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  1. At the unibol at 8am for fixture reveal
  2. Boxing match at the unibol on 30th so away game makes sense
  3. be there for 1pm as already going out later in the afternoon
  4. victor meldrew


    are you on about the league cup quarter final ?
  5. victor meldrew


    that doesn't fit in wordle
  6. apparently so, according to the stadium security manager, it's creeping in to a lot of clubs
  7. danny murphy is an absolute cunt, arrogant wanker. , spazzy accent . one of 2 presenters (jw) the other , why i now listen to talk radio / tv now
  8. good referee today, didn't fall for any of Wycombe's cheating tactics
  9. I’m going teetotal next season
  10. Good job it wasn’t me grey invading the pitch, sharp could have had a broken knee cap
  11. someone else put up figures last week saying preston were the lowest away fans, no way Bournemouth took that many
  12. best part of the ground next season
  13. apart from the one against plymouth, when you were holding open the centre spread of a porno mag whilst trying to sing you'll never walk alone🙄
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