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  1. Watching a different game re Bradley, always on the offensive and creating problems for Lincoln. Johnston looked fitter and quicker to stuff today. Never thought he was any world beater but today there was somet different
  2. Never had to get out of first gear . Lincoln are poor and will be lucky to finish out the bottom 6 or so.
  3. Am sorry but dapo is poor this season. He rightfully is not in the first xi at the minute
  4. 2-0 . Charles with a brace. 17456. 760 imps
  5. 'Boot it up pitch' is my favourite from the peterbro game.
  6. Na mate. That's one of the warburtons.
  7. Did the fan vote result for next seasons kits ever get announced? Or is it going to be a big surprise ?
  8. A shout out to Mike oxlong senior who's a big Bolton fan . Ffs. Thick fakin scouser
  9. Talking about Plymouth. How the fook are they 3rd. Yes they beat us on what was our worst performance of the season but fookinel they were shite. One of the worst we will see all season apart from mk Dons
  10. Peterbro teamtalk. Get stuck into these lot from the off they will crumble and fold(shows s.weds game) we stood up and gave it right back to em. 2nd half there was only one team in it, tremendous performance. A tad different than the mkdons game . Oh and thomason was excellent again (horwich wont be happy)
  11. Definately. Maybe morley
  12. W.cramp

    MK Dons Away

    Like many have said, we wont get an easier game all season even against them u21's teams. Dont think we played great, ruthless in their box we definately weren't, Charles being the main culprit , couple of chances he should have buried and he misplaced approx 6 passes. I know it will come for him but I sense something just doesn't look right, probably a confidence thing.
  13. 10 days of mourning apparently. So does that mean we would have 3 games pulled ? And would Doncaster be ok with this ?
  14. This game definately falls into the 'be really pissed off on satday neet if we dont get 3 points' category.
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