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  1. Jay Spearing came on as substitute last night....for Liverpool U21s at Rochdale.
  2. Last home league game they had 6001 against Accrington Stanley.
  3. The minutes silence lasted around 24 seconds before the ref blew his whistle, I think he felt something simmering so called it early….and no National Anthem.
  4. Away end is the Osmond Stand.
  5. 35 minutes….Brentford 4-0. The last United manager to lose first 2 games of season was 1921…and they got relegated
  6. 18 minutes gone….Brentford 2-0!!!!
  7. I’m expecting the total opposite, the closer towards the end I’m expecting a penalty or free kick given against just outside the box.
  8. Johnston defending then was as good as scoring a goal
  9. It’s a plus that all current 5 non Saturday home games are when many kids are off school so chances of a few more ticket sales for the evening games.
  10. 4-4 classic game this
  11. He will be in big trouble for what he did tonight. Although the fan goaded him, he had turned away and started to walk away but then Vieira attacked the fan.
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