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  1. Emanuel hardwoodfloor,Wayne Roofey and the one and only Ivan Campervan!
  2. Well he would be calling it in from himself,which would in turn force Eddie into administration,as he doesn't have the £180m that he owes himself!
  3. Michel Platini is looking to (hide) invest some millions that he happened across and has therefore installed Youri Djorkaeff as frontman of his consortium,and is going to purchase the Mighty Bolton Wanderers and get them to the top of the Premier League..The former Bolton legend is chomping at the bit to move back to the Bolton area.Paris Nice and the Loire Valley just can't compare!
  4. Styles has no football knowledge whatsoever!! Although he could persuade Cowell to invest!
  5. Same story has been posted on Thai takeover thread! Quick Edit!
  6. casino edit sorry, matey if folk want to read their shit, thats up to them we're not here to get their click rate up
  7. How far away from starting a game is Zach?
  8. The only Premier League wage we could afford now is a Northern one!!
  9. On loan at Fleetwood last season and they passed on the opportunity to sign him in the summer as he wasn't good enough for League 2 !!
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