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  1. I got mine last week and threw it in the bin
  2. marks and spencer to farmfoods
  3. Evatt should be the leader of the Green Party, more chance of winning the election
  4. Exactly, where is Boltons cruise terminal 😃
  5. 3 days after the debacle, I say fuck him off
  6. Left at half time, best decision. He’s a stubborn arse who can’t change things. anyway on the plus side I’m nearly in Southampton for a cruise tomorrow.🚢
  7. Grow a pair or have a vasectomy
  8. Crystal funeral planning is very reasonable, you get a proper service , not one where they just cart you off to the crem
  9. I recon we have more piss pots than them
  10. Oxford boss just said 35-40k will be at Wembley
  11. Come on you whites
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