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  1. Abiding memory of Luton is 1972? waiting for their train to pull into Trinity St and a few hundred of them piled off dressed like the gang in A Clockwork Orange, some wearing bowlers, boots and eye patches painted on. Trouble all down Manny Rd.
  2. Point beautifully missed but it seems we are in agreement.
  3. I think we’ve assembled a decent squad for this level and despite all the criticism of players and selections it’s hard to argue with the results. Of course we are far from perfect but it’s a good effort, players are improving and there are plenty of signs that we’re good enough to get over the line. Of course it would be wonderful if we didn’t make mistakes like Jones today and we converted more chances etc etc but there’s a bigger picture to consider and the key elements are where we’ve come from and whether we can reinvent ourselves again if we progress. Personally I’m loving it and despite my concerns I’m very happy with the way things are going. Evatt in.
  4. Who gave the ball away for their goal? is there any video of any of the goals online?
  5. Chuffed for the man. We want 4
  6. Apparently Dan was excellent in setting it up. (radio only here)
  7. Boy done good - couldn’t deliver a decent cross though
  8. I’m intrigued. Can’t open it maybe because I’m on holiday. Presumably it’s from a stalker with no life? How do they know your email btw?
  9. Lot of Bod love on here tonight but I thought it was one of his worst games giving it away on at least 3 occasions that I can think of. Love the guy and he’s super talented given space to work with but he had none tonight and it showed. Guessing the full match will be repeated on WTV so I’ll check I’m not doing him a disservice. Thomo my MOTM - again.
  10. Fair result and a decent away draw against a good team.
  11. Just knew he wouldn’t - the lad simply doesn’t know when to give up on a challenge. We need the performance now and especially making those final passes count.
  12. Looks like they’ve gone for a team to push Cogley and Iredale back to limit our attacking options. Should make for a battle in midfield so I hope George can keep his cool.
  13. No sign of Williams recovery - makes sense to rest him even if he is on the mend. I voted for the draw BTW not that it means anything. We just need a performance and with this ref, discipline.
  14. History means nowt - this game is all about our current promotion credentials and I’m praying for another classy performance. Huge opportunity to stamp our authority on the title chase and damage another contender. “Six pointer”
  15. Decent player, better manager IMO. Have a mate who is the spitting image of him - knows FA about football who was shocked when he came into the pub during the SA WC and everyone was chanting at him - a measure of the real TV’s popularity. Great bloke and manager by all accounts from everyone I’ve met who knew him. Sad to see another part of my life move on. RIP Tel.
  16. Missed the last couple as can’t be arsed when I’m on holiday. WTV is ok for the games though. Don’t know who Rusty is though I have my suspicions. Not me for sure.
  17. Jamaica 11 a.m. hangover from hell and it’s all the manager’s fault. Evatt out! TBF the post match 8 hours in the all inclusive cocktail bar may have been partially responsible. First 30 minutes of the game was a familiar sad tale - playing OK but let down by passes going astray and even though there was little threat on our goal, it was nervy. No way on earth at that stage I could have imagined what was to follow - one of the best hour's of watching the Whites for ages. At times it was beautiful and there were some great individual performances too. Throw in results elsewhere and it really doesn’t get much better than yesterday. OK it’s just 3 points, but to see the team put it all together like that was a privilege. After all we’ve been through, days like that are a reminder of why we do it - and what we hope for every game. My head may be battered but I am one very happy punter this morning.
  18. What a day. GD fantastic
  19. Two classy goals - could have been more if we’d got a few more final balls right. Nowt much to worry about defensively other than their LWB getting behind Jones a couple of times - overall a decent performance though and just what we needed. Push on and tighten the screw from here hopefully - as long as we don’t get sloppy the points should be in the bag.
  20. Turning into Nuts this thread. None of us know what the balance sheet looks like currently, but there are some clues in the general strategy of investing the bond money in infrastructure, medium - and perhaps astute - investment in squad/B team, the focus on community engagement etc.To me it looks like putting the club in the shop window, ripe for sale etc. Frankly any attempt to stay in the Championship or push on from there would require a whole new level of dosh, beyond the means of FV - who to be fair have done an incredible job of turning a basket case into what appears to be an investable opportunity.
  21. Very little between Gibraltar and Malta in FIFA rankings but France 14 nil winners (could have been 25),tells a story
  22. Always thought it’s a possibility that FV would be looking to sell if we get to the Championship given the money spent on building the infrastructure and fanbase ahead of the squad.
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