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  1. Jones tackle right in front of me. Certainly heard it but definitely thought a yellow at the time. Having watched back, it could go either way, but play acting definitely shaped the ref’s decision. Their mon rolling around until the card came out and then straight to his feet thereafter. Had he got straight up after the challenge it may have been different. First I’ve heard of an Evatt/JDB rift. Hope that’s not the case. Oh, and calling Thomason a ‘useless cunt’ and to ‘fuck off’? Gethin arrogant? Always seemed incredibly grounded to me and has been a very good servant to this football club. Some of you need to get a grip.
  2. Campo was definitely dragging his heels on the idea of coming to us on loan initially. Seemed to take forever to get that one over the line, and it was in doubt at one point. Makes it even more special knowing how much he fell in love with us afterwards.
  3. Way before my time, but I did appreciate it when he was the special guest for Huddersfield away a few years back. Despite being their guest for the day and having played for both clubs, he made very clear who his allegiances were in that fixture when given the microphone at half time.
  4. Alan Thompson was my first favourite. Cried when he left. Blakey too. Davies favourite ever. Such an important player for us, played for the badge and was integral to our highest modern day highest heights. Throw in Gudni, Ricky and Jussi obviously. Bruno was great. Loved Ricketts for 18 months too.
  5. Remember reading about this journalist on Barrow’s forum back when we appointed him. Old news. Move on.
  6. Expect it’s based on projected numbers. Upper tier holds roughly 2k doesn’t it? You’d expect both Derby and Boro to bring more than 2k, so give them the lower tier (which holds more) and save potentially opening up both. If they sell more than the 3k-ish, then open up the top tier.
  7. Praying we get something. Our record against Derby/Paul Warne is not good.
  8. There’s definitely a black hole when it comes to finding highlights of 98-00, so a rare treat when videos like the above surface. Guessing that was Eidur’s first home goal for us after scoring at Swindon? Craig Hignett loved a goal against us.
  9. Liverpool always manage to get top dollar for their players. £20m+ for Brewster, £16m for Ibe, Solanke was a bit steep at £19m, they got £4m for Jerome Sinclair who did nothing of note and since presumably retired. Loads more too no doubt. Does my head in.
  10. I’m concerned about people’s expectations regarding the supporters bond going towards transfers funds. The club operates at a loss and needs all the help it can get. We’ve spent a rumoured £800k on Nlundulu, Forrester and CMG, which is way more than most at this level. Throw in wages/agents fees/signing on fees for those signings (and all of our other incomings), plus the new contracts we’ve handed out and improvements to the stadium etc. It soon adds up. Appreciate that’s easy to say when I haven’t personally invested.
  11. For as good as we were against Lincoln on the opening day, I actually thought Morley was pretty poor that day too. Thought he was better at Cheltenham, but they were terrible.
  12. This is a funny one. I could not give any less of a fuck about Oldham, and have never encountered a Wanderer that mentions them. Yet they bizarrely seem to score high from some fan censuses online as rivals of ours. Also on our Wikipedia:- Bolton fans also maintain a mutual dislike with the fans of nearby Burnley, Oldham Athletic, Tranmere Rovers and the more distant Wolverhampton Wanderers. According to a survey conducted in August 2019 entitled 'The League of Love and Hate', Bolton supporters named Manchester United, Blackburn Rovers, Wigan Athletic, Oldham Athletic and Bury as their biggest rivals.” Odd.
  13. The 24k+ announcement is in the Bolton ends is it not? Letting go of Brockbank off the back of the Wigan game was a blessing. Nowhere near good enough and I couldn’t tell you what position he played even now. Too short for a centre half that’s for sure.
  14. While I somewhat agree with your point, as evidenced by Desperado’s flurry of anti-Bolton tweets (not suggesting that we haven’t returned the favour), you simply cannot take this stance. Wigan fans have done everything in their power to get merely noticed and furthermore hated by us in the last two decades. I first heard that Wigan hated us on Soccer AM in the early 2000’s. Their fans were on that week and spoke of a dislike for Bolton. Had no idea about this. We’d never played them in my lifetime and they were two divisions below. Fast forward to the summer of 05. Wigan had been promoted to the PL. Fans all over our forums trying to get noticed. ”We hate Bolton” songs at games between us. You were a bit of bogey team then too. I still didn’t care. I don’t even recall being remotely bothered that you’d won the FA Cup either. Throw in your antics when we were struggling financially, crowd trouble, the younger generation growing up with us playing each other, lots of social media antics etc. ‘Hatred’ if you can call is that is bound to happen. Both clubs have their fair share of bellends, but we wouldn’t be playing at 12:30 tomorrow if your fans hadn’t been so relentlessly trying to get noticed by us. They have continuously tried to stoke up this ‘rivalry’.
  15. Similarly I also don’t think Sheehan is capable in a midfield two, and we get overrun when that’s been the case. Used to think the same about Mark Davies under Coyle. In a midfield three he’s great; keeps things ticking over all the time and has a lot more freedom to play his game.
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