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  1. M6 m5 at that time isn’t a good place
  2. spare seat in car for someone in westhoughton/ horwich area setting off at about 1pm, you will be sat next to sober D
  3. anyway , always wanted to ask , why do you think you are howfen elite ?
  4. away games = early trains cheap tickets
  5. puff, embankments mob start drinking at 7am
  6. now in with H , day trip may have 2 places in the car , will post by saturday if available.
  7. Should have been more, 4 good chances not taken
  8. going on a cruise from Copenhagen that day
  9. apparently they are" full time" professional stewards to help ours, brought in by NH.,
  10. big up for mark 505 all the way from nottingham for this game
  11. no just buy them at the ticket office
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