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  1. Bolton being shit at corners is not an Evatt issue . It's been going on for years. Other than Allardyce I can't remember a manager that has had us being decent at corners.
  2. I don't think there's an issue with the way we play going forward. We move the ball well and we create chances. There were always going to be hurdles along the way. The opposition are starting to key in on Dapo. Teams are sitting very deep if they get Infront. They have stopped pressing us and let us have in in our own half. We just need to adapt and work out how to play against this. The last 15 minutes yesterday we did it right. We spread the ball wide and stretched them. Mj was excellent last 15 spreading play We moved dapo centrally. We made subs early enough for them to have an impact. We didn't resort to long hoofball to the striker. We kept going and got back in the game. We didn't abandon our philosophy. The way we are defending needs to be addressed. That's the issue. Particularly how we defend corners and long throws. Midweek against Plymouth , poor goal conceded off a corner. Same against Rotherham at home. We didn't deal with a long throw yesterday and let the guy have a free shot at the edge of the area. We need to work on defending set pieces because it's costing us points.
  3. If we start defending properly we might start winning some games. Isgrove made a difference going forward second half. Even as a winger he's still a miles better option at RB then brockbank.
  4. Neither is brockbank. He's a failed centre half.
  5. How has no right back cost us the game . Please explain. MJ Williams being shite giving the ball away cost us the first goal. Nothing to do with isgrove. The second goal was us again not being able to deal with a long throw. We keep conceding shit goals which allows the opposition to sit deep and play on the counter. We can't deal with balls in the box. That's on the centre Half's and the keeper. They need to sort it out. When we are 1 up things open up. When we are 1 down teams sit deep. We are are work on progress. The bottom line crying like little bitches and overreacting isn't going to make a difference.
  6. Classic case of balloons overreacting and talking bollocks
  7. Two nothing goals again. Awful defending.
  8. Lloyd is a good right winger. He's not weak. People's only defence of brockbank is ....he's not the only shit one. Maybe ...but he's still shit
  9. Baptiste doesnt make the bench 🤔
  10. Just win. Don't care how, just win. Doyle is going to score in open play at some point and I think he will today.
  11. We were ten times worse with bakayoko and hoofball. The 'get the ball forward' crew get on my tits. It's fucking shite watching your keeper hoof a ball upfield in the hope something happens. When we get the ball on the floor we are better. We are built to play out from the back. Sometimes we are too patient but we are a work in progress. I'll take passing it around the back 4 over long ball any day of the week.
  12. Brockbank was an embarrassment that last 15 minutes. Passed a ball across his own box and nearly gave a goal away and then gave the ball away that led to their goal. Nowhere near good enough along with baptiste. Shite performance overall.
  13. I'd just rather us pass it our from the back and play it on the floor. Whether it works or not it's better than watching Dougie Freedman hoofball.
  14. If plan B is to just hoof it up to the striker id rather stick with plan A.
  15. Abysmal. Worse than Wigan for me. Defending was awful. Decision making has been awful. The midfield are non existent. Bakayoko can't hold the ball up. Baptiste can't defend or pass a ball forwards. Mj Williams can't pass a ball forwards. Brockbank can't pass a ball full fucking stop. The few chances we've created we've wasted. Rubbish.
  16. Baptiste is absolutely woeful
  17. Baptiste leaving his man wide open on that corner. Fucking rubbish. Haven't put three passes together. Get the ball on the floor.
  18. I think Brocky defensively is suspect. A defensive winger would help I'm not convinced he's good enough at this level. I hope I'm wrong. Not many people have pointed out that he's not good going forward either. He can't cross a ball. I can't remember him overlapping Baka once on saturday. Gethin Jones is always overlapping creating space. We need our fullbacks to be willing to do that. For me brocky is a failed centre half now playing full back.
  19. No need to overreact to a poor performance. Not seen much of these but we shouldn't be going to Plymouth thinking we can't beat them. Play like we have for the majority of the season and we can get a positive result.
  20. Mears was fucking woeful. Could have played two right wingers in front of that cunt and he would of still got exposed.
  21. Gethin Jones needs to come back in. Baptiste wouldn't of made any difference whatsoever.
  22. Brockbank is wank. He offers nothing going forward. We've no right hand side whatsoever. We need to bring isgrove on for brocky.
  23. They had a spells of pressure 2nd half but other than a penalty and a free kick couldn't get a shot on goal. I thought we defended well throughout and deserved the win. Shame we couldn't of got the third but we ran out of stream 2nd half
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