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  1. mines 21 and still hard work !!! anyway on another day we would have scored more than them. bad day at the office move on to next week
  2. will do after witnessing tomorrow , money to be made for the club. already spoke to a local licencee about this. we will see what happens
  3. how many times do i have to say this ? rearrange the bar layout. not rocket science
  4. no you can't , premium world beer only. anyone drinking beer after 5pm on a cruise is a peasant
  5. they don't serve andy peters
  6. no it's not , just not run correctly, this has been mentioned loads of times , with a bit of investment , could double their takings
  7. get the salford brewery involved
  8. Need Robbie savage to be main commentator
  9. Good , you can buy me a pint
  10. Wasn’t he on about £20k a week, asshole, not you zico, andrews
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