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  1. The look on her face when he says 'you know this graph better than anybody' I think tells you all you need to know
  2. But didn't Tory party they want us out of Europe as they didn't want unelected Bureaucrats making their policies , and here we are
  3. and that's the nail on the head.
  4. No because its in the name "just stop oil", if we did that we would be a third world country in less the 3 month. We are never going to stop using oil, we just need to use it at a slower pace, too much of our lives in involve oil, most of which a lot of people have no fucking idea and in my opinion lays the problem, I tell people I know that go on about it to go thought there house and place everything that as oil or a derivatives of oil a there dinning room table and get back to me and most people a shocked how intertwined our lives are with oil, even for renewables you still need oil
  5. Never said that, but we have to keep extracting it until we have everything else in place, and that will not be in my life time, it may not be in my kids life time, the big issue is we need a is replacement for plastics and its derivates. Also not a big issue with medicines and the hydo-carbons that are require there. So fuck all cars off , even electric, fuck off all cell phones computers, fuck off life saving medicines. Next tiem you need you window replaced go back to wood and cant have glass because you have to melt the fucker (hopefully green hydrogen will sort that one one given time). It will all come in time but its will cost you in pound shillings and pence, to me it a small price to pay to to many it will not be.
  6. but its called "stop oil" without it fuck all gets made, even at a lot less, still need it and shit loads of it.
  7. What available alternatives that do not require any hydro-carbons at all , %0 .... I will wait
  8. First thing these folks can do, is shut off there gas and electricity to there homes , when they do that I may listen to them. Also will need a get a horse to get around , cant use a car, train plane or a bike. other wise they can get to fuck.
  9. Oh he gives a fuck , but hes so used to bullying people and he thinks that he can do it with the judge, only this could cost him up to $250 million. The thinking is he is trying to provoke the judge into saying or doing something which they can use on appeal, so far the judge is not playing ball. He also still seems to be playing to public opinion, but again in this case its a pointless exercise as he as already been found guilty, and this is the penalty phase so pissing of the judge you could cost you up to $250 million and wrap up your companies in the state of New York doesn't seem the best plan
  10. And don't forget Kenneth Chesebro has also just taken a plea deal, that's 3 guilty pleas without a court case so far, so much winning it hurts.
  11. Still another shoe to drop for Fox, I think Smartmatics are asking for $2.7 billion
  12. Well they are 400k better off then Sweep
  13. whenever I came home after being out late in both Rotterdam and London , and that is after the 11-30 mentioned here, never had an issue with getting home and that would be any night of the week or weekend
  14. Holland and London (so it can be done)
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