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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. Probably heard wrong, someone else must have seen it?? He was an ex player based in Singapore.
  2. Was an English (not England) player on news this morning talking about gay players, I'd never heard of him and i wasn't really paying a lot of attention but i'm sure at one point he mentioned Josh Vela!!!
  3. Did Alan Ball play for City?
  4. He did play for us, i remember him getting sent off at Cambridge one time.
  5. Well done lads & lasses, a great job as always.
  6. That must be a mirror image. If that is the Lever end, from that side it must be reversed to see the true picture.
  7. Whitestar


    Hmm, Charlton eh?, I knew it was saarth Larndon but if asked i would have said crystal palace. Can't remember Going to Bury again till around 85-86ish around Christmas time and the game got cancelled, a lot had already travelled as i think it was an early K.O.
  8. Whitestar


    I'm getting to on a bit and it wasn't until well into the days we had dropped out of the Barclays Premier League that i even knew that Bury disliked us, i even went to Gigg lane one time to watch them when they the had a chance to go up last game of the season, can't remember who they played but they messed it up and didn't go up. Was the same day city got relegated by Luton and i think we lost at Palace and went down too. Not really a good day for North West clubs was it.
  9. Not a bad effort all round, I'd say we have to keep hold of the feel good factor and at the moment its infections, keep the faith coz once in your never out. COYWM.
  10. Was a "no pressure" kinda season really, not had one of them for as long as i can remember.
  11. Apparently Blackburn had 30k on today, was it free to get in??
  12. So what was the attendance today then?
  13. As Cliffy used to sing, "On the beeaaaccchhhh"
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