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  1. Not the right place for this but "food" is in the title of the thread. Mozzers on COR has.got Big K charcoal in 15kg bags for the reduced price of £15 atm, not many bags left and I was thinking of just buying them all but it's good to share. It's belting stuff.
  2. Aye that's what I meant to say as well but was far more abrupt, apols for that dimron wasnt trying to be offensive.
  3. You're in your 60s and this is the first time you've gone to bed feeling like shite and woken up feeling right? Were those other illnesses manufactured as well? Were they fuck.
  4. When did they scrap Chicken Balti pies?
  5. Kratochvilova passed every sex test she took and also every drug test she took as far as I remember, the warnings coming from her were more about drug testing being ineffective rather than related to cock and balls. There's no talk about Ratcliffe being a bloke but her marathon record is every bit as suspicious as Kratochvilova's 800m run.
  6. 3-1 Baptiste, Sarcevic, Dapo, Johnston og. 14749
  7. The numbers being down will in full be because of the pandemic, a golden opportunity for a lot of people (pun intended).
  8. The testosterone levels being different for different events is a complete and utter balls up from those in charge, absolute incompetence at the highest level. On a different note the figures show WADA collected 305881 samples in 2019 and 168256 in 2020 so you would have to think there's plenty taken advantage of having had a drug full year.
  9. 7th minute, John, Bolton Lads And Girls Club
  10. Enjoyed being back, enjoyed the game. Being objective there was enough in the first hour to give hope to even the most pessimistic that we'll do very well and enough in the last half hour to make the most optimistic think the squad will be too thin if we have injuries amd suspensions. Johnston, Sheehan, Dapo very good today.
  11. What were our last proper home and away games with fans? My memory is that shite for such things that I'm sat here totally blank trying to remember.
  12. Think someone mentioned maybe 5000 on but even if it's only 500 they always seem to have bought your seat before you manage to.
  13. Schrodinger's Douchebag in action?
  14. Had a few days on the NE coast and going to some of the smaller places like Robin Hoods Bay made me wonder how the fuck they've kept going, loads of pubs/shops etc still shut and more with notices on about having to shut because of isolation. Beautiful weather and really nice up there though.
  15. I'd like to organise a local 3 day festival called Lanky-ska that featured the best bands from all waves of ska and 2tone, ideally becoming an annual event and making Lancashire the epicentre of a global moonstomping earthquake.
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