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  1. Anyway, back to the footy Has it been mentioned one of the Italian centrebacks was Politic's teammate last season. Just signed for Juve, but never played top flight football before.
  2. I can't remember a blind lass in BGT, but there was one 2 years ago Seems like the guy in Bolty's post is professionally offended by the professionally offended people? both sides are just as bad as each other 😁
  3. 18 Telmo Zarra scored a lot, sadly my knowledge of 1940s Basque football let me down
  4. Looking at Wiki they don't have an assistant manager, with the other head coach being Gary McAllister
  5. Thinking about it it's a good move by Critchley He'll know Gerrard is a gormless twat and will get sacked sooner rather than later, so will get a crack at the top job, and probably got a pay rise in the meantime
  6. Especially since their previous number 2 just left for the Champ
  7. jmjhb


    Jan Kirchhaulgh
  8. As if they would be travelling with the rest of the proles
  9. Glad Wrexham fucked it, 3 bankrolled clubs in L2 would be horrebdous
  10. jmjhb

    Jake Daniels

    ...less than 7%
  11. jmjhb

    Jake Daniels

    Law of averages
  12. jmjhb

    Jake Daniels

    Its a start. I think what it needs is an elite level player to come out
  13. 2M and he's gone. However it's probably nonsense considering they have a European final to prepare for, probably one of several players on their radar.
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