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  1. Sheffield Utd late 70's either 3-2 or 5-1 whichever was first
  2. We need a point against Seville to be sure
  3. My lad nicked it! http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=11/32913270...70167.jpg&s=x12
  4. Never thought I'd say it but is was better than Blackburn Away 78 and Wrexham 88 http://media.putfile.com/German-Bombers9
  5. Got BWFC badge on left lower leg NO RIBBONS done in Derby weeks after moving down.
  6. derbywhite


    just had call from ticket office can pick up tickets anytime, no ST/vouchers sure everyone will get one. :D/ :D/ :D/
  7. Went to Bulgaria in 1999 to watch England. Six of us bought tickets from the ground the day of the match for the home end for about 20 pence . Got to the ground that night soon as the police sussed we were English we were shepherded to the England turnstiles no questions asked no one even looked at our tickets. Hope its the same this time
  8. smackworth sounds about right
  9. posh bit they tell me .. darley abbey . you?
  10. OI Number9 ... I am the only Bolton fan in this village !
  11. Wrexham 0 Bolton 1 . Robbie with his arse out seems like yesterday . How things change.
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