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  1. He's 6 ft 3 so hopefully be a good partner for Dion.
  2. Dougie Freedman was a tactical genius and not a 'control the game without the ball' wanker.
  3. Not good enough at this level but Bolton through and through so good luck in the states . Captained this club through its roughest time and I won't forget that.
  4. Great performance and a much deserved win Trafford and Morley both had good debuts. Trafford looks a similar size to Santos and looks imposing. The defence seemed a lot more resolute today, not just because of the keeper but generally weren't exposed in wide areas. Got that bit of luck that we needed. We need a better version of Baka. He's fucking useless. Couldn't trap a bag of cement. Wins nothing in the air and has absolutely no goal threat.
  5. No Dixon or Thomasson. Two positives straight away.
  6. Dapo needs a goal for his confidence. He's trying to do too much. Charles movement looked very good on tuesday but he's quite lightweight so hoofball isn't going to work. Commit to playing out from the back and persist with it. We put 5 past these cunts earlier this season surely we can manage a couple at home.
  7. We play with 3 centre mids and are still getting over run. I think the personnel is the issue not the system. Kieran Lee is still not fit enough. Thomason is weak as piss and slow and Williams isnt quick. They are all too similar aswell. All equally as shit as each other tonight.
  8. Once the second goal went in that was it. Heads went down and we gave in. Those three in midfield were utter shite. All went hiding in the second half. None of them showed for the ball. Our only tactic second half was pass/hoof it to the fast guy .Utter wank. We need a win to restore a bit of confidence but they have to be better that shambles of a second half.
  9. Hes won a few headers but he's been very quiet. The other guy up front for them looks better than vokes.
  10. Vokes has done fuck all. It's in the wide areas they are causing problems. Thomason just isn't good enough. Ref Is a wanker. Same story. Played well, gave a poor goal away.
  11. I think your right. I'm sure it was an appearance fee. Arsenal paid a reduced fee early to help us out.
  12. Dixon is shit. He's been shit all season.
  13. I could use the same logic you just used to suggest how do you think we can get a great striker with our budget? I'm not in charge of the budget . I just know we need a goalkeeper that is better than Dixon.
  14. Nobody is saying that. Who says we can't sort both out.
  15. At fault for the goal at Portsmouth away. At fault for the first goal at home to Cheltenham. At fault for the goal yesterday. He's a problem. He's not good enough to be no 1.
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