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  1. A free transfer as opposed to an undisclosed fee? Contract cancelled?
  2. https://www.bwfc.co.uk/news/2021/october/allardyce-back-as-the-boss/ Big Sam back
  3. jmjhb

    SW away

    This is why we won't go up this year
  4. jmjhb

    SW away

    Kachunga could do with one too
  5. This Belgium v France game is absolutely ridiculous
  6. They might be getting a year's payoff for 3-6 months' work
  7. I honestly don't remember us signing Paddy Kenny
  8. Don't think he's been happy for a while. That said, he's unwilling to work far from Newport so might be a while until he gets a new managerial job, unless he's slated to take over at Cardiff or something
  9. Darragh MacAnthony in being a prize bellend shocker
  10. Scored the first ever goal on Match of the Day apparently
  11. This will be more difficult than it looks, especially if they park the bus. 1-0
  12. Keiran Lee porn searches will rocket tonight
  13. Weather looks like it's going to be awful for this
  14. The Eagle could be Blessing Kaku
  15. Think this shows we're very much a work in progress and not quite the finished article; and that we need to adjust our expectations accordingly.
  16. He's been at 13 clubs by the age of 23 so he's not afraid of looking for a new challenge. That said he might just feel settled here for perhaps the first time in his career.
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