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  1. Runshaw College closed for 2 weeks due to cases of one of the Indian variants.
  2. None at the one in town, got some brownie points for going to the tip though so not a totally wasted trip.
  3. Honestly don't know, saw a tweet about it before while having my brew.
  4. Not had it yet but for any NEIPA fans Sainsburys has an exclusive on a new BrewDog x Mikkeller called Urban Fox, described as "packed with tropical pineapple and coconut notes with bright berry, citrus and resin".
  5. Could we have changed anything to just not concede for 45 minutes, maybe but it's gone now and we have another chance next week. Have to try to stay positive while we're still in the mix, really don't fancy play offs though.
  6. Has iFollow just died or is it just mine?
  7. Need 5 minutes of boring keep ball sideways passing possession to kill their momentum.
  8. It's all a bit fucking tense this, was going to try and not drink before but it's turned out to be impossible.
  9. I am but it doesn't mean I'm wrong. It might mean someone should take control of my online betting accounts temporarily though.
  10. Don't cash out, we're going up as champions.
  11. It's a pissed up vinyl night here, happens not infrequently but you have to just nod and let things take their course before you can put summat decent on. Here's the last few she's had on: Psychedelic Furs - Pretty In Pink Grease - Summer Nights REM - End Of The World Jane's Addiction - Been Caught Stealing Iron Maiden - Somewhere In Time Jason Donovan - Rhythm Of The Rain Holiday Rap - MC Miker G & DJ Sven Rory Gallagher - Going To My Hometown No idea where it will end up.
  12. I couldn't stop eating after mine, ramming anything and everything in for two days solid and then had a day of barely being able to keep awake, no soreness or owt else though.
  13. Bit old now but after being a bit underwhelmed by Criminal UK I finally watched the second series and enjoyed it, might be worth doing both series together if you've nowt to watch.
  14. Used to get em fresh off the line before the slicers at Warbies and do the same thing with butter out of the big fridge in the mixing room, nowt better.
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