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  1. Mostly Roma Gypsies I read? The bloke who had his kids taken away was anyway.
  2. I have had a quick Google and found nowt, hence me asking. Ok so the special relationship is between Farage and Trump, sorry for missing this as I have always seen their relationship quite differently.
  3. Any evidence of this meeting for 'ins'? Happy to read all about it. Also, if we have such a special relationship, why does it need the MP for Clacton to fly over to the USA to wet nurse the former President when he is surrounded by people already doing so?
  4. If we had the room in prison and other offences were treated as harshly I would agree. But we don't and they aren't.
  5. Finished Mr Inbetween, enjoyed it but has it's flaws. I need to get into Breaking Bad again, lost my interest for some reason
  6. Whilst I don't agree with their actions, the sentences given are a joke when compared with what folk get for violent crime, noncing and burglary for example.
  7. He just doesn't see it does he? What a womble.
  8. So did we wander off in the darkness and fall to his death or was he chucked over by a bunch of Moroccan gangsters?
  9. They don't even know how stupid they look, that is how monumentality stupid these people are.
  10. What I don't understand is how water companies can run up massive debt yet still pay out dividends to shareholders? If the company isn't profitable how can they do that?
  11. Yey and we will have an emboldened Putin doing what the fuck he wants. America is spending fuck all in the grand scheme of their budget, they scrap old HW faster than give it to Ukraine. They are just replenishing old kit a bit quicker.
  12. Surely isn't down the road, Jeff?
  13. Not really for many reasons, mainly because he isn't president at the moment and second he has lost a bit of his ear, not his life. The rest is him whining as usual.
  14. I wouldn't want to put words into other people's mouths...
  15. Fair enough, I just don't think Trump is anywhere near as clever as you think he is.
  16. I don't understand what gives you that idea though? He went over to Moscow and Beijing and tongue tickled the nuts of Putin and Xi.
  17. I can understand that, but economically things are doing very well in the US at the moment aren't they? Let's be honest, those from the bible belt love big guns and big trucks so they trust Trump more to keep things as they are.
  18. This is much more like it!
  19. I was thinking this was a decent start for a change...
  20. Isn't he a bit of a Trump MAGA fan or am I getting him mixed with someone else?
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