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  1. A free transfer as opposed to an undisclosed fee? Contract cancelled?
  2. https://www.bwfc.co.uk/news/2021/october/allardyce-back-as-the-boss/ Big Sam back
  3. jmjhb

    SW away

    This is why we won't go up this year
  4. jmjhb

    SW away

    Kachunga could do with one too
  5. This Belgium v France game is absolutely ridiculous
  6. They might be getting a year's payoff for 3-6 months' work
  7. I honestly don't remember us signing Paddy Kenny
  8. Don't think he's been happy for a while. That said, he's unwilling to work far from Newport so might be a while until he gets a new managerial job, unless he's slated to take over at Cardiff or something
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