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  1. I once got chatting to the lad who used to play Martin Platt in Corrie at a food festival (not Bolton). He was selling his cheese, then nipped in weatherspoons for a couple of pints. Seemed a decent enough bloke.
  2. Remember in the 70s if we got like 2 silvers & a bronze we'd had a good Olympics.
  3. The first Big Audio Dynamite album was genius, the second one was absolutely bobbins. Sorry.
  4. That bit of stuff in corrie that is supposed to be Eastern European.
  5. I one drove into Bishop Auckland town centre had a mooch about and when i was relieved to see the motor was still there , i drove home feeling like a male model and Britain's wealthiest , best looking , luckiest geezer alive.
  6. Once visited a place called Tankersley near Barnsley, it seemed ok.
  7. My best mate is a born & bred Monkey Hanger although his team is the Mags. He grew up nextdoor to Richie crazyhorse Horsley and gets a mention in his book.
  8. OMG, and as if by magic its back.👍😀
  9. Greenhalghs. For some reason that is in my auto spell.
  10. That sweetcorn soup that they have in Chinese restaurants is probably the worst soup I've tried. Oh!, And any of that perfumey Thai shite. Yuk.
  11. Whitestar

    Boo Boys

    Middlesbrough don't take to their knees in their league games.
  12. Can anyone upload that video of " oh no, the weller man comes"?
  13. I liked the style council stuff but that last singe he had sounded like a madness tribute act
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