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  1. Surprised he doesn't give the wrong scores just to wind punters up
  2. jmjhb

    Wycombe (H)

    I'd expect good beer at those prices, jesus
  3. Salford end? You mean their 1 fan?
  4. Big Sam would be proud with the shithousery
  5. This is some superbly cynical time-wasting
  6. Only fair she gets booked for it
  7. England should have kept Ellen White on
  8. Well, that was a pass and finish
  9. Stanway is a right bombscare Fully expecting her to be sent off and a 1-0 defeat
  10. Rooney did score 5 against San Marino. I wonder how they (SM) would get on against a top women's team.
  11. Agree. We're very good, but just a few components short of being exceptional
  12. Men in their 60s and 70s are hardly the target demographic though
  13. Not to mention forums like this are a very distinct demographic.
  14. I rate him, but we got Dion, Bodvarsson, Morley and Sadlier for less than that
  15. Probably bollocks, but I'd take 500k
  16. Huddersfield going to drop like a stone now
  17. That position is far from a priority
  18. No double figures Boo Evatt out
  19. 9 Bit of a difference to last year when we were 1-0 down until the 70th min
  20. That is a surprisingly strong line-up
  21. Anyway, back to the footy Has it been mentioned one of the Italian centrebacks was Politic's teammate last season. Just signed for Juve, but never played top flight football before.
  22. I can't remember a blind lass in BGT, but there was one 2 years ago Seems like the guy in Bolty's post is professionally offended by the professionally offended people? both sides are just as bad as each other 😁
  23. 18 Telmo Zarra scored a lot, sadly my knowledge of 1940s Basque football let me down
  24. Looking at Wiki they don't have an assistant manager, with the other head coach being Gary McAllister
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