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  1. For betting abroad on android, please?
  2. I saw you on the group photo of wanderers fans after the match
  3. Saw josh vela in Edinburgh. He says he's back on loan in jan?
  4. I do. A week on Tuesday 😎👍
  5. I'm not sure when will get our other point deduction for not playing games. But this will ensure our relegation, if we are not there already. I really looked forward to today's game and expected a win. The reality is that it is technically a poor standard of football that we deliver. So many underhit/overhit passes, poor ball control and losing possession.
  6. If you upgrade to a corporate box, is your ST still valid?
  7. New balance sponsored by Mercedes Benz.
  8. worthy10

    Sky Q

    I've had sky plus for years but thinking of changing to Q. Is it worth it?
  9. England 14yr old lads would piss it against the women. Don't shake your head?
  10. Most boys playing u14 football would be 14, bizarrely. A team of 14yr old lads would be a good match for womens football. Certainly faster, more skillful and stronger.
  11. If a member of your family or friends has a female relative involved with football, then i can understand their passion and pride in supporting that girl or their club. However even the top level of womens football is a poor standard due to the obvious gender related physical limits. England boys under 14 and possibly u12 would beat the national ladies team and that is the standard. It is rarely entertaining. I realise that gender equality demands that ladies sport is promoted as a viable alternative to the men's game in the media and television, but the fact is that it is nowhere near and it never will be.
  12. Its not a sharp pain any more, more of a dull ache.
  13. Our players are rubbish.0 shots on target.
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