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  1. We need a few more championship level signings to be pushing for promition
  2. Is it right we are after another two signings ? Wonder what areas we will go for there
  3. Lovely that training stuff
  4. Big E

    7:45 kick off

    that was before those pesky garage folk came in
  5. Big E


    but we have a pretty stadium and will win the league by 100 points
  6. Yeah proper grim how it takes a hold of people.
  7. I heard the Warbies wish they were a pound behind @jules_darby
  8. But but but……fucking booooooo. I like this smiling car. Avoiding gambling is a good thing. The more podcasts etc I listen to about the issues caused by gambling in sport the more I want it banned. I know I’ve wasted far too much on stupid bets
  9. Do we have any trialists on this here trip
  10. i am uber fun. we can't afford big wages with our structure. thats how we are being run. @jules_darby we have added one new player so far. we were a long way off when it came to playing the bigger boys. we were dire for large parts of the season. its a very tough league. i hope we are but i won't be having a meltdown if we are not there just yet
  11. We are a long way from top6 in December
  12. He will be on bigger pennies than we can offer
  13. Big E


    @jules_darbylooking well
  14. This is the bit i find most bizarre about all of this. It’s far right as fuck. The far right in the country is huge.
  15. Won’t mention that part when he’s barebacking the lasses🤣
  16. Financially it will have been great. Plus he’s played for catholic kings which will be important to him / his family. shit football move although I doubt he would have flurished in his time here given the instability
  17. Big E

    FV and IE

    It’s just a job at the end of a day
  18. both post basically said as much
  19. Mad how the HMRC go all in on this kind of shit and then not on massive tax folk like amazon etc. always in for an IOM tax scheme. cunts
  20. Big E


    Contract up next year. He will be gone soon
  21. When does the window officially open. Contracts are up to June 30th aren’t they
  22. He’s not gonna come if Wigan are after him. They are bigger than us at the moment. More money, higher league, better squad
  23. thick clanky here
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