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  1. Well well all you wrist slashers
  2. Sharon doing a charity walk, and wants volunteers to join her. Chairman Sharon Brittan is to lead a group of fundraisers on a walk from Bolton Wanderers to Accrington Stanley to raise money to enhance Bolton Wanderers in the Community’s mental health provision – and she wants you to join her.
  3. And as if by magic......... go fuck yourself
  4. Be reet, consolidation this season was always going to be our aim, truth be told though, there's probably only 4 of that starting XI that will make us contenders next season.
  5. What they up to? stuck at home with bastard flu
  6. Oh and this ref is fucking wank
  7. Brockbank needs hooking at HT
  8. Nah be a shit crowd, them scruffy cunts can't afford two awaydays in the space of a couple of weeks
  9. One of the few clubs that sent a helping hand during our troubles, full respect and RIP Mr Hemmings.
  10. Baptiste for me, Isgrove in front of him, Brockbank is steady, but too inexperienced against a winger like McLean.
  11. Ref was shit, Doyle even shitter, don't give two fucks about his work rate, he's paid to score goals, and he's a million miles away from being a league 1 player, we ain't a long way off being a proper team, and a promotion contender, but if Doyle is the answer, what's the question?
  12. Seems their takeover is all but done, new owners minted to fuck, make City's owners look like paupers, so will money get them where their fans have always thought they should be?
  13. He's an attention seeking pikey cunt.
  14. I take it back get the fuck in
  15. Happy Birthday Happy, hope your family gave you comfort on your day.
  16. After the money you filth cunts have spent, I wouldn't expect to get beat by Villa
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