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  1. What is that positioning!?!? We can't keep going with this mon!
  2. Can't remember Martin Tyler cracking out the Haribo on Sky
  3. How tall was their keeper, head almost touches the bar, reminded me of Jussi. Great win, dogged it out first half when last season we'd have conceded early, stepped it up a few gears second half and looked the only winners. Nerves only kicked in after we scored but played out the injury time excellently Santos played with a point to prove and cancelled out their beast, some guy behind me was calling him a" fat bastard " all afternoon, guy must have about 3% body fat. Halt time highlight of talking to some bloke eating a pie with burger sauce on it.....fack me
  4. Given the ball away four times already in or around our box this half.....wake up lads!!
  5. That corner. Every game I have a fiver on Santos to score. Wish he'd just stand on the penalty spot just once on corners
  6. It must be just me that sees sadlier as a "CAM" in FIFA speak, reckon hes screaming for a run out as the farthest forward of a midfield three.
  7. We done alright tonight, we stayed in it massively for a hour. If u came from Pluto and watched the first half you'd do well to pick the prem team. Sadly, Just outgunned at the wrong moments. Pre kick off looking at the team me n my mate had raised eyebrows at Dixon starting, sadly the story unfolded as it did. Trafford would have been up for it tonight, full house, call me a dinosaur I don't ever remember Peter schmeicel getting rested....rest him in Pappa Jimmy's, not our biggest cup match in years on sky against a prem team Outfield players gave as good as they got. I like to use away fans as a barometer of how it's going, they weren't comfortable until it was 3-1, every credit to our lads
  8. Jones has been off last three or so games, even the basics are eluding him currently
  9. Reckon we'll do well today after an edgey start, their left side defensively is a potential opening especially up against our right side 2-Baht. Santos finally to bag.
  10. To quote my Irish missus "ya man is top drawer sure"
  11. They don't bring many 😂😂😂
  12. 100% they do Carbon copy of last year's game until the first goal. Makes all the difference in these turgid games
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