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  1. sorry mate on a different thread Carlos accused me as being a racist. I call the b?sterd out!
  2. To finish off this debate can i add that i a m a first generation Pole who knows more than most of you sensitive offended lefty multiculturalisms apologists! (CARLOS) I could write a book about how it was to not English as a 4 year old in in the early 1960's as all that mattered then was how the English won the war and we were foreign as we had a funny name! right! 1. As as family we INTEGRATED (get that Carlos) 2. my father and mother respected the country that welcomed them with open arms. 3. we adopted the customs of the country that welcomed us. 4. we became british and are proud of it! now you call me a racist for not accepting their muslim beliefs then bollocks to you!!!! I was born here in Townley's in 1960 and do not accept your innuendo! where do you want to meet to sort this out?...... I cannot accept your sly intoned keyboard warrior type racist accusation! This is probably the pole in me Are you at the match tomorrow ?!
  3. James ... i am wankered are u at the game tomoz? Long time no see!
  4. I would rather that all races drop their belief in the supernatural. However in this current political climate it would seem to me that islam needs to be treated with a more sensitivity than any other fairy tale clap trap. So much so that we in Britain are forced to turn a blind eye to female circumsism, forced marriage and under age sex within our multicultural communities as to object to this would make us intolerant and racist.
  5. In a western society i would adopt the approach that religion is as a belief should be consigned to the same bin as that of the flat earthers. The Beliefs of Islam should be scoffed and dismissed in school lessons as those of similar fantastical beliefs, ......the cannibal tribes who believe that eating the heads of their enemies will prolong their lives and give them extra strength or those who believe in Greek or Egyptian gods. They are as all equal if you give credence to belief over fact. If your argument where to be taken to its ultimate conclusion then we should set aside time to explain why Santa is not real. He is just as real as the other mumbo jumbo given any rules you want to apply in your make believe world!
  6. diddledee, i have just cottoned on that you are are another fabulous invented keyboard character, designed to brighten up the forum. nice one, i am getting old!
  7. Why exactly do you find the title race exciting when its been down to the two same b?stard teams for the last 6 years? will you be posting the same topic this time next year? I dont know which is more tedious, you or Carlos with his thinly disguised left wing mantra!
  8. All religion should be banned in schools. There is no place for this mumbo jumbo in a modern 21st century society. Children being taught creationism and it being given the same credance as evolution at the insistence of that born again lunatic Blair is one of the biggest stains on this countrys educational system.
  9. It beggars belief that a member of this forum should be promoting interest in a utd game. Bad form!
  10. alas but there were more who controlled their hyper brats!!! how old are you? I'd put you somewhere at a mentqal age of 11 to 13?
  11. People who defend islam or the its followers "cause they like a good curry and them that served me seemed a nice lot"
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