bike display, a car boot sale, a monster trucks event and a gymkhana would help. It's fairly clear that the new potential owners haven't got money to throw around so presumably part of "the plan" is to work every asset to death so there's little point in folk complaining about the potential condition of the pitch - or the team for that matter - when liquidation is the alternative. Maybe they've been to too many Polo matches and "the plan" is to invite the fans on to the pitch at half time to stomp the divots? It ain't gonna be pretty whatever happens.
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