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  1. I like Isgrove, he works his bollocks off and can cause problems, his final ball does let him down but he isn't the only one to do that in those positions. I honestly don't think we practice crossing from wide as every player seems clueless when in those positions and our defence clearly hasn't got a clue what to do either. Sheehan was ok in spells but awful in others, that back pass 2nd half was criminal. Dapo much better through the centre and harder for teams to pick him up. Kachunga is SHIT, throw in first half straight to them, second half he had a chance of a break, got to the ball first and just smashed it out of play. Pulled out of a few others as well.
  2. Got out of jail but hopefully that stops the rot and fills them full of confidence again. But some of the play in the first half was absolutely awful
  3. How the fuck has MJ missed that
  4. Team of strangers this, all is not well
  5. How many goals have we conceded this season from low crosses into the box? Feels like most are conceded this way And we just don't do it, it is infuriating how easy other teams make it look out wide, and how difficult we make it seem
  6. John has been out for a while and Gordon has done OK and dapo has scored plenty in that period. Away teams winding up home fans, who would have thunk it? Dapo at Ipswich was an absolute Saint in front of their fans! Stop finding scapegoats it was a wank TEAM performance and some of our fans were a fucking disgrace
  7. Fucking moron fans, we might get penalised here if they keep this up
  8. Bakayoko hasn't made a pass yet, giving it away cheaply though all over. Not sure how sheehan was penalised in the box after his chance
  9. Black History Month: How Dapo Afolayan gave up a future at Chelsea but made it as a pro his own way - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/58793983 Piece on the BBC about him, not much mention of us really but the more I hear from him you just know he has the mentality and commitment to make it right to the top
  10. Fair enough, hadn't seen that and no reply on ifollow. Lee is a quality footballer some of his touches in the first half were absolutely sublime and I think he balances the midfield a bit more alongside Sarce. But keeping sheehan out is a big call. Losing Jones at half time didn't help as we had to protect the right side more. But a win is all that matters, still plenty of good football to savour, a couple of cracking goals and a solid defensive display overall
  11. Poor second half from us, not helped by this Ref. Commentary said linesman flagged offside so how can it be a freekick
  12. Absolutely shocking penalty, but they have been pressing us well this second half Win 4-0
  13. If Baka makes and appearance it will only be 5-10 minutes I reckon
  14. Santos has kept this to 2-0
  15. Scoring from a corner? More chance of seeing Comely give a man of the match performance
  16. That clearly shows that Sarce at the top of the picture is onside, not having it that delf is distracting the keeper there
  17. I saw that post last night as well and had to go back to check the replays, both clearly onside, the 4th looks really tight in real time especially when Sarce picks it up in acres, but you clearly see on the replay their right sided defender playing them on by a good few foot
  18. Yes overall I thought he did alright too, he is still lacking in confidence and he makes the wrong choice or a bad touch let's him down at times. But him and gethin linked up well at times and he works hard defensively. Everyone seems to have a great right winger, but teams target our left side of defence more as Dapo offers less cover and we push forwards more on that side leaving it exposed. Declan John was caught out as much as Gordon has been in recent weeks. Not sure how you solve it without moving Dapo more central and playing someone else out on the wing to provide that cover or really stopping the left back going forwards. Both would seriously change the way we play so it wont happen. More credit to Gethin though for how much mileage he puts in on the right, a few said he wasn't good enough at the end of last season, start of this, more than holding his own.
  19. Great result overall, not our best performance but our fitness levels are unreal, a scrappy start to the second half but we just keep going and wear them down
  20. Santos could have caused some whiplash then
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