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  1. DomRepWanderer


    You spelt bloon wrong
  2. DomRepWanderer


    Poor fuckers, living in a shithole, and having this goon hanging about
  3. DomRepWanderer


    Wonder how long Rooney will stick around? must be getting pissed off with it all
  4. View from the other side. Get Evo signed up on a four year deal. Just so we can enjoy the collective meltdown from Horwich. Especially when he says,'Its always been my ambition to return to my spiritual home and secure a double promotion to the Premier League. Bolton has been a great stepping stone on my journey, but it begins for real now'. Then this. They are all absolutely shitting themselves because they all know that if he is interviewed and offered the job he will be gone And this. Nailed on! "In Evatt we trust!" This. Probably not but don't be giving it the big one, you really aren't a big club, really are only League 1 and will probably still be at that level after next season. Evatt is a Blackpool legend, our club is very well run and him fancying a return to us and a dabble at the Championship shouldn't be ruled out. Football never ceases to amaze, don't get too attached, a kick in the nuts could be just around the corner from Horwich.. Seems they have every faith in Evatt going, fuck em.
  5. Hypothetically who would we want IF Evatt goes? Warburton would be my choice.
  6. But Blackpool are in his heart whereas Bolton is just a job A reply to a supposed Bolton fan on their forum
  7. I'd have him back on a short term deal, se if he still has it.
  8. Pretty sure Barrow fans were saying same stuff at the time he was being linked to us
  9. I fear he might if offered.
  10. https://media.giphy.com/media/xts5jP0MN4dP2/giphy. This is the wives he'd be shagging if he signs for them backward fuckers
  11. Fits the narrative, Wanderers Waze
  12. Anybody know if we're still contracted to macron? thought I'd seen somewhere that new kit designers for next season.
  13. Forest fan banged up for 24 weeks, not a lot for what happened be out in 12
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