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  1. Don't luv me. I'm 6'6'' and 17 stone.
  2. Remember Crawford at Bristol Rovers before he got injured in a no mark game. He was the business. He played the quick coloured lad on the wing in time after time. Not really suited to the Evatt slow build up style. Mind not many are. That's why we don't score many if at all.
  3. passmosster


    The EFL only put the boot in on the small fry like Macc Town.
  4. I remember his Grandad Paul Aimsom who was a useful lower divisions goalscorer with Bury and York City among other teams. Paul Aimson's parents ran a corner shop in Macclesfield and Paul sometimes worked behind the counter and you could have a football chat with him Those were the days..
  5. That's right. Let's fill the team with big strong players like Delf. So we hope that we get some one like Arthur in who could play on a muddy pitch at the likes of Mansfield.
  6. Perhaps he didn't pay someone to mind his car, mister.
  7. Last time that I went to a game at Crawley, came out and found that we had beaten QPR 4-0 away in the Premeir League with Owen Coyle as manager. So another pleasant memory. Thought that we looked good today.
  8. Gave up Sky Sports 3 years ago because except for the cricket, I found it boring. I was recently offered a super deal whereby I now pay less in total for broadband, etc. including SkySports. Effectively getting SkySports for nothing. I can say that it has changed. The footie is now incredibly boring.
  9. That's about the time City were playing Macc' Town in their local derby.
  10. Elm Park. Alas, this no more.
  11. Wonderful crosser of the ball. I wonder how many goals he made for Nat. RIP Doug.
  12. Was talking about the Colchester game.
  13. We never seem to get opposition defences on the turn because we are so slow getting the ball forward. Arthur has to have balls in front of him to use his pace and strength. Instead we put him on the wing like a policeman on point duty waiting for someone to pass the ball to him when he is standing still. Our results are always close and will be due to the style we play. So it will be touch and go.
  14. I'm going to miss climbing up that bloody hill and eating one of those ghastly veggie burgers.
  15. He was a fantastic team player too. Remember watching us play Oldham at Boundary Park. It's one of the most exposed grounds and it was blowing a gale. The flight of the ball must have been very difficult to judge. Up front he never gave it away once. Head, chest, thigh, feet (or left foot to be exact) he brought it down and never gave it away once. Fantastic goal at QPR is still in my memory.
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