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  1. Burn your bungalows down Taff. One for the older lads
  2. I must know you Bolty Lad, I spent my childhood at FSCCC Macky was a good mate of my dad's.
  3. Know em all Pal. My old man was captain until 1982 when he died, John Tonge. Banky is crackers, he used to bully us along with Crommy when we we kids, tied us to the sightscreens, put us in water holders upside down, nutters the pair of em
  4. I've changed my mind, be 5 nowt this.
  5. Bolty, what year roughly would that have been?
  6. And, he'll be fit enough. Cassie, we'll get battered, even with Stokes, our bowling attack is too powder puff for their conditions.
  7. Our bowling attack is cat piss, we have no firer power, Curren, not good enough YET. Should have taken Plunkett, bar Stokes he's most aggressive bowler we have, Look at Tremlett a few years ago is Oz, he was mustard. I can't see us winning a test, although it wont' be five nil, could easily be 3 or 4.
  8. Score in a brothel.......... I loved that song.
  9. Bit of a double edged sword yesterday. I'm all for getting the kids in early before they become Mancs, so goo on Ken for reducing prices, but Christ the two behind me just wanted Lofty to wave at them all game, and kicking the back of the seat. Anyroad, Spearing, gash, how's he been a Premier League footballer. I think they got stage fright, I'll put it down to that. That double save from Howard as immense, especially the second one. They played decent stuff TBF, a point, we didn't deserve it.
  10. I'm so excited I've had 3 poos already.
  11. How much is corporate, can't find it on their website
  12. Cracking day out, arrived at 1.30 straight into hospitality, had our orders from the staff no over exuberant celebrations if we score, Oldham spoils it for the rest of us. Anyroad, nice food, nice little set up to be fair, seat right next to the Chairmans box. We score and we jump up, more in shock really, then again, up we go, forgetting our earlier orders, to be fair no one ejected. They score and fuck me, the Chairmans entourage giving it proper large, 50 year old blokes in Stone Island, right you cunts game on. Next two go in, a couple of cheeky winks, and they are far from happy, fuck em. All passed off quietly, but the chairman had his head in his hands at the end. Magnificent from 1-11, we should be pissing this league with that type of performance.
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