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  1. How times change. Just booked airbnb in anglesey.
  2. The German police claim to have written to the mccanns saying they have concrete evidence that MM is dead. The mccanns claims that this is not correct. Someone is lying....
  3. Half way down, "Gerry, kate and Madeleine McCann."
  4. https://www.mccannpjfiles.co.uk/PJ/TRANSLATIONS.htm
  5. Singing from the same hymn sheet Ronnie. If you've seen the Portuguese police file, you will see that it is a comprehensive and high quality document.
  6. I was shocked and very sympathetic when the story broke. But now I have read a lot about how all evidence points to mum and dad being involved and hardly any evidence of an abduction. There is an aussie reporter called mark saunokonoko or similar on Ch9. He has done some blogs on Twitter that make you think. I agree with ronnie phillips
  7. The alerting by the cadaver and blood dogs in and outside the apartment and in the car. Washing cuddle cat, disinfecting the apartment. Blood under the tiles behind the couch where the dogs alerted. DNA found in the hire car and foul smell from the boot, 3 weeks afterwards.
  8. Booked for October, did you know this?
  9. Thanks Why would you recommend Phil, ?
  10. I am looking for a good golf coach in the bolton area, any recommendations please?
  11. Did a replay of the killers at glasto on Saturday. Very very drunk. Cold play next week
  12. Im loving Ozark. This is the best series yet, for me. Fantastic story line re regarding Ben and brilliant acting all round, supurb!
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