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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. Sheepshanks and Knight where are you now the Wanderers live on and on
  2. There’s a plaque on Sydney Harbour in the floor on writers walk commemorating an Australian writer about 1800 it states “I know I am the wanderer “ full verse ” 1932 ...I know I am the wanderer of the ways of all the worlds, to whom the sunshine and the rain are one and one to stay or hasten, because he knows no ending of the way, no home, no goal...
  3. if it’s true and he’s on 1/2 a million a week Just work out how many years it would take you to earn £26 million a year Disgusting
  4. Mona

    Matt Gilks

    Instrumental in our season if there’s one thing that is consistent at our club , it’s having a great goalie and a successful season ie shamus Branagan jussi gilks
  5. Robbie bloody Savage i am ashamed oh and David Burke a little bit of redemption 🥴 not that Robbie savage 🤪
  6. Up to the fans boycott tv coverage withdraw season ticket, games, shirts sales up to them
  7. Aye but is he ready to resign ??! stand up and be counted
  8. Brendan Rogers And they deserve him ££££$$$$¥¥¥¥¥€€€€€€
  9. I’m still waiting for the first manager or player in any of these “ top 6 “ teams to rebel who has got the guts My money on Klopp
  10. As if they’re all greedy For gods sake, look at Pogba £13,000,000 pa for what!!! you seriously don’t expect Kane to upset his applecart no integrity, no commitment, no honesty if the big six go, then we should apply new criteria 1 -2 foreigner players at least 10 players living within 25 mile radius of club ground Player Payment ratio to club turnover Percentage of turnover invested in youth teams/ grass root minimum 12 month contracts no stupid payouts for failed managers free access to school development projects , training and live games
  11. Who cares sod em its supposed to be English Premier League How many English men in the so called top 6 let them bugger off And let’s get back to a proper league not owned by foreigners, not played by foreigners I dream 🥴
  12. I agree in our best seasons we’ve always had a great goalie Shamus, Brannigan, Jussi Command from the back !
  13. Perfect A privilege to watch him play We’ll not see his like again
  14. If you watched Luke Harvey on itv on saturday, I felt for the little guy, he was intense, emotional and furious but had to control his anger as on National tv He totally epitomised how anyone who is or has been involved with horses felt and how angry and disgusted we all are words really can’t describe
  15. I am stunned that he has only been given a 12 month ban with six months suspended the swine should never be allowed to work with horses again All the trainers and stable staff and jockeys I have met over the years will be mortified with his behaviour and god help the b@st@rd if he ever comes face to face with Mick Easterby , coz Elliot with be eating his own gonads
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