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  1. Jonny Fuckin Cuntin Munich Bastard Evans
  2. Tha t Twat on Tower Fm really is a dick , he sounds glad as fuck bolton are in this position . Not one encouraging thing came from that first half, to say you are embarassed to be associated with that shower of shit is much of an exaggeration as hou can get How those players this season can justify being a Proffesional Footballer is beyond me . Perform like that at work or any where else you would be Sacked or ridiculed to fuck. My last word on BWFC as an whole , the Club , Team , and it' s associates " PATHETIC "
  3. Oy Spider ! ! ! I DO NOT FREQUENTLY DRINK STELLA ( EVEN IF IT IS GEORGEOUS BY THE WAY ) IT WAS IN MY FRIGIDAIRE WEEKS A GIFT FROM SOME ONE OR OTHER ON THE BIRTH OF MY FIRST BABY GRANDCHILD , Any way as I was happening along the channels on my box thing I was compelled to watch the concert , AND seeing as it was rather good I decided to take a chance and crack one , so to speak It was after all there and as the saying goes " it's a shame not to " Any way N B did you watch it ,
  4. FUCK ME SPIDER, ( NOT Literally of course) " POT " " KETTLE " " BLACK " ..... ( yeah I know sickening blatant atempt at racism , )
  5. What do you mean " Doubtful " . The old WALKDEN PATTER . it's a winner I tell ya ! Not 100% No , I see so I could"ve ?
  6. Fuckin Hell ! ! ! Spider you are spot on there bud ! Just read this , if that was a Night Club conversatio , I would definitely have had a chance of getting my end away, STELLA as much as I love you , you are a cruel mistress"
  7. Any body who thinks lookingbthrough rose tinted glasses it will be Fun in Div 1 is in for a big shock , Fun great day out cracking away trip , its all bollocks it will be and it was shit doing it in the 80s /90s, with the odd exception Burnley wrexham and odd cup draw . We the older lads in our 50s 40s now do forget how grim it was and we did have some real shitters , the one good thing was the Shall wd say altercations with the opposing member of our persuasion, we were all mates growing up together and had each others backs .living and dieing for each other god knows we all have scars to prove it , "" The Youth " today are all mouth no trousers shithouses with knives ,,"" ill fucking cut you up you old bastard , you no idea what I can do "" waving a knife around does not make you hard it makes you a twat with two broken arms and a permant limp and speech impedament for the rest of your natural, when your finished with you Ferral Fucking Skip rats .they wont back each other up to the hilt be on there toes the soft cunts . Yes it will be great wont it prices go up cos its us , etc etc . Dont why we bothered trying to be a Premier / Leaugue succesfull European team we should never had strived to be successfull we should have just stayed in the lower division COS its a great day out , Bollocks ,,, Great Days - Weeks out were in Bulguria Madrid Marseilles and the minor inconvenience of goung to our equals in the Premier League " From Madrid To Mansfield , " Sounds like a crap version of fools and horses Enjoy it all we will have it for a while
  8. Cant beat it , TUNES ,, not the Booze I can take or leave that , But and here is the big BUT,.......... Got right into it and the fridge was making a very inviting noise so I gave in , ( no will power us lads ) and had a couple of hours with STELLA..X X For the record that is the closest ive been with any thing even resembling female in a looooonnnnggg time , well it is a female name to be fair . And as Buster Blood Vessel rightly regales in one of his ditties Special Brew ( I know its a scutters drink ) and it was Stella and not Special Brew but the sentiments are the same, , You see We are weak , weak when it comes down to surrendering to that lovely amber liquid , and no Little Witt -Esque either . But on the other hand you can always put it back in the colld dark . and no guilt what so ever Any Way watch it on catch up on demand its right good if your into that kind of thing , the cover versions were mint proper music with instrments and everything not contrived fabricated shite of today , and the white dreesed one was giving me "" Ahemm " or it might have been the ale . Suppose I should stop drinking now and have some food
  9. Cracking CHIC AND NILE ROGERS 2012 CONCERT IN FRANCE on Sky Arts now Belting out the classics as well cover version s from DURAN DURAN BOWIE INXS etc Pity its only 12 o clock noon time else the Ale would be on the go "" TUNES AND BOOZE "" .cant whack it. Watch it on catch up recommended . Fuck it STELLAS SHOUTING ME . XXX
  10. Agree with you , But how do you know which number to block if normal 0161 numbers etc , you cant block all unknown calls as some body may genuinely be contacting you . NOT an IPHONE WANKER , just aWanker unfortunately
  11. I have got a few cars ror sale on the usual sites shpock gumtree etc any way I have had 3 calls today , 0151 numbers 0161 numbers and 022222, numbers . It usually starts with the Liverpool number then transfers to the Manchester offices , I aked for the location and he reeled off some adress in Manchester including post code etc. Any how these Parasites are convinced I have had a road traffic accident even quoting registration numbers , on past cars I have sold , I know it is bull but it really pisses me off as I get more and more of them and with it being a 0161 ,, 0151 number I answer in case it is genuine buyer I havent had an accident in 15 years but the jolly little foriegn chappie pleaded with me to help him as he is very poor and earns 5 pounds per day and his children are hungry , Awwww !on saying no to him I had to cover my rather sensitive mind and ears to the tirade of abuse . These " Ahem" People get very aggressive and abusive with all manner of swear words when you turn them down , " Quite funny sometimes listening to the impoverished litfle foriegner pronounce our very own Fu### and Cu### " you can understand how some Elderly or Vunerable people fall for these scams or are intimidated by them , on occasion the things they know are staggering. Proper does your head in but , hey ho, poor little Gupta has to feed his village and tribe of brats ,
  12. I have had a problem with Nation Wide recently, Two Giff Gaff transactions Feb March £ 20 each also on the 16 feb £ 150 withdrawn from my account , I only found out about as i I just opened my First Grand Son a bank account , All fine or so I thought as I logged on line to see if it was active yet and saw the withdrawal and giffgaff , I have NEVER used this account to withdraw money from machines so know it wasnt me , opened a fraud investigation and the upshot of it was as the TWATS had not made more withdrawals and THIS IS THE CRUX ONLY WITHDREW £ 150 IT WAS UNDER THE LIMIT TO " CLASS" AS FRAUD NEVER MIND THEFT, it must have been me who withdrew the money as it was apparantly my card and my pin which only I knew. So no joy accused of withdrawing the money and FORGETTING I HAD DONE IT ,, BASTARDS! ! MY question is this "WHAT SCHOOL COLLEGE OR COURSE DO THESE FUCKERS GO ON TO LEARN TO JUST STEAL ENOUGH , SO AS ITS NOT FRAUD OR THEFT ,THE TWATS, I COULD DO WITH LEARNING SOME NEW TRICKS LIKE THIS . £ 200 FUCKING POUNDS DOWN AND NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT..
  13. Fork Handles funny as Fu## How anybody can say that dont make you chuckie is a liar The Two Ronnies were / are a British Institution, proper Laughs and genuinely funny , with no trace , of a Fu## , Bas####, or any swear word any where Just goes to show British Talent the best , Tributes from all over the World RIP RONNY ,
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