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  1. I need a ticket for this, only ground I’ve not been to in the top three leagues
  2. Please don’t get me wrong, there is a need for people who have abnormal taste buds and like wearing 1970’s cardigans with leather elbow pads to go to , maybe put a mobile bar on a bus , perfect. Anyway coywm
  3. Yes flowery piss with notes of orange
  4. the thing that lets you down here is going to the brewery tap , i'd sooner sit on a bus....same really, steamed up windows and sweaty people in close proximity.
  5. can't go as away, first home game i've ever missed in this competition since it started.
  6. Was there with a lot younger AHM Good Friday. No it wasn’t.
  7. how many? do you need reporting.
  8. anybody notice the loony in reflections in the second half goading the exeter fans ?
  9. Blackpool will be in contention at the end of the season
  10. Staying at holiday inn express on gun wharf, going on the train £80 each return.
  11. Showing you how to do it properly
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