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  1. I think there is value there if the wage is right. But I think that ship has probably sailed.
  2. If your going to be small like Darcy you need to be quick to compensate. He's not quick. He's technically ok but nowhere near the standard some in here make him out to be. If he's that good why couldn't he break into a league 2 team ? Evatt brought Thomasson in the fold so it's not like he wouldn't give Darcy a chance if he was showing enough. He's just not very good.
  3. Hopefully Delaney doesn't agree a deal because he would get embarrassed at this level. Greenidge is another who hopefully will be 5th choice and doesn't see the field. Ronan Darcy couldn't get In the team last season. He's shite. Built like a 12 year old. He's not getting in this team.
  4. Elbouzedi is wank. We should of wrapped that up. Having said that we weren't under pressure second half barring the odd chance. COYFWM!!!!!! Genuinely think the players seeing all those fans before the game on the coach made a big difference
  5. Couldn't of gone any better . But please , do not sit back on the edge of our own box and let them come onto us for the last half hour. Keep the ball and keep creating chances. These are going to leave plenty of gaps at the back when they get desperate
  6. Last half hour was absolutely fucking shite. The one thing we couldn't do was just sit on the edge of our own box and let them come at us but that's what we did. Kept giving ball away time and time again. We have no fucking idea how to play when we are 1 up. Why Evatt brought off Afolayan instead of Lee beats me. Lee was fucking rubbish and knackered and should of been off. Taking off dapo gave them more incentive to come forward. MJ Williams was non existent for the last half hour. I'd expect our defensive midfielder to help protect the defence but he just ambles about doing
  7. Shit myself every time we have to defend a cross Afolayan Having a stormer. Not over this yet so we need to not sit deep and invite them on us.
  8. I kind of have to agree, especially with the ball . Our passing was poor second half against Salford. We need to refocus and go again.
  9. Defensively superb but second half we were absolutely fucking woeful with the ball. Just gave it away constantly. Kieron Lee was fucked after 60 minutes should have been taken off . That should of been easier than we made it. But they makes it even sweeter. Fuck off Gary Neville you cunt.
  10. This ref is fucking prick. I'd take dapo off because this ref will send him off. First half hour was great but we let them bank into it. Very sloppy with possession. Need to keep hold of the ball
  11. Should of had it won in the first half. 2nd half was shite . Fucking time wasting welsh cunts getting a lucky goal. Every time we put the ball in the box we had chances but we didn't do it enough. There two games in a row now where we've been shit after half time. Need to be better next game, a lot better.
  12. Second half has been absolutely shite. Giving the ball away. Thomason Williams and kieron Lee have been woeful, especially Williams.
  13. Should be at least 2 up . Need to get the ball in the box earlier . Everytime we cross it they look shit at the back.
  14. Just didn't move the ball quick enough. Poor overall. Thought MJ Williams was garbage. Gave the ball away far too often. Should of been off for Thomasson. Maddison might aswell go back to Charlton. He doesn't bring anything. At least Elbouzedi looks lively. Draw a line and move on.
  15. Frustrating but you can't expect teams to come and lie down. Patience , it'll come.
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