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  1. 15 games since we won by 2 so we are due!!
  2. All Pilkington staff are glad tomorrow is a Bank Holiday due to possible reprisals against glazers.
  3. Yes it would appear one game is on Sky from League 2.
  4. 3 times Crawley were behind today and 3 times they came back and equalised....they have some fight in there somewhere.
  5. It seems different places have different processes for the 2nd jab and it seems ours has different for different people 🤔. We were told if not heard anything after 11 weeks then ring and make appointment. Daughter spoke to GP reception yesterday and they gave her a date of 10 weeks from 1st jab to ring and make appointment. Son in law had jab on Monday and was automatically given date for 2nd jab. All these done via Horwich RMI/Kildonan House.
  6. Ironically Sky will be showing the mouthwatering Sheff Utd v Crystal Palace as the race for the League 2 title may be unfolding.
  7. Cheltenham happy with the draw, keeping ball in the corner to waste time in injury time.
  8. 6 days before a major final???
  9. 12 times this season Grimsby have taken a 1-0 lead but never gone to 2-0 until today. Hope they can do it again on Tuesday.
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