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  1. Retired in his prime. Nine goals the season we got promoted in 01 was it? Proper dye in the wool Wanderer too. Class act.
  2. Respect what he’s done, and the Nations League has zero bearing on my opinion. End of a season, no one cares, trying new players etc. But I’d love to get a more competent manager in ahead of the World Cup. This team still has the potential to win things, and I’m still seething that we spent the last 60 minutes of a major final holding out for penalties. At home. Against an 80 year old centre half pairing that had played 120 minutes several times and gone (and won) penalties already. When we concede he hasn’t a clue. In ten years time we’ll look back with a shit squad and regret not having someone stronger in charge now. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think we’re all that in some areas. But we’re a much better team than the rigid Lampard/Gerrard/Rooney side that couldn’t play together.
  3. And yet they absolutely despise us. Magnificent.
  4. Didn’t know about all this, but I’m guessing he outlived Holloway as he left when Paul Ince was in charge didn’t he? Surprised that Blackpool have dosh as well. The advantages of supporting a massive club that has fans everywhere 😎
  5. Jussi surely? Outfield players I’d be struggling though admittedly. Gardner too perhaps actually.
  6. I agree with this. Critchley has done a great job. Consolidated a Championship place with Blackpool in a very competitive league after having gaining promotion. Probably as good as it could realistically get for Blackpool at this point. When a managerial role comes along, perhaps even the Villa job, he has an unblemished record, and he’s already highly regarded as a coach from his Liverpool days.
  7. I get that there’s history, but I’m not remotely worried about this. From looking at his playing career I can understand concerns. He probably has more of an affiliation with them than anyone else at playing level, travelled through the leagues with them, a season in the Prem etc. With the support he has here however; the belief he has in the project and how much we’ve already been through, not to mention the fact I think he ‘gets’ how big we are now compared to when he joined, the potential, and there’s no doubting that we have a higher ceiling. There will come a time when our resolve will be tested. And I’ve maintained ever since last March or so that he is our biggest asset that we must hold on to at all costs. This isn’t the time though.
  8. Scored a last minute equaliser too IIRC. Did he play another game after that? And how good was he? Was only 11 or so at the time, and I’m convinced he was absolutely mint before the leg break.


    I like Carragher aside from Liverpool bias. His knowledge about us on the episode of his podcast with Paddy McGuinness was great; mentioned several players that PM probably didn’t even know, and spoke vividly about watching Everton at Burnden in the early 90’s. Unsurprisingly knew a lot more about Bolton than Paddy did.
  10. I’m not convinced he’s a Bolton fan tbh, didn’t someone say he supported City? I wish him well and hope he can carve out a decent career, but I never really saw anything in him to suggest he was good enough to make the grade in the football league. Adam Chicksen for instance was streets ahead of Brockbank, and has been non league for a couple of seasons, albeit on the opposite flank.
  11. Garvan’s pen was a really soft effort that barely reached the goal wasn’t it? He was fucking useless; one of those I can’t believe was a professional footballer. Seen a couple of Davies shouts on Twitter. He missed two for us IIRC, and I was never confident when he stepped up. His pen at Birmingham in the FA Cup Quarters wasn’t great, just fortunate that the keeper dived out the way. Before coming to us, Shola Ameobi had an impeccable penalty record. He took one for us. He missed. ALF never missed but I swear he hit every one straight hit down the middle. With power admittedly, but it always shocked me that every single keeper dived out the way and none did their homework. Dean Holdsworth never missed did he?
  12. Megson was his own worst enemy. At first he acknowledged that it was only a minority of fans voicing their disapproval. The initial abuse was completely unwarranted, make no mistake. It wasn't long however before he started tarring us all with the same brush. Including most of those that were behind him ffs. Career suicide. Let's say there were 500 fans out of 20,000 giving him stick first; what good is criticising your entire support every week going to do, other than turn people against you? Not once has he ever seemed to realise why he got alienated. He just prefers to peddle the same lines whenever asked:- - They didn't like me and I didn't like them either (regarding an ENTIRE fanbase btw) - I was the first Bolton manager to beat United at home in X years - Bottom of the league when I joined - Draw at Bayern, knocking Atletico out of Europe etc. He did some good; the European results, the survival run in 2008, Cahill, Muamba and Taylor among others were all decent signings. He was the biggest contributor to his downfall. Not that he'll ever admit to it. Would he have kept us up in 11/12? Definitely. It was poisonous with him in charge though, and he is largely responsible for the atmosphere, regardless of whether he thinks it was the fans fault or not.
  13. Just heard part of Keith Hill’s interview with BBC Radio Humberside:- “They can throw me under a bus like most clubs do. I got thrown under a bus last season, I got thrown under a bus at Bolton. You clean a club up and then you get thrown out. Football needs cleansing, it needs someone like me to make sure there’s a successful future.” Absolute fucking moon man that lad. They were one point adrift when he arrived. They are now eighteen points adrift!
  14. I know times and circumstances have changed, but what did get for Cloughy, £3.5m? Dapo’s ceiling is much higher in my opinion, injuries or not. I’d be disappointed to not get £4m+ if we were to sell.
  15. Kachunga is decent off the bench and seems to make a lot more happen as a sub than when starting. Though admittedly you could make the same case about Baka and Bodvarsson lately. My first choice for worst XI will always begin with Chris Bastard Taylor.
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