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  1. Jonny Fuckin Cuntin Munich Bastard Evans
  2. Tha t Twat on Tower Fm really is a dick , he sounds glad as fuck bolton are in this position . Not one encouraging thing came from that first half, to say you are embarassed to be associated with that shower of shit is much of an exaggeration as hou can get How those players this season can justify being a Proffesional Footballer is beyond me . Perform like that at work or any where else you would be Sacked or ridiculed to fuck. My last word on BWFC as an whole , the Club , Team , and it' s associates " PATHETIC "
  3. Any body who thinks lookingbthrough rose tinted glasses it will be Fun in Div 1 is in for a big shock , Fun great day out cracking away trip , its all bollocks it will be and it was shit doing it in the 80s /90s, with the odd exception Burnley wrexham and odd cup draw . We the older lads in our 50s 40s now do forget how grim it was and we did have some real shitters , the one good thing was the Shall wd say altercations with the opposing member of our persuasion, we were all mates growing up together and had each others backs .living and dieing for each other god knows we all have scars to prove it , "" The Youth " today are all mouth no trousers shithouses with knives ,,"" ill fucking cut you up you old bastard , you no idea what I can do "" waving a knife around does not make you hard it makes you a twat with two broken arms and a permant limp and speech impedament for the rest of your natural, when your finished with you Ferral Fucking Skip rats .they wont back each other up to the hilt be on there toes the soft cunts . Yes it will be great wont it prices go up cos its us , etc etc . Dont why we bothered trying to be a Premier / Leaugue succesfull European team we should never had strived to be successfull we should have just stayed in the lower division COS its a great day out , Bollocks ,,, Great Days - Weeks out were in Bulguria Madrid Marseilles and the minor inconvenience of goung to our equals in the Premier League " From Madrid To Mansfield , " Sounds like a crap version of fools and horses Enjoy it all we will have it for a while
  4. THAT FUCKING SONG ... WELL my next door scutter does have Chickens in his back Garden .. 3 YES 3 of the screeching fuckers AND 1 BIG AS FUCH COCKEREL , the noisey bastard 4 Oclock on the fucking dot every morning then every 5 , 10 minutes after mostly all through the day . It is no laughing matter I tell ya and then that Fucking chicken song brings it all back Issacunt will be able to hear it im sure its that loud And to top it all , ive not even been offered one measly fucking egg of the scutters Not bitter or twisted YTARMY saying " as you were"
  5. Just a thought , like ! 2015/2016 SEASON TICKETS , prices were announced mid February , first payments out of Bank Account March /April was it .? ? Read a few pages of recent seasons , and even when we were in the same old shite over relegation etc or playoffs . Prices were announced and already FIERCE DEBATES AND MASS ARGUMENT / SUICIDE ATEMPTS , MURDER THREATS HAD ALREADY STARTED, by mid February. Two big glossy Season Ticket Proposals in their big white envelopes had al ready been read through and signed by now . Should we not be on our second direct debit payment in April with the automatic renewal . Or are our new Saviours not Bothering With Season Tickets this year,. Like to get my Finances / out goings already accounted for and funds in my PAYING BILLS ACCOUNT sorted by now. If it has already been sorted or any body knows different as ive not been on here for a while . Any way as you were chaps and chapesses
  6. Same cable Denbo , im with tbe Vermin as well my Tinterweb goes of line upmto 9 - 10 times a day If I could get rid I would but the unlimited call phone package is quite good Just unplug it RUB IT WITH A BLOON , then THROW IT DOWN THE STAIRS , it will be sorted then x x
  7. " SHAME " " REALLY " ! ! ! ! ! ... ?????.. Exclamation .... Question mark.... Any way he has gone , like to to say Good Riddance , but i cant .... I think , ....We all , I know I did wanted him to turn it round . It was probably our last chance for a while to get a Big Name Manager in, after the shambles before him , we dont deserve a big name nor do we deserve a fresh up and coming manager we are in the brown stuff rightly, so and appointing Jimmy Phillips is a good move for us as we can now start a fresh as the saying goes . NEW BROOM and all that .. lets have the last 9 games with a bit of the Proper B W F C attitude if Jimmy Phillips and Co cant kick their Arses , then I dont know who can ......................NEIL LENNON GONE BUT ( not very ) SADLY MISSED ........EASILY FORGOTTEN ..............
  8. Strange how every self-proclaimed insider you speak to confirms all your conspiracy theories, yet you can only ever quote a few words (which are remarkably similar to your own style of talking), and you are never able to name the 'source'. Carefull Cheesers have you seen how big Glenn is ! He might sauce out of you when he Crushes you like a Spoiled Rotten Tomato . SPOILED and ROTTEN being the operative word for you . You Ickle W U M you ......
  9. Obviously it means fuck all but I have had a look at our Saviours Lot and if tge Companies House figures are to be belied here is his list of Director ship and Companies a total of 7 and his Total at Bank . Dont think we can afford Messi Yet. But I dont know Fuck all same as the rest on here any way here is my findings I know he has more but this is what Company house says about him , Any way im pissed and my curry is going cold and I need a pee, so adios amigos and .. Bolton Wanderers F C By Far .....You all know how the rest goes........ ! ... B T I D .. C O Y F W M Etc and so on and so forth !
  10. Just saying like, WanderersWays.. , cockerney slang apples and pears and all that guvnor ! Each to their own like .
  11. £ 20 / £ 30 for a box that will give you, pretty much every channel known to man.... including football, sports , box sets and films you can think of for free.... Yes.......... and piece of piss to use, get yourself one...
  12. Is that the SAME ... SPEARING ...! THAT EVERY FU@#ER ..Slagged off....., for buying his mum and dad a new car.??? With his own money , but he should be ashamed of himself for spending it , when BWFC are in financial melt down.????
  13. quote name="Mounts Kipper" post="1558449" timestamp="1446503000"]Getting a job done and not paying for it is a cunts trick regardless of who you are, unless the jobs not satisfactory there is no excuse. Byro nearly 16000 posts by you , and you still haven't learned anything, talking sense on here gets you no where .!! Stick to making things up ( you'll be right).
  14. YTARMY


    For Fucks sake , just having been burgled did my head in, enough that realy does prove the world is getting over run by FUCKTARDS Oh well Boltys percentage rule and all that.
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