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  1. Beau talking about the press report that the police put after Floyds death
  2. you are correct the bacon is shit, once upset a butcher when asked him what he had done with the pig with all the meat on it, you need to order if they have is Canadian bacon, thats more like ours. And yes grits is absolutely fucking shit , with a shit topping
  3. he was , he was protecting his knee with Floyds back
  4. If they had left him in the police cruiser he wouldn't have been forming at the mouth.
  5. That because its been sterilized with ethylene oxide See numb nuts below
  6. He was already cuffed and also remember they had him in the police car, and then took him out why? to teach him a lesson ?, he was not having a medical issue in the car. That is where per-mediation could come in, the cops had all ready done their job, next they should have transported him too lock up and let them charge and deal let them deal with it.
  7. Free Suez Canal Ship Is Free (msn.com)
  8. if you do, make it the same time as carnaval in Rio https://riotheguide.com/carnaval/
  9. In the US AZ have not helped themselves Why There Is So Much Confusion About the AstraZeneca Vaccine | The New Yorker
  10. In the US , There is a pool of of White House reporters, not every media outlet as a reporter there and with the Covid rules not all the reporters now get to go in, the reports are on some type of rotation , so what you get one day you don't get the next. I don't know about you but a fucking hate meeting where you've never meet them, quick around the table to introduce themselves , I can never remember all their names 🙂
  11. They could always protest, no wait there's going to law against that soon
  12. As was taking the airport during the civil war
  13. My daughter you works in cancer treatment ( expect for the earlier stages off this pandemic) as been working ( treating people as normal ( she works in Wigan so normal is subjective)
  14. Fox as outdone themselves again, about 4 mins in
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