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  1. pne could miss out on automatic , they have colchester away next week ,colchester have an outside chance of stayin up with 3 points. mk dons have yeovil who were relegated before christmas. would like pne to come up though
  2. has he even made it to palace yet ? has he had a minute on the pitch ? or is he still injured and if so is that the fault of garside,the ticket office, or the playing surface at bwfc.
  3. are we not bothering with a right back ?
  4. had a dream, we win 3-0. only downfall in the dream is i scored all 3.
  5. if these lads had been associated to a non-english football club , would this make the local rag never mind national news, we all know the answer.
  6. i thought nicky brookman was ace when he played his first couple of games !
  7. in the first picture, is the bloke on the left carrying a dog ?
  8. all inclusive in greece. any reccomendations, not done greece since malia and kardamena , dont think i,ll get away with there now.
  9. 4-nowt ter trotters. le fondel, bannana, twatstik, and slaverchops.
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