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  1. A friend of my daughter is a Wigan supporter and the end of today game asked if she wanted to book corporate hospitality for the game next season?. She sez well you paying like? He sez well if you don't get a table of 10 you get randoms sat with ya. She sez well that's all of yer fans + me n me dad then. Fuck em. COYWM.
  2. Hope Morecambe win the play offs, be some great aways next season.
  3. Really struggling to do my job of work these days due to massive weekends, can't tackle a serious job till Tuesday afternoon normally but this week i suspect Thursday before a serious response is available.
  4. Should i slip that champagne in?
  5. Jim Mcdonnah scoring from a goal kick v Burnley
  6. Ok, Supa john pen v Preston
  7. Campo v spurs was other end
  8. Just slipping my drinks in the fridge for this affy, now, last Saturday wife got a bottle of champagne for me and obviously it never got opened. Do i put it in the fridge or is that being too cocky?
  9. Used to think that SELNEC was an actual word. Like, wow did you see that new SELNEC on the 540?
  10. Looking forward to a cheese board. When i was about 14. Bradshaw disco anyone? Dog and partridge? Swan cellar? Chelsea up & down manny rd?. But no, jammy red roo & a bangin cheese board. COYWM.
  11. I went in the seats. TBH hadn't took the season seriously at all and was surprised that we could go up. Drove there in a fiat uno.
  12. #justice for the Burnden 33 Its a sign!
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