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  1. Why Ipswich?? Really dont get it. Have they spent millions ot somet
  2. In my opinion there were 3 teams last season who looked better than us and the end of the game thought yeah fair play, 2 of them have been promoted, we have improved and the relegated teams are nowt special especially when one if them will be on minus 15 or so. Last season I said be very happy with 10th. My mindset has now been changed and we should not fear anyone, go out there be confident and attack. (Think I've been watching to much of the new England test match team)
  3. Wont be happy unless we score 5
  4. Theres one bloke (adult) who has actually wrote ' feel sorry for the team having to wear that' Give me strength
  5. The kid who went to Celtic has signed for Barnsley.
  6. Ok pal. Best you keep it quiet till we see the scarf above the head .
  7. Really. Where you heard that ?
  8. I trust evatt and co to bring in whoever. Remember this is now a definate case of quality not quantity for the first time in ages. Iredale in and I reckon what another 3 poss 4 if we count Trafford as a must do.
  9. Theres only one man for the job !
  10. Watched 10 minutes before half time, then at h.time theres 2 wimmin and Michael owen doing the analysis ! Pass me the remote.
  11. Mantra will answer this.
  12. W.cramp


    Season starts in 7 weeks is it. A new deal with whoever surely ain't going to be done in time for the efl to allow them to start the season. Their last cut off date was 31st may! Looks pretty bleak for em
  13. Loads. Next season we go hoof ball.
  14. You can say that again
  15. Evatt has gone on holiday and mantra has not told us where he has gone !
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