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  1. No I just made it up after all it is xmas ????
  2. They won't have signed the deal just agreed in principle I assume they must have a period of due diligence so we still have to sort finance till its sorted I'm not sure it's that Peter Jones is it not the one that owns jones homes ?
  3. The deal was done on Friday believe me or not I don't care Peter Jones is the money behind holdworths bid the letter was sent out acknowledging the bid had been accepted on Friday I know the person that typed it all the squabbling has be over the selling of of the car parks to the middlebrook or otherwise I've just done a drug deal cock !!
  4. Him n his Mrs ran the blue lion in daisy hill it went tits !
  5. Correction sons mates dad think he's only in his forties rip
  6. The bloke near India gate died of a heart attack my mates sons dad rip
  7. utd have never lost when styles has been ref fact
  8. reading say bolton didnt bid for lita its all lies,what a club we are
  9. dont fu*kin say that please i,ll be well pissed of if thats the case ,we will be with the bolton fans wont we?
  10. 3 x away end munich tickets block 341 for sale ?18.00 each ,mate got some vip freebies somehow
  11. just said on sky megson is talking to his lawyers ,the f.a and BOLTON as we speak
  12. if we sell to pompey its about money end off davis must want his money back anelka said he did not want to go to portsmouth so if he does we must want the money i for one will feel conned into renewing my season ticket portsmouth get worse crowds than us FFS
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