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  1. St Petersburg best side we have played in UEFA cup. They took Leverkusen apart last week with football we could only dream of.
  2. St Petersburg away? All I remember from that game is the Russian weather they brought. They would of buried us aswell but for the leveller we call weather.
  3. "Dont worry be happy" because if we go down then we wont be on foreign channels every week and the part timers may return
  4. I bet that seasoned Traveller isn't down at the happy shop purchasing a Rasiak shirt.
  5. lets be honest here, allardyce dragged us up and since he has left we are drifting back to a small club with a small time attitude. I have no sympathy with allardyce, he knew the script with the geordies thinking they are a big club but at the same time I still think he is a wanderers legend.
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