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  1. I think that’s spring and port wine james mason and filmed around melbourne rd and kirkebrok
  2. Mona

    Matt Gilks

    Instrumental in our season if there’s one thing that is consistent at our club , it’s having a great goalie and a successful season ie shamus Branagan jussi gilks
  3. I watched “ the family way” last week filmed in Bolton in 1966 how many of us can admit to feeding the lions on the town hall square with sugar cubes from the Wimpy
  4. Robbie bloody Savage i am ashamed oh and David Burke a little bit of redemption 🥴 not that Robbie savage 🤪
  5. This applies to us all these days brilliant song, sentiment but we’ve got to make it happen black, white, pink , green or yellow its up to us
  6. Unfortunately William’s days may be over its a shame but them and Haas they’re a country mile behind the rest Ferrari have been sussed for cheating so it could be mcLaren’s year Bottas’s days are numbered he can’t defend must admit I loved Russell having a pop at him Bottas is a sulk !!
  7. It’ll be russell as he is contracted to Mercedes why would mclaren let Lando go he is the future
  8. Agent zigzag - Ben Macintyre authors notes I was first alerted to the existence of the Englishman Eddie Chapman by his obituary in The Times. Among the lives of the great and good, here was a character who had achieved a certain greatness, but in ways that were far from conventionally good. The obituary was intriguing as much for what it did not say — and could not know — about Chapman's exploits in the Second World War, since those details remained under seal in MI5's secret archives. At that time, it seemed the full story of Eddie Chapman would never be told. But then, under a new
  9. Me too but Lostock born till I was five , long before it became snob valley it was just fields and a terraced house with a leaking roof and a tin bath hung outside the back door
  10. Apparently a mushroom a day keeps the cancer away according to latest boffins theory raw on a salad with loads of radish . Bliss
  11. And it ain’t a tea cake !!! tea cakes have currants in them
  12. God bless the young uns John Spencer was a snooker player the bar was his if I recall Probably as big as Steve Davies in his day really nice guy , but old beyond his years about the cliff Thorburn, ray reardon years
  13. Like difference between an Eccles cake a chorley cake and a Lancashire flatcake all contain currants in a pastry just different pastry and how the currants are distributed through it
  14. An oven bottom is flat and slightly risen a barm has a risen top a flour cake . God only knows assume is an oven bottom that’s not risen at all
  15. Talking about Deane does anyone remember James Mason filming in bolton at bottom of kirkebrok rd i think the film was ”a taste of honey “ but not sure they also filmed up melbourne rd he told us kids to F off when we asked for his autograpgh first time I’d ever heard that word, went and asked me mum and got a bar of soap in my mouth for my troubles edit 🥴 just googled it Spring and port wine and he was a miserable sod in the film too
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