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  1. Squirrel, tracked it all the way to the Crazy Corner before I lost it. Presume they ate it.
  2. Thought they were basically huff and puff and shithousing but even so won comfortably. We score one of the earlier chances and it's a totally different game but it doesn't take a tactical genius in the opposition technical area to know how to make it hard for us. First time I'd seen a squirrel in the ground yesterday.
  3. Doyle 14th minute Halliwell Befriending Service (Charity no: 1152634)
  4. Sarcevic 4 Daytrippers (Bolton)
  5. Is this still going or is it only for home games ? I've had a few weeks off the ale and my memory and head are about as useful as summat that isn't very useful at all.
  6. Never agreed with people hiding behind a username, seems a bit off to me. Ernest Turnip
  7. 67 Tutte Bolton lads and girls club
  8. I think this was an April Fools but reading this you never know who might have one ......
  9. Johnston 78 mins Wave Adventure (Charity No. 1152259)
  10. Looked to me like MJ had broken some fingers or done something to his hand or wrist, came over for attention a few times even though the 4th official kept trying to get involved.
  11. Standard seems far better than our recent L1 visits, even the promotion one. You can see and feel the belief and desire the players have, a good number of them left absolutely everything out there today and that'll mean we do have to use the squad a lot for sat-tues-sat games.
  12. Should be a good test this. 1-1 Williams 11423
  13. Lad got his ticket in first batch, knew I wanted two more. Driving home from hols today he announced "extra 700 went on sale at 11", that was at 11:30. If anyone knows a lifeguard could they send them to Doffcocker Lodge as there appears to be a youth in difficulty in the deeper part.
  14. Doyle 6 minutes Breaking Barriers NW
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