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  1. If you want a beer get there early
  2. After nearly 30 years working for Guinness, I’ve retired to help my mrs with her travel business. hopefully a few trips abroad coming up
  3. Good luck with your recovery. Will also carry on donating
  4. Good day out yesterday, my lads were treating me to a day out for my birthday, they brought one round each, I bought the match , train tickets, food and all the other alcohol consumed throughout the day, got to love em
  5. Going with my boys tomorrow, many thanks to my brother in law who works for northern,£21 for the three of us instead of£93, see you there
  6. Got 1 spare for tomorrow if anyone wants it
  7. Good luck with your tui cruise, just got back from a mini cruise with them, considering it was its first time out since March the ship looked tired.
  8. Apart from today (waiting to go on weekend cruise) am doing them all
  9. He is also a cross dresser
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