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  1. Morecambe 0, Crawley 0 will do me
  2. Of course I would want my money back, a concert or show or whatever else is not something I've been in love with for the best part of 50 years, so your point is moot.
  3. I think looking at past games they aren't urged to shoot from distance, could be an Evatt instruction
  4. To be fair your fan base is shit, ours outweighs yours by 10 to 1 so it was always going to happen if your mob had turned up nobody would have noticed
  5. When is the other Morecambe fan gonna call in? remember this at 5 next Saturday as you wallow in gods waiting room
  6. I still can't fucking get in. twats
  7. Yep, can't get logged in
  8. And a young Le Fondre
  9. What a guy....... Stuart Holden 22h · The kids ready for a big weekend!!!! COYW.. promotion time Bolton Wanderers Official
  10. Their fans are going apeshit at the fact our fans were outside their ground, to the point of. They should be docked points in my opinion!
  11. Not seen that one, any links?
  12. They might have a rethink if they hear about the amount of fans potentially tipping up.
  13. You ain't half one miserable cunt, moan when we win, moan when we lose, where do you get your kicks? A&E?
  14. Never in all my years supporting Bolton did I ever think I'd be bricking it about playing fucking Morecambe. Anyhow Morecambe 0 will do me
  15. Harry Brockbank looks likely to come into the back four at the Mazuma Stadium after an injury to Declan John forced him off in the second half of the 1-0 win against Carlisle United. No official word has been given by Wanderers on the Welsh full-back but the signs are that he will not be in contention for a place in the squad on Saturday.
  16. Not sounding too good on the John injury according to IE in the BN, sounds like Brockbank will take his place, think these will shithouse their way through the game, we just need to keep calm and outshithouse them, no mention of Sarcevic either in his comments, hopefully makes the bench
  17. Not very wise these Cumbrian cunts. These lot are crap we are playing nothing
  18. These have been playing 2 games a week foe 6 weeks, they'll be fucked after an hour
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