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  1. Think the Alsatian now identifies as a person which is ok in these enlightened times.
  2. Thought the referee was very good today, head and shoulders above the usual shite.
  3. I saw it more like Ani did but it's a much needed result and been a while coming so it's no wonder there's a bit of giddyness around so let's go with that for tonight I reckon.
  4. 14682 Bolton Lads & Girls Club
  5. Might not have moved into must win territory yet but this is a definite mustn't lose for me, with Morecambe and Fleetwood playing each other we can end up properly dragged into shit with a defeat.
  6. Thought they were much better and barely went into second gear. Santos showed again that if he's against a big strong lad who is in his face then he just can't cope. Some more criticism from Dixon on here about how he doesn't instill confidence in his defence but there's a flip to that, imagine being a keeper and going out to play behind any 4 of ours and think how confident you'd be in them. My main issue is that IE seems to have a complete inability to make any tactical changes whether personnel or formation or tempo or whatever. It's clear that what we are doing isn't working and hasn't worked for a good while so you have to try to change. It's not an admittance that your long term vision isn't right, it's just the practicality of being a manager.
  7. Good drummer was Bod. Did Bod make it on to the Spirit of Sport statue thing with Tony Webber or is it a different Steve Williamson?
  8. Loads of non-Thornleigh folk in the sixth form when I went, felt like easily as many from other schools as from the shithole in Astley Bridge.
  9. Sat here trying to decide whether Laverender is a badly spelled Burnden Park lad or a badly spelled volcano candidate.
  10. I reckon I know the player but no idea of the ground.
  11. Is the back story with him that he had a good season, got capped for NI, thought he was a world beater, no-one came in for him so he refused to sign a new contract and hasn't played since? Not saying he won't score goals for us if we get him, just checking I've read it correctly.
  12. She's also got these and they are much older. https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/officers/Vvekpueze1bBsmPr9GQ8VzggeY8/appointments
  13. Did they issue 2million £1 shares, buy them, then two weeks later do a deal that they had prior knowledge of that would raise the value of those shares? I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, don’t know much about shares in private limited companies and just wondering if that’s the situation.
  14. The boycotters will be furious.
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