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  1. I noticed he spoke highly of us on Twitter once. Given that Jussi was so good at that time I’m sure he understood. Got some European games if I recall. I particularly remember him making a great save when keeping a clean sheet at Doncaster.
  2. I think Doyle will be fine. Yes he missed a few last season, but the best part of his game relies on being in the right position to score. You don’t lose that with age and he had to be in those positions to miss. Granted he has greater competition now and Baka offers something different.
  3. Ian Walker was great for us when called upon.
  4. Think Joe Kinnear signed him for Newcastle.
  5. This league is considerably stronger than when we finished 2nd a few years back, and I’m sure safety is the main priority. Are we really that far off the 16/17 side though? I think we’re better off in many ways player for player. The obvious advantage of the previous side being how dangerous we were from corners.
  6. Definitely our rivals as far as I’m concerned. If you think otherwise you’re kidding yourself.
  7. He was a target for us when Sunderland priced us out mind. Although saying that it was when we cheated FGR for Doidge, so we probably never actually intended on buying him. He was pretty poor then got injured at their place in his first season. Here’s hoping he’s rubbish for them as well.
  8. This is my view exactly. Spot on.
  9. Me too. I was 12. I’d just met my best mate through year 7 who is a PNE fan and went. As did my dad and brother. My mum used to book Butlins with some mates on that bank holiday weekend, and I was allowed to bring a mate too. Two years beforehand, I was booked on for Butlins then, the same weekend as the Watford final. Managed to sack that off and go. She wouldn’t let me waste the money again! I did however go to both West Brom semis and the Leicester 5-0 on the opening day of the next season. My record stands at Watford, Villa cup semi, Boro & Stoke. Only seen us s
  10. @RUREADY2ROLLwants them all 😂
  11. Not convinced Edwards will be good enough. Don’t get me wrong, he impressed me in 19/20 and has been unlucky with injuries. He’s 25 this year though. Got a deal until next summer off the back of the season he looked promising, but was part of a depleted squad. I’d expect to see him on the release list if his contract was up this summer.
  12. Made my mind up after his first touch. Didn’t even make the bench at Barnet towards the end.
  13. Fair play to him. I couldn’t help but notice how much of a target he was for League Two clubs. Got kicked a lot. Can only imagine it will be much the same at that level. I wish him well.
  14. I love that Evatt is knocking about in full Bolton clobber, complete with mask. 😂 Though it was the day after promotion, so every chance he hasn’t got changed. Still funny.
  15. If this is true I’d be absolutely astonished. Especially in the day and age of clubs changing the home every season too. Absolutely no qualms from me if so though; besides wanting to pick it up for cheap. Would mean Macron are here to stay as our kit manufacturers. Given the way they put a nod to history into kits (indented red rose, elephant, 97/98 remake kits, red & blue this season etc.), it’s much better than getting some teamwear Adidas bullshit that takes two minutes to come up with. A redesign of the 96/97 jade kit would potentially outsell this seasons.
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