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  1. Something very fishy going on with this lot now , owner is up on fraud and money laundering charges.
  2. Think the best set up I have seen was at Doncaster races, a line of kids non stop pouring pints at the back and a line of kids in front if them taking the order/money, pass the customer the pints and job done, be even quicker now with contactless. I,ll bell shaz in the morning.
  3. Will I still be ok with my powder blue polo shirt !
  4. Sad news . Joined w.ways in the early days, couple of nodding-letting on occasions at games, I probably got introduced 'Wayne cramp this is happy wanderer' Thoughts with Neil's family.
  5. Watched the game on ifollow with radio cambridge commentators, I never knew till today that wes hoolahan was the greatest footballer to ever walk this earth.
  6. Anybody read anything about what bakayoko,s injury was ?
  7. Team spirit seems immense and the new lads look to have fitted right in, this was shown in buckets last night when in injury time isgrove tracked back and non stop harassed their man into us winning a throw in, Jones and Santos both ran over to isgrove applauding him like he had scored a winner
  8. Let's hope the few people are wrong. 0 goals in 27 last season !
  9. Weren't he at Barrow and one we weren't allowed to sign as part of evatts deal.
  10. 2 strikers, 1 left back, 1 keeper and we,re good to go. Need a start on shifting the deadwood out, Crawford, Comley, greenidge
  11. Medical today apparently allegedly.
  12. Sure he has a landscape gardening firm in darwen nowadays.
  13. As we were going 2, 3, 4 nil, I kept thinking I would love to be listening to them 2 morecambe 'bell end' commentators , they probably ended up crying on air and still going back to the sending off on that day.
  14. Just read that halfalion is out of contract in June. Good freebie methinks.
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