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  1. I cant bear to watch it
  2. I was in the manny road paddock, surrounded by the fuckers, but it was eerily empty with 15 mins to go
  3. Had a Christmas party the same night at Bolton Cricket club, went to the game and on to the party ... I was a fucking mess that night I can tell
  4. We could do with a few more goals, I think a top 3 could come down to GD, and we are a few behind
  5. if you have the ball they don't, they can't score without the ball,
  6. Go down and stay afloat, that's about it
  7. We are under an embargo, the player we able to sign are not even on the bottom self, they are in the opps box
  8. We have a club and at certain points last year it didn't look like we would, that's all that matters ... if you are in doubts look up the road at Bury
  9. And with how the season started, you really expected anything else
  10. the Eddie Davies Stand as a nice ring to it
  11. I think if they stopped talking the Admin would just pull the plug
  12. I would assume that on of the bidders for the hotel is FV, if they don't get the club the hotel will have one bidder
  13. Then they need to be fucked with a red hot poker
  14. The day after tomorrow would be better
  15. You may have just watched you last game
  16. it may get to a point where people stop going , you can hold people in the box, drag people down in the box, and the arse hole with the whistle does fuck all
  17. Just seen the city goal disallowed , they game is now truly fucked
  18. this could also turn intoa 1000 pager
  19. and them not playing could have pushed us into be liquidated
  20. He would get opinions, but doubt if they would be a full range
  21. I would have thought that FV then would walk away, we don't have a club and some one as a hotel thats worth jack shit
  22. He had a chance on Saturday to have a fresh start, he choose to stay at home and let a kid do his job ... so for me he can get to fuck with a cherry on top
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