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  1. the Dutch do at Christmas
  2. This England side has inspired a new generation, hasn't it. That should make up for Mounts refusing to support them anymore
  3. All in the name of diversity Professional northerner
  4. Another soaking on the way tonight, then it should settle down a bit
  5. Aye, can see him at Wrexham
  6. Why not boo the telly at 9pm?
  7. jmjhb


    Right, but the players would have already been in the system. The players coming through now are a result of the German overhaul
  8. ...and then one night in Rome
  9. Phil Parkinson to Wrexham apparently
  10. Liberté, Égalité, Mbappé, Eliminé
  11. That's both World Cup finalists and the current European champions out in the past 24 hrs 3 of the semi-finalists at the last Euros already out. The other? Germany.
  12. Dutch were flat-track bullies, no surprise they conceded against a half-competent forward line de Boer's tactic after the red was seemingly to attack even more, when van Aanholt and Dumfries are up the other end of the pitch it's no surprise there's acres of space in behind them
  13. Did you know Sajid Javid is the son of a bus driver?
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