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  1. An update from the meeting KDZ & myself attended Wigan Athletic fan groups have tonight met ahead of another critical deadline for the club, the payment of all club staff tomorrow. The eight-figure investment that fans were told would appear ‘imminently’ last week has still not been made. This is a worrying, critical and unacceptable situation. Regarding staff and player wages, which are due tomorrow, we have been informed that pay slips have gone out to all club employees - something that has not happened ahead of previous missed payments. However, an email has followed this informing them that payment will not take place overnight and will appear throughout the day. This is very concerning. Of course, there is a further points deduction pending but once again, the overriding issue here is the security of the staff and the bills they have to pay. The club is in urgent need of stability. We are therefore issuing the club with two hard deadlines. 1- All staff and players to be paid by the end of tomorrow. 2- The promised eight-figure sum to be paid within one week from today. If either of these deadlines are not met, we will work with the Council, MP, EFL and FSA to demand the owners look to sell the club. Should the club meet these deadlines, we would then implore the Chairman and directors to host a public meeting at the earliest opportunity to detail their medium and long-term plans for the future of the football club. Official Wigan Athletic Supporters Club PWU Podcast The Mudhutter Central Wigan Vital Wigan WAFC Travel and Supporters Club Independent Latics
  2. Who do we want to start off with? I'd love a day out in Blackpool or Fleetwood on first day,but I'm guessing they'll be midweek or mid winter fixtures, anybody at home to start will do for me, 3 weeks today we'll find out. Key dates are as follows: Fixture Release Date – Thursday 22nd June 2023, 9:00am Start Date – The weekend of 4-6 August 2023 Carabao Cup Round One – w/c 7 August 2023 Carabao Cup Final – Sunday 25 February 2024 EFL Trophy Round One – w/c 4 September 2023 EFL Trophy Final – Sunday 7 April 2024 League One Play-Off Final – Saturday 18 May 2024 League Two Play-Off Final – Sunday 19 May 2024 Championship Play-Off Final – Sunday 26 May 2024
  3. Some wedding do that's gonna be.
  4. Aye echoing the statements of another not right.
  5. Some right not rights on facebook. I guess they’ll be getting for another humiliation next season eh!!. Good job they didn't get promoted would of been down by xmas of that showing the other night,bang average league one team Never mind you have the pleasure of us Not good enough another thrashing home and away. Well done Barnsley Up the barnsley 4-0 at horwich next year up the tic yeah but karme is coming to them as well had to go up this year lo there in shit next year as well watch this space
  6. Didn't when Bury went pop, but the season had started so fuck knows how it'll work, I'll just rejoice in their misery.
  7. Aye that Salah and Firminho ain't too shabby.
  8. We will obviously be up there as favourites, but who else eill be there or there abouts? Blackpool will have a few quid to spunk, Charlton have new owners, Portsmouth will want better, hopefully Sheff go up, and Barnsley go the way of MK Don's, o ly my opinion but discuss.
  9. A no 2 to who? Shirley there needs to be a no 1
  10. It was a figure of speech, but then you knew that, but the pedant in you couldn't help itself.
  11. No mind reader, but have this certain ability to spot pedants, and nit pickers, people with no real agenda, but like to think they have.
  12. Good manager but in his own mind thinks he's Pep, he needs to realise that he's a newish manager and still learning, but needs to realise the mistakes he makes need righting, he will be brilliant some day, just not right now, keep him though.
  13. Like this one maybe? Bolton can go shite. Or this one perhaps? Growing unrest amongst fans over Evo, we should hang fire on our appointment. Or this one? Fuck Bolton and everything and everyone connected to them. I've got a long memory.
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