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  1. I remember similar conversations about Lennon when Leicester were looking for a manager, Evatt will never get a better job where he's loved by owners and fans alike, he's a sensible fella, no sweat...........YET.
  2. Twas about this time last season we got beat 6-3 by Port Vale, they didn't go on to great things, hope we have a different track.
  3. View from the other side should be a good read
  4. TBF I don't recall anybody doubting him, not even hugemongus
  5. : https://twitter.com/bwfcbwfc/status/1436704426400567298?s=21
  6. Gonna be a few sniffing around in January, £20m at least
  7. Yes, only free agents can be signed after today.
  8. Weren't their Mother a valued employee right to the end too? something like club secretary, they must have had a shit upbringing ignoring all that loyalty shown by their parents
  9. Deluded doesn't even begin to describe those comments, someone should tell the loons that shithousing games isn't playing the best football in the league.
  10. Cunts giving out more cards than Clintons
  11. Definitely some closet scummers on here.
  12. Wigan offering Wilshire a contract.
  13. Harpo fucking Marx needed filling in, still not hard to forget the wanker, maybe we'll meet again
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