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  1. All sorts to do there considering it's such a small country.
  2. Well at the moment everywhere but Bolton will be reopening
  3. We seem to have quite the stockpile of vaccines now so I would expect first doses to rocket again soon
  4. If 3000 sweaty teenagers are allowed in a Liverpool nightclub in April we'll be back at the football come August
  5. Lowest test positivity rate since start of the pandemic (0.7%)
  6. Thought this was Bradley Walsh at first glance
  7. Isn't he the venture capitalist that put 20M in when FV initially took over?
  8. I must admit I don't see the point of posting preferred pronouns unless you are trans
  9. Can I still call a spade a spade?
  10. This is some fucking oddball weather
  11. Basically it's because the Atlantic jetstream is right over us at the moment so we are getting all the fronts and low-pressure weather systems, and there's no 'barrier' to that polar wind. In a normal summer the jetstream usually ends up somewhere between Scotland and the Faroes.
  12. No sign of it getting warmer any time soon either...
  13. jmjhb


    that's 2 nights in a row that the BBC have shafted me with a massive anti-climax
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