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  1. Howe or Potter, but they've got projects of their own
  2. Not really World Cup related, but seems like Pele is on his way out
  3. I don't think Brazil have been tested yet. At the very least the Cameroon defeat shows the strength in depth isnt there. It'll be interesting to see how they fare under adversity if they go a goal down. Personally, I think they'll be shell-shocked. I get the sense they believe their own hype a bit too much, like Spain after the 7-0 win. Hubris before the fall. Here's hoping.
  4. We've actually gone 5th, madness
  5. Just shows there are no outstanding teams in this World Cup. No-one got maximum points. Only 5 unbeaten teams left.
  6. So with Brazil losing to Cameroon tonight, England have the best record in the group stage.
  7. If he scores, it won't be with a header
  8. Let's face it, Brazil versus a knackered geriatric Uruguay in the L16 would have been really shit
  9. Same happened to Italy after 2006. By the same measure, this means Germany won't qualify for the next 2 World Cups
  10. For who? Morocco play a bit like Japan
  11. Spain, when they need it, are coming up with fuck all
  13. Yeltsin Tejeda scores for Costa Rica
  14. Spain play a lot of unnecessary tiki-taka. ...and it's finally cost them, fannying around at the back
  15. Croatia have been pretty shite too. Gvardiol looks a monster however.
  16. Belgium and Denmark's golden generations completely flopped. Great to see.
  17. This Wales team is really bad
  18. Rashford making up for that first half
  19. Djorkaeff Reasco coming on for Ecuador More players should be named after Bolton footballers in the early 2000s
  20. Pickford, Walker, Stones, Maguire, Trippier, Rice, Henderson, Mount, Foden, Rashford, Kane is the probable team
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