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  1. Many played well and all of them can be linked to having Muamba back in the side. Why oh why has he been out of the team for so long?
  2. Caught sight if this on SSN this afternoon, 23 points out of a possible 84 in 2011. Worse than Wigan's. Time to end it Owen, time for a win, time to turn the corner
  3. Top lad but... ... the coach wants sacking! What's he been watching in training all season if he's got a 3-pointer shooting talent like that in his squad whom he's not picking for every game??
  4. It was also back in the good old days when we had the ability to keep clean sheets, which guarantees a minimum of a point every game you know Mr Coyle
  5. Problem Stoke fans have is the need of a passport to travel to Europa League away games.
  6. Wonder what Super Agent Harrison would say about the background to some of those transfers in and out of our club??
  7. The other side of the player right off is the value in the balance sheet as an asset when said player is purchased. This value is then written off over the length of his contract. Question to ask here is what is that value? Is it what we paid, is it a guess of their market value, is it cost left on their contract for wages and bonus?? Another thing to check is what was the accounting policy prior to the change of depreciating the players value? Did we put a players value on the balance sheet and only write a gain or loss to Profit when the player leaves or did we write off the transfer fee against Profit upon competition of the purchase? Depending on what we find out, this ?70m hit on player depreciation could be down to placing unrealistic values on them in the first place?
  8. It amazes me what people ask on WW. Typing the same into Google will probably bring up a perfect answer from the Caravan Club in milli-seconds. But seeing you ask, my answer would be to keep it nice and warm over the cold winter months by burning it. That'll get rid of one menace from the roads next summer!
  9. Looking at this from ED viewpoint, BWFC is one of many companies within his portfolio. If he consolidates all these into one Group Parent company then the ?100M debt at Bolton will be offset against inter company loans in another company. As long as he's happy with the value if his investment in BWFC that is reflected somewhere in his Group of companies, then it's OK and the Group moves on from year to year. The issue only crystalizes if ED looks to sell one of his investments, BWFC, and he doesn't realize the value that he has it in his books for. As the Company that loans BWFC the money that we survive on, is based off-shore in Bermuda, we will never know how ED Group is structured and what value he has on his investment in BWFC
  10. I'll love to know how the post read before it was edited!
  11. I could watch Okocha clips on You Tube all night. Take a view of the series of osatv clips filmed on the Reebok where Jay Jay demonstrates and explains his full array of tricks. Just brilliant.
  12. Best bonfire and fireworks in North Bolton and Bury has to be our Greenmount Scout Group one, which is in its 42nd year this Saturday from 6.30pm. So popular it has become that this year is all ticket! Last chance to purchase is from Greenmount Old School this Friday.
  13. The article leaves the reader to fill in the gaps. The murky world of agents is an evil of football and no one should be surprised at what goes on. Let's see if Harrison makes his stories stick. I'm guessing his missed 5pm announcement last Saturday could indicate he's struggling too.
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