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  1. We need to ask Howard Roark
  2. John Dadi is a perfect example of a 9.5
  3. Amaechi, dross. See ya later, nothin about him, ryo miachi part 2. If our spine next year is Santos, Dempsey, JDB I'm very very happy. The rest can come in and out as applicable. 23/20 at coral we was. Printing money.
  4. They had the oddest set of stewards I've ever seen. The guy with the shit black cap, the Sinead o Connor tribute, and young Chesney off Corrie. Absolute full set.
  5. Alfie may is a great shout, and would mean he wouldn't get his regulation goal against us.
  6. Best thing about our team is knowing if we're only losing by one at 75 mins we're more often than not getting a point. Thought they where great the opening 20 and can only blame themselves for not having the class to put us to bed, we deserved point in the end, great header. Good subs, I think Dempsey will be a big player for us next season, along with JDB. Think we're a couple of ball playing / none panicky centre backs short and a Poundland version of Roy Keane like their Max Power, we're not a million miles away from where we need to be.
  7. Does anyone know why coaches are leaving at 10.30......two hours to get to hillbillyville?
  8. Worst ref I've seen this season, n that's saying somat. Second away day for the kids, first one being Shrewsbury....I'm seein a link..... San miggy time in some beefeater, enjoy the points 👍
  9. That's that. Need two new centre backs if that's the way we persist. Best three teams I've seen at the Reebok this season, Rotherham, Wigan, Plymouth Perspective needed, we go hard next year
  10. Ha, one shot on target as determined by OPTA, penalty n free kicks count, woodwork doesn't. Headers count. Yeah ya need an account and would need to sign up....but it's 25 mins in....horse is 4 furlongs away now 🧐
  11. Sorry yeah, it's ten in twenty out , but that includes ya stake. Double ya money basically 👍
  12. Ten quid in, twenty quid out....look a bit leggy Liverpool tho!
  13. Good professional performance, a big away win was the only thing missing from the recent won. On to Tuesday , dish out a thumping to Morecambe , rather the Gills stay up at their expense. Coywm
  14. Maybe part of the deal he couldn't play this game?
  15. In plus 3, just about though, she said they're nearly sold out
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