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  1. Forest fan banged up for 24 weeks, not a lot for what happened be out in 12
  2. McBurnie is a pikey cunt
  3. Aye at 340 quid for a 48 inch it ain't a lot to ask
  4. Preston sold approximately 8,000 season tickets last season and are already over 5,000 for the 2022/23 campaign Something is happening at Deepdale under Ryan Lowe. Bolton are massive.
  5. They play each other 4 times
  6. Spearing been released JSL
  7. Thank god the days of signing journeymen on short term deals are long gone.
  8. Big incentive to sign, he gets to shag loads of wives.
  9. Yes, renewed first day of sales, East upper
  10. Thought that against Fleetwood, pitch looked better than most outside the Prem.
  11. Job for life at Millwall
  12. Never seen him play so not a clue how he'd fit in
  13. See Hartigan is back on the radar.
  14. Seems a nice enough chap.
  15. Done deal according to our local journalist.
  16. How would Sammy Ameobi fit into an Evatt squad? looks like Boro are releasing him.
  17. Taken from facemither would be nice for this chap to get a shout out. I’ve seen a post for an applause in the Fleetwood game for a fan who passed away. I am more than happy to join in. My brother in law passed away aged 64 on Good Friday. He supported Bolton since a baby boy. Lived and traveled from Sheffield, Chester and Llangollen to watch Bolton. Every game an away game. Season ticket holder for the past 30’odd years. Would a minutes applause in the 64th minute be too much to ask.
  18. Definitely not an Evatt type
  19. Tranmere, just for the pleasure of fucking them over twice
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