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  1. Lennon must see something in Moxey...coz I don't
  2. I wonder if Lennon will rip into them after the game!?
  3. Andybwfc


    I reckon he's got oral fixation...usually happens at 18-24 months old....
  4. Mayweather never gets beat because no one can hit him....Khan as got to beat Devon Alexander on December 7th yet or is this off now?
  5. James...Are you sure she's not a Romanian version of Hayley Cropper?
  6. Again condolences Mick...your Dad was a legend in local ametuer football and a true gent....RIP Jack...
  7. How about Mad McAdder the homicidal maniac, red-headed lunatic with a kilt and a claymore? He was a jock
  8. Tension between North Korea and the USA rose again today as North Korea moved mid-range missiles to its east coast and renewed threats of a nuclear strike against the USA. The British have now formulated a plan to ease tensions between the two countries in the only way it knows how..... They are sending Paul Gascoigne, with a can of lager, some chicken and a fishing rod......
  9. Thats the last time you have a Carrs Pasty at ours
  10. Jazza loves everything English. He is a closet Englishman Time to come out James
  11. My condolences to you and your family Jay...
  12. You wouldn't get that kind of theft at Asda Middlebrook....
  13. Superb album...Defo album of the year
  14. I agree with Cassie and would refuse to play them. If every team refused to play them then they would soon get the message and think what is the point and would fk off. Each team would lose the points and Moses Gate could be champions without kicking a ball if the points were awarded to them
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