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  1. I couldn’t Micky 😂😂😂 had to do the reset password thing
  2. Just an update on the total for this, it now stands at £710-51 (£342-51 plus £368-00 on my sponsor sheet). Many thanks to those who have donated, its very much appreciated. For the record my time was 2 hours 9 minutes 24 seconds
  3. I thought he had too,maybe Ryan only got 1...
  4. For a first match together not a bad performance albeit in a 10-7 defeat. scores were level at 5-5 at half time. The first 5 minutes of the second half was where the game was lost for me,the opposition scored 3 quick goals without reply. Barry the cat was kept busy for that early spell in the second half and possibly a lack of fitness didn't help. I seem to remember the opposition being a team that the original clackervalves played at premier 5s so they are seasoned campaigners. Fenny bagged a hat-trick on his reappearance and the reliable Ryan and Matty put in solid performances, Oli proved d
  5. Thanks Horwich. Well done Manny Road and Traf and anybody else who finished on the plus side. What a dire week :-(
  6. sorry I didnt nominate my nap....Burton Point if its not too late.
  7. 13:30 5pts EW Sadlers Risk 14:05 10pts EW Ubi Ace 14:40 10pts WIN Boston Bob 15:20 10pts EW Burton Point 16:00 5pts EW Cloudy Lane 16:40 5pts EW Bourne 17:15 5pts EW Slieveardagh
  8. Smart work again Traf...as always :-)
  9. 13:30 5pts EW Champion Court 14:05 5pts EW Restless Harry 14:40 5pts EW Medermit 15:20 40pts WIN Big Bucks (NAP) 16:00 5pts EW Hectors Choice 16:40 10pts EW Midnight Appeal
  10. 13:30 5pts EW Four Commanders 14:05 10pts EW Sious Les Cieux 14:40 20pts WIN Grands Crus (NAP) 15:20 5pts EW Finnians Rainbow 16:00 5pts EW Megastar 16:40 10pts EW Kazilian 17:15 5pts EW The Romford Pele
  11. 1.30 5pts EW Montbazon 2.05 10pts Win Al Ferof 2.40 15pts EW Hold On Julio (NAP) 3.20 10pts EW Zarkandar 4.00 5pts EW Garde Champetre 4.40 5pts EW Swincombe Flame 5.15 5pts EW Mics Delight
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