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  1. Thomason has been great again. Surely no one is doubting him now. Doesn’t half get stuck in these days.
  2. I think Ream was a steady enough player, and given he was a regular for a side that won promotion to the PL last season, plus the fact we recouped over half of what we paid for him, wasn’t the worst signing. My issue with him (or Coyle for that matter), is we got £7m for Cahill that January and spent that on him and Sordell. Had we kept Cahill until summer and lost him on a free instead, we’d have been more likely to stay up, and therefore no doubt saved a lot more money in the long run if so.
  3. Never played for them. You might have him confused with the Warnock documentary where he was mouthing off about him. A bit contradictory given his side of thugs I’ll admit As it happens. I have a massive admiration for Colin these days. His hatred of Megson might help.
  4. I got 17 points. Should be enough for 3rd IMO.
  5. Is it true that QPR fans started celebrating (knowing they were safe after we’d only drawn) just before the game restarted after City made it 2-2? Therefore QPR were able to down tools and Aguero went on to score? Something I’ve heard about that doesn’t seem to get recognised if true. Vividly remember changing at Piccadilly on the way back from Stoke and seeing some fairly miserable looking City fans. We’d been relegated and you’d have thought it was us who had won the league.
  6. Yesterday was a fine victory. Much like the Port Vale game, they had limited chances at best. We got the goal when we were on top then didn’t look like conceding. A very professional performance.
  7. Just came across our starting line up for the reverse fixture of this game. Comley, White and Gordon all part of a five man midfield, with Greenidge and Crellin in behind. We’ve come a long way this season.
  8. I’m not naive enough to think he wouldn’t be tempted at that level, but he’d have to have a firm look at the foundations around him here and support from those above him before considering jumping ship IMO.
  9. Can’t imagine that job would be of any interest to him.
  10. Seems harsh considering they lost three of their best players in January, including Pearson. Selling club Preston.
  11. Ran by the guy who had a previous account under ‘Rammy Wanderer’ is the speculation. Which has since been deactivated. No idea who that guy is (or if he’s on here), but he felt the need to randomly wade in on a couple of my tweets unnecessarily a couple of months back. He’d get my vote if he was in the thing. Gobshite.
  12. If you are a Bolton fan, it’s coming across that you’d rather be right and see Evatt fail, instead of us succeeding with him at the helm. Either way, proper weird cunt you lad.
  13. Big fan of Gethin Jones, but when we have relentless waves of attack after attack, I can’t help but wonder how good Kioso would’ve been.
  14. Like Mascoll, I’m noticing fans wishing him well and “see you back here next season”. No you won’t. They’re on one year deals. Evatt clearly doesn’t fancy them. Their contract is up in the summer and they’ll never play for the club again.
  15. Remember watching this live on Sky on a family holiday in Turkey. First time watching back since and we scored two great goals here. Some good football too. Plus some shocking defending from Gudni, which you wouldn’t find when he was late thirties. A season before my time but I watched the 100 goals VHS from that season a lot. You can see Bolton everywhere around the ground when we score in that 4-2. Similarly at Maine Road when we clinched the league that season.
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