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  1. So happy tonight having a few jars with a smile on my face. So pissed off last weekend I didn't come round properly till Monday but probably made today so much better. To all the posters on here - thank you - you've seen me through some dark supporting times. We are back and we are proud of our Club again. Roll on next season!
  2. Yeeeeees!!! Well done Whites great performance.........goodbye League 2
  3. Great performance but that first Sarcevic goal was huge. Absolute class
  4. Pleased for Isgrove deserved that...........typical Bolton leaving it to the last game to score a hatful😃
  5. For me one of the reasons we don’t score enough is we don’t pull the trigger often enough, often trying another pass that isn’t on. With that in mind I wouldn’t have dropped Jackson as he showed real intent to get shots away (and he scored!). With Dapo I think his inexperience shows and he’ll be better next season. Often he comes inside when you’re screaming for him to go past on the outside and when he was in the box on Saturday and you wanted him to come inside on his right foot and get a shot away he did the opposite.
  6. Great finish from Jones
  7. Some good performances but worthy of special mention - Baptiste, Isgrove and of course Jackson. As a first game back after so long out that was some performance from Jackson.
  8. Just never finish any team off.....good job our defence is good and didn't they put us through it again!
  9. Get in...had a good half Jackson
  10. Personally don't think John will be a big miss at present. Gilks more important.
  11. To say we do things the hard way is an understatement!
  12. Delfonso got to keep possession better than that
  13. Surely Lee should be throwing himself at that
  14. Great finish by Doyle...that's why Evatt picks the team and not me 😃
  15. I’m in the rest Doyle camp. I think out of all of them he is looking the most fatigued and maybe that’s why he is missing chances. The other sign is when the ball is played to his feet he just can’t make it stick and we are losing possession. He was much better at this earlier in the season. It’s a big call and I’m glad I don’t have to make it so I trust Evan to get it right.
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