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  1. Forest remind me of us when we were in League 2 Sign an entirely new squad then moan when you get battered because they haven't gelled yet
  2. I've said before that I don't believe Wilder can recreate his Sheff Utd success anywhere else , it was just perfect conditions for him there
  3. jmjhb

    B team

    Lost 7-0 to United's reserves in a friendly last week, that was kept quiet 😅
  4. Haaland is beating Dixie Dean's record at this rate
  5. They don't score or concede many; neither do we. 1-0 win
  6. Bournemouth v Brentford today. This was a League 2 game in 2009. Shows how cyclical it is outside of the top few clubs.
  7. Rustu, Alpay, Emre, NIhat, Altintop, they had a good team
  8. 65 caps for Turkey! Never heard of him.
  9. More fool him, I'd be going overboard if I scored that
  10. jmjhb

    Lincoln (H)

    Go by horse and carriage
  11. Charles started up top with Magennis, who got the last-min winner
  12. I think he will go after the World Cup. Problem is, who manages in the interim before Potter is inevitably given the gig
  13. Start after the match, gone are the days that alcohol is needed to endure the offering on the pitch
  14. More time in the pub afterwards though
  15. Just how shit was the pitch?
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