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  1. I'd expect a comfortable win here if we are serious about promotion. We're in the mood aswell but I'd take any win. What's their pitch like now. Last time we played there it was atrocious. Hopefully it's in a better state this time.
  2. Fantastic performance. Joy to watch What a player Connor Bradley is. Kyle Dempsey unbelievable too. Nice to put a shit hoofball team who usually get the better of is to the sword. Could of had 5 today. Good change by Evatt to bring in Iredale to combat the hoofball. He's learning.
  3. Expected goals. A metric used to assess the quality of the chances created. Ipswich chances they created expected them to score 0.87 goals. To have an XG less than 1 with the pressure they had means they didn't create good goalscoring chances. I have a subscription to the athletic for a £1 a month and they sent a notification out at full time showing both teams XG.
  4. Ipswich XG was only 0.87 compared to ours which was 0.89 so their chances can't have been clear cut chances.
  5. Would have took a point so I'm happy with that. Sounded hard work but onwards and upwards
  6. Sounds like we are under pressure. The subs seem very attacking.
  7. Burnley 70 percent possession. Bet they are wanking themselves silly after watching hoofball for so long.
  8. For me a tall centre half who's good in the air was the biggest priority. We could not deal with the likes of Sam vokes and that Smith who's just gone to wednesday. They murdered us last season. These hoofball teams that play direct with target men cause us so many problems. I've never seen Toal play but I'm hoping he's good in the air whilst fitting in with our style of play.
  9. There was no need for it to be checked. No idea why they did that.
  10. Good players but most of them are 30+ and will be on big wages. Prefer our approach.
  11. To be fair to Josh Emmanuel he was half decent. He's in the championship with hull now.
  12. Quite like it. Sponsor logo looks better than last year. Do for me.
  13. They wouldn't because they do play like that. Ok so if they's the style of play you prefer, or at least admire, presumably you would prefer to see a Gary megson style team defend for 90 minutes and nick a 1-0 win, rather than an Ian Evatt style attacking team create loads of chances and win say 3-1. I get why people appreciate it, but I can't fathom why you'd want to see your team set up to play deep and intentionally have less possession.........like Burnley.
  14. Set up to be play deep, stay in shape, play on the break. Like Burnley.
  15. Each to their own. But I'd prefer to not watch Real Madrid play like Burnley .
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