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  1. Who gets dropped to accommodate him? Scrap that Bakayoko is the correct answer
  2. These are a bunch of horrible cunts. managed by a noncey cunt
  3. Piss poor defending
  4. Hope Bolton FM sack this wanker of a commentator
  5. Daniel Braaten looked a world beater on youtube
  6. Not that I'm advocating getting rid of IE, more to answer your question, and Alex Neill would fit the bill.
  7. Totally agree with this point, we are not going up this season, and it's unlikely we'll go down, so what we don't need is loan players that will in all honesty not be with us next season, what we need is players coming in to improve for next season, need to start building with more height and grit, for me start with trying to get Quigley from Stockport, that midfielder that ran the show for Cheltenham, a big no nonsense centre back, and build for next season.
  8. Marked out of most games, teams putting 2 men on him to nullify his threat, that said there's space where the 2nd man should be, yet we're not exploting it
  9. I know, poor lambs, folk should be realistic
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