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  1. You can't put gravy on a fucking haggis thats like putting coke in a fine malt whisky
  2. Been a long time since I checked in here …. hope that you're all better than the Wanderers... but OINO Jazza ia very happily married to "jazzas bird" and still likes a beer but in moderation
  3. Just logged on here for first time in months to say tommy Robinson is a cunt...
  4. you can sideload google play onto a fire tablet (instructions on youtube. It will enable you to put virtually any android app on it) as for accessing prime videos on it I'm not sure but I will ask … I work for Amazon edit: I should read the answers first... you've already had the answer :lol:
  5. jazza

    Take Over

    That's my thought too. Cheers mounts. I wouldn't ratify him either
  6. Mine was my first ever Wanderers match... a 6-0 win at Burnden against Newport County
  7. jazza

    Take Over

    Sorry for ignorance but I'm in darkest Fife. I know I its announced an agreement is settled for the helmet wearing dick from Watford to buy slippery Ken out. Is it a done deal? No loose ends or due diligence pish?
  8. Hope you're all doing ok... better than our shit team at least. Been a while since I've been on or at wanderers for that matter but once in never out. COYFWM!!
  9. Blackkklansman......what can I say? It's fucking dreadful. The brothers Grimm fairy tales were are believable. In saying that I watched it all the way through
  10. Love all you boys but I told you It was no mistake Never been happier
  11. A mate of mine in Burntisland claims that a great great uncle of his owned the winner of the Melbourne cup... For the life of me can't remember it's name but his last name was Urquhart. I'm sure the horse was Loch something or other. He tells a great tale of how the horse won on bottomless ground and had it's tail tied up. Edit: I think was called Glenloch Edit again wow, it's true, did somew research... this is story he tells. Well worth a read https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/cup-back-home-115-years-later/news-story/1b3f1e130e123ee6ac0647fccd71667b?sv=2497a85fd03a7c740d6c7f029d7dfa7a
  12. Just wishing those that deserve it all the best. Long time since I posted here... sadly the few knobs outweighed the sound lads and I moved away. Bolton til I die
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