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  1. Have we ok,d this transfer with donny ? They will be fuming
  2. Winger. Not central midfielder unless we,re going back to the days of trying elmander in there !!
  3. Gonzo, him in the hoodie? If so, I thought that was a bit strange . Prob someone took their red mate to a game
  4. Quality goal. Gets better every What's the lad in the orange-rust coat doing. He runs over and then is like wtf am I supposed to do now.
  5. A thinly veiled 'it's done, waiting announcement' ?
  6. Interesting to see what line up/system we go with tomorrow. I'm probably for the dont change a winning team, but then that's dapo and bod on the bench. Ooooh choices mr evatt.
  7. Interesting to see evatts interview but about Kyle Dempsey, 'I think we are still waiting to hear back' and referring to him as Kyle! Pretty sure as the norm he would not talk about another clubs player like he did in this way.
  8. No, not that. Sure he has a fit mum (sorry dont know size).
  9. I see the son of bodvar has signed 18 month deal.
  10. What happenned to the lad who got a bad injury ? Double barrel surname if I remember right.
  11. I have still never purchased anything made by sharp. (Are they even still going)
  12. W.cramp


    Never forgiven them for gabbiadini breaking Simon Coleman's leg.
  13. I never rated their kid fabrice neither. Thought he was poor and it topped it off one night at wiggin when he just kinda fell over the ball while trying to shepherd it out for a goal kick. Nobody within 10 yard
  14. W.cramp

    Ipswich (H)

    Evatt has no plan b. Can this be put to bed now. Thought from the off we looked a lot more of a unit when defending , not sure what the official set up was but it seemed to work yesterday. Could also see that Charles looked more settled in that system making his runs for the flicks from baka(even though he doesn't win many for a lad his size) perhaps this is where the millwall lad comes in, we shall see. Onwards and upwards
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