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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. We'd lost this before we even kicked off, the power of "told you so" Going nowhere.
  2. LOL. Love it when they have to pretend they care.😄
  3. Can remember chanting "Bolton & Bristol, it's only Bolton & Bristol" after an apparent bit of arjibarji, it was good banter but apparently moody after the match. Still a great day though 👍
  4. The south Stevenson Way Whites are back and are drinking heavily, 👍
  5. Well that is Bolloxed my forecast 😞
  6. The Brizzle game was the better day out of the 2 apart from the performance & result. was on a Saturday at 3:00 and their fans were up for it too. The Torquay game was a Sunday and their fans were well outnumbered and mainly families, felt like we were there to bully them and didn't feel right.
  7. Not very old this pic going off the CCTV and the jeep. Stab in the dark at the latter days of Vetchfield Swansea?
  8. There is a bit of a small town to-do goin on 2moz in the shit kicker backwards part of our area tomorrow. Shame really as both of these clubs have had glory times in the past but still feel that both these once proud clubs are still smaller than BWFC. Weird🧑‍🚒
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