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  1. He's been at 13 clubs by the age of 23 so he's not afraid of looking for a new challenge. That said he might just feel settled here for perhaps the first time in his career.
  2. Here's a Forest fact for you Brian Clough managed them for longer than their last 26 managers combined
  3. Unsurprising since he hails from S/E Manchester
  4. Steve Cooper (ex Swansea) odds on fav Evatt not on the list as yet
  5. Aye. In answer to your other question Sarc and MJ are out of contract in the summer
  6. We gave Dapo a 3 year contract
  7. Ipswich subbing their RB off after 21 mins, haha
  8. Salva Ballesta was a fascist
  9. Are we basing it on how good they were for us? Or how good they were at their peak?
  10. Freedman and Lennon were in charge tbf
  11. Santos pinging 60-yard crossfield balls is a joy to watch
  12. Doyle should have finished one of the two chances right before that
  13. Another duck for Hameed
  14. Certainly impressive how he's adapted his game from a marauding winger terrorising Nicky Hunt to a battering ram up-front
  15. Kioso gone to MK Dons
  16. Good game so far. I'd say we've controlled the game without necessarily creating much, but Wigan have had the better chances. Be surprised if ends 11 v 11 Cracking away following, atrocious home support
  17. He's started their last 3 league games. They are playing him as a centre-back
  18. We might as well not bother with 'openers'
  19. Woeful day Great bowling by Siraj at the end though
  20. Well and truly fucked it now
  21. We don't need another winger, but if we do sign him, let's sing GSTQ on repeat
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