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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. It was indeed mate. Good call that Pullman coach. Top day.
  2. That was organised by a lad called simmy , a big boro fan. They used to come quite a few times. Then the cricket club put it on the web site inviting Fans for pre match drinks. Had Bradford and some knobs from Dewsbury ( Leeds supporters club) turn up. Made a few quid for the club.
  3. Fairly sure we got him for 8 million, sold him for 16.
  4. Had just set of from work (in Bury) listening to Talk Sport. They were on about Bury’s sad demise when Durham pipes up “ breaking news from Bolton “ Had to stop for a few minutes, lump in throat and a tear in the eye , then phone starts pinging...
  5. 1798 - me to , ah well. Enjoy the day.
  6. Never mind about all that at the big top. All you need to know is Buffooni is ready and waiting with a big fat cheque book . Enjoy 🍻
  7. As I think you yourself quoted earlier this evening mate. “Who's that coming up the hill boys” correct. It’ll be reet . One day tha nose.
  8. Aye lad , save it for later in the season.
  9. That bottle just missed me and my mate by inches, whoever threw that is a fucking first class weapon with a Complete disregard for anyone. Failed to spoil a great day out following the wanderers tho.
  10. Argy ? Anyway what will today bring us ? A surprise and very welcome win with Steve f*****g Bruce going bananas about being robbed blind by shitty Bolton. Or another drubbing the more likely out come with parky facing the sack. Let's hope it's the former and parky Hangs on. We live in hope. NTT , COYWM.
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