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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. marsman


    it had been building up inside me for half an hour and he was obviously the nearest player..like I say it was nothing personal at him just a message to pass on to the team to generate a response..we dont get that close to the pitch these days
  2. marsman


    yes good stuff I dont want to fall out with anybody we are all Wanderers together
  3. marsman


    no apology needed mate its all part of the banter of football
  4. marsman


    ha ha wouldnt have blamed you mate
  5. marsman


    something along the lines of get um fired up get um talking but I shouted his name and he turned round..same with Spearing
  6. marsman


    started making a mouthing action with his hand..
  7. marsman


    i would just like to put the record straight about yesterday .We were stood right at the front and there was no talking going on at all on the pitch at all. I was not having a go at Bogdan directly but merely telling him and Spearing to get the team fired up and talking and communicating to get us back in the game .Bogdan took it the wrong way and the situation quickly turned nasty. I apologise if I upset anybody but in 39 years I have never slagged off any of our players and never booed the team and anybody that knows me will back that up. In hindsite it was probably too aggressive but a moment of passion and frustration in an effort to try to get this great club back to were it should be. PS I did not start this topic... we were reading WW on the train home on my mates phone and he did it taking the piss when I was still logged in.
  8. couldnt agree more my fella..same as this billy piper lezsie shite..soft porn bollox..get on redtube..each to his /her own though
  9. ran out of guinness and some cask ales again..how difficult can it be to stock up for matchday? get it sorted..one or two getting restless
  10. good crack..should be a Bolton stronghold being only 10 mins walk from your seat..blond barmaid gorgeous too
  11. and what about after the game when you cant get in?
  12. we know he is not prolific..merely pointing out he is more effective than some give him credit for
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