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  1. Gallas is a good player, but a total twat. He's always been filth and doesn't ever have qualms about a casual bit of cheating either (eg Handball against Ireland is all on Henry, but who happily continued and scored without even pausing as most would (even subconsciously) when you see blatant cheating?) Won't be banned, but I think the fact Wenger has apologised shows how bad it was!!
  2. Nah Matty T was terrible today, although he did track back and work hard, it was generally after he'd given the ball away in the first place, eg. 1st goal!! McCan is terrible, he slowed down every atttack we mounted when he came on, though was a like for like sub. Generally though I thought it was a good performance, and if we continue to play like that against the sides around us we will have no issues getting points and puching on. Don;t know how anyone can critisize Cohen today, he was immense and intercepting and laying it on, only tired due to running his socks off!!
  3. Totally agreed. All know he showed promise (yes, a good while ago but still) We have a distinct lack of strikers atm, so why not keep hold and hope he comes through this injury. Don't think he's gonna be on wages that are breaking the bank!
  4. All good buys in my opinion, and mainly homegrown which is always nice to see! Fact is we've added depth to a suad, which, at the end of the season was knackered, due to a lack of cover, and having to play every mach, if 100% fit or not. So I'm certainly happy enough so far, especially as I'm sure theres still a "bigger, quality" buy that everyone always wants to come.
  5. Only just read this, tragic news, but good to see the club supporting the family. RIP
  6. Kinda, only if they have received email confirmation that the deal is agreed by clubs and they can prove that travel was hindered by the weather
  7. Not entirely true, Blackburn tended to have at least 3 lurking around the edge of the box. Also, they would not leave one of our men stood a bit further up, (hoping to pick up one of our many clearances) unmarked. Very very basic indeed. My opinion is he's too defence and too willing to defend whatever we have, but each to their own!
  8. Gold star....for part the time yes as I was taking in quite a bit of South America. Yeah, his tactics in the first half were bob on, we passed it round and it created decent chances and worked, while Blackburn hoofed it up and couldn't get a foot on it. But seriously, how can anyone say that when we were defending corners with 20mins still to go, putting every single player in our 18yard box is not too defensive...we clear it, straight back in, no outlet, no relief of presure on our defence. That's what is annoying about his tactics.
  9. I think you'll find because I have been living abroad for 8 months and have visited home few times. When I have, I go to games, thus have an opion to voice. I don't feel I should voice opions from highlights as they can be misleading. However, I like to keep up with what the other fans of my club think. That ok?
  10. Just because he is good at spotting a decent player does not make him a good manager. Anyone who went last night could see that we were undoubtably the better side in the first half, but due to Megson's abismal tactics of attempting to sit back and defend a 2-0 advatage, we didn't play any football at all in the second half, end result? Two points lost. Excellent scout, shit manager.
  11. How was Elmander so bad????? He chased balls all game, set Davies up with a chance my Gran would have converted, and was always looking for the ball (yes, when he's getting no support or service, suprisingly that does mean dropping back!!) When Davies works hard, but doesn't score, he's God, why different for Elmander?
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