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  1. Lennon must see something in Moxey...coz I don't
  2. I wonder if Lennon will rip into them after the game!?
  3. Andybwfc


    I reckon he's got oral fixation...usually happens at 18-24 months old....
  4. Superb album...Defo album of the year
  5. I agree with Cassie and would refuse to play them. If every team refused to play them then they would soon get the message and think what is the point and would fk off. Each team would lose the points and Moses Gate could be champions without kicking a ball if the points were awarded to them
  6. This was reported on Twitter with a link about Chungy returning for January? Good if it happens. From Johnny Duerden a journo based in Korea (2 links - one translated and original link)..sorry if it as been put on here before.. http://tinyurl.com/3v564jv http://t.co/Wr6dUoQ
  7. Having Klasnic fit and scoring is like having a new signing...
  8. Gutted for the lad...felt from Jan when he returned from the Asia cup he never really performed for us but his early from from Sept to Dec he was excellent. Was looking forward to see him perform like he started last season. Proves that in the Prem you need a strong squad and numbers. We sort of lost our way with Holden/Mark Davies/Zat Knight injuries and Chungy playing in the Asia cup games. Not much hope of signing any quality just hope we can get Sturridge on loan and another midfielder from somewhere. Signing Eagles maybe now a good signing after all? Still feel we will be in the bottom half of the table and anything from the first seven games is a bonus for us.
  9. We had a budgie called Keith...it's a long story..
  10. Lost 1-0! http://www.fctampabay.com/index.php?id=111&newsid=849
  11. My first car was a Nissan Micra. How the f*ck I fit in it and drove the thing I will never know
  12. Jazza! Slap her arse hard and ride the waves lad
  13. Ali Habsi on Twitter..."after the last match next week and whether we win or lose, ill be heading back to Bolton as of what I signed on the contract. Be sure ill not accept sitting on the bench next season with any of the clubs"
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