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  1. Well looks like infoWars is toast Texas Supreme Court Silently Denies Alex Jones All Forms of Relief: Sandy Hook Families and Others Can Now Sue Conspiracy Theorist and InfoWars into the Ground (msn.com)
  2. Hank Aaron baseball legend, hit his last home run
  3. See its people that moan, but not oil executive's 🙂 Its going to tough for the next few years, we've had a pause of 18 months 2 years on major projects (except for LNG) but even that as been slow, so even if a major project was action to day, you would see nothing from it for 4 to 5 years Africa they are looking at and also south America https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/20/business/energy-environment/suriname-oil-discovery.html Oil company are always looking for cheap oil, why pay say $20 a barrel when you can get it somewhere else $1 a barrel, and also it been in the ground
  4. that what's make me laugh over here , everyone screaming blue murder at OPEC being a cartel, but without them manipulating the price of oil, the US oil would be well and truly fucked The capitalism needs a cartel to make money, the irony is not wasted on me, but it is on them
  5. Yea a lot of company's, makes the XL pipeline job loss a mere drop in the ocean WTI 52 Brent 55
  6. Because the boys with the guns don't like big boys with bigger guns
  7. Yea the Canadians what to move more oil that it. Again on fracking the devil is in the detail, he wants to ban fracking on Federal land ( he can do nothing on privet land), and that only for new well, all existing well are still good and wells with existing permits, and that amounts to around only 10% of wells. The ban of Federal land is the least of the fracking industry's issues at the moment, 97 fracking company's went to the wall last year, and the rest owe around 95 billion to the banks, they cant live on the price of oil as it is at the moment, they need 60 to 65 and some need
  8. You do know the Keystone pipeline was finished in 2016, its just phase 4 (the XL bit) is open under the hammer mainly because is cross over the Ogallala Aquifer which is the largest fresh water source in the would and covers parts of 8 states. So if i was getting some of my drinking water from there I would not want it either, and I work in the oil and gas game
  9. yea, and the wind is blowing at 35MPH so it will feel below freezing
  10. There was a lawyer on the TV last night and he was musing when the first bit of litigation will arrive on Trumps doorstep, he thought it would be soon
  11. That is why the DOJ as a department for pardons, they would under normal circumstances (every other president) vet all pardons and give the yea or nay on them, Trump as just fucked them off and gone on his merry way. Also remember to accept a pardon is also to accept guilt for that crime (if you have been pardoned before a court case). So it can be a bit off a double edged sword
  12. Robert Moore, a Washington correspondent with ITN News was given rave reviews on his reporting https://www.cnn.com/videos/world/2021/01/08/robert-moore-itn-news-inside-us-capitol-riots-ebof-vpx.cnn
  13. Well that's ok then, lets drop the charges Attorney for Former Firefighter Who Allegedly Attacked Attacked Capitol Police With Fire Extinguisher: ‘This Fire Extinguisher Was Empty’ (msn.com)
  14. If some people doubt that some people believe in white entitlement , here its
  15. I think that's what will also happened, I don't like Mitch McConnel or Pelosi for that matter but they both are very smart and in general know how to get what they want. So I can see they've gone for impeachment, but are ready to settle on less as long as they can get rid of Trump once and for all, but will go through with the dog and pony show
  16. just being impeached doesn't, being convicted does
  17. Another one bite the dust Man in 'Camp Auschwitz' shirt, photographed at U.S. Capitol riot, arrested in Virginia (msn.com) And another Jenny Cudd, Capitol Rioter Who Said She'd 'Do It Again,' Arrested by FBI (msn.com)
  18. oh look a 30 foot wall with a 32 foot ladder 🙂
  19. Summery of Trumps issues now and going forward Backlash to riot at Capitol hobbles Trump’s business as banks, partners flee the brand (msn.com)
  20. Trump Denies Responsibility for Capitol Riot, Says Impeachment Push Causing ‘Tremendous Anger’ (msn.com)
  21. Nothing to worry about, according to Trump its just a hoax 🤒
  22. Yes he will , https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Former_Presidents_Act#:~:text=Secret Service protection.-,Current status,insurance%2C and Secret Service protection. the 2nd one seems to be a bit vague, seems as longs its started you can finish it anytime, they are saying probably after Biden's first 100 days, that will give him chance to start to sort the shit show out without the distraction of Trump 2nd impeachment
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