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  1. Tranmere, Mike Riley, Barry Knight, Alan Stubbs, Robbie Savage.... add to list of hated twats.
  2. Esco, can you send me the same please, Im in the EXACT same boat, MStreams, Virgin and Surfshark. Much appricited.
  3. We might be one down, but plenty of possession and going forward. I like what I’ve seen so far, we’ve watched a lot worse dross than this. Sort out some silly mistakes and we’ve got a decent team here I reckon.
  4. I’ve paid my tenner and just got receipt. I’m on a countdown screen now. I’m guessing link appears Before kick off? And you have to sign in or is it the purchase ID from the receipt you need to put in? Never used this Ifollow thing before so apologies if being stupid.
  5. leef78


    Anyone know if I can pay on the day? Im guessing we'll not sell our allocation......? Cheers
  6. Anyword on new kit launch or new sponsor? are we done with Macron / Betfred? Anyone know anything? cheers
  7. Was amazing for us until the England talk / Call up. As Steejay said, he had Wes Brown all over the shop at OT in 2001, we scored late on, he got it over Browns head and then stroked it past Bartez. Bolton fans refusing to leave the ground singing "Can we play every week" Beat them the year after too 1-0 - Nolan steals the ball of Beckham and smash!. i remember Ruud VN hitting the bar and united smashing us for the rest of the match but we hung firm. I think it was beamed back to the Reebok as well! Great days...
  8. He was decent for Newcastle - 29 goals for 80 odd appearances. 1 in 3. Better than his record for us and wasn't he half decent for west ham?
  9. Leicester City 2 all at home. Nasty game. Robbie savage could of gone within 30 seconds for smashing Colin Hendry, then Warhurst straight red for smashing Savage. Rickets own goal.... then Brian Dean scored after a Jussi Blunder for 2 nil, then Dean Holdsworth went for doing savage as well a few mins after Warhurst. 9 men and 2 nil down... then the fight back. Savage brought off for his own safety by Dave Bassett. Nolan makes it 2-1 before half time..... Muzzi Izzet sent off for them in the 2nd half for nothing more than standard fowl at best but the crowd were like animals and the ref sent h
  10. Personally I'm glad KA is running the show. We were a nats whisker away from going under. Yes we are in the financial shit due to the ongoing saga with Blue Marble loan and DH's share. Its refreshing that the chairman keeps us up to date every week, numerous times a week if he feels needed. He addresses issues and so far I've no reason to believe he's doing but a great job considering the mess he took on. He's renegotiated the catering contracts which were 80% against us by all accounts, he's brought in additional sponsorship. Shipped out the silly money players. Yes we've had numerous HM
  11. Done moved down to East Stand Lower with the 2 kids. Front row. £531 plus £30 admin for DD I presume. Told the Mrs I wouldn't renew this year as I didn't get to go to that many last season, but I feel I MUST have a season ticket or I'm a sh&t fan...
  12. Can you get LOV on Direct Debit or do you have to pony up the lot upfront?
  13. I think direct through Ticket bastard they'll choose the block, but via the home page and seating plan you can select what you want.
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