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  1. I think that’s unfair Micky, it depends entirely on how how you perceive the comments. I’ve never intentionally come on here being negative or critical. I’ve certainly called out some of the limitations of our play and maybe you and a few others felt I was too harsh. In that case why not just respond to that effect, or don’t respond at all. I was met with a hail of abuse, told to eff off, that I’m a cunt, a twat and a bellend! Now I might be all of those things and some might disagree with my points but is there really any need for that kind of language abuse and where it’s used, should I not
  2. Brilliant Traf, love Black Pudding, especially from Bury Market when I get over there and glad you’re open to new posters but you sure have an odd way of showing it? 💁‍♂️😊
  3. All fair points Micky but even at this level I should expect a certain level of capability and just producing the basics should be a given for anybody who considers themselves a professional.
  4. I think there’s little point continuing this or any conversation Ani, so it’s goodbye from him and it’s goodbye from me 😉
  5. Thank you Woolli, exactly my thoughts.
  6. Ani, I’ve never claimed to be more realistic or more passionate than anybody else and you know I haven’t. I called our forward line inept after the Morecambe game because it looked like ineptitude to me that supposedly senior professional footballers couldn’t do what are the most basic of actions asked of them. If you feel that’s too strong a description that’s your opinion, please tell me what you call it when players can’t take properly, a corner, a free kick, or even cross to a teammate rather than hit the first man? They do this constantly so how do you describe it? I’ll explain
  7. Lee is injured and won’t play. That’s a blow as he’s been as influential as anyone. I’d personally play Jackson left mid, he’s good both going forward and at the back and should fit in well with John and mean Dapo can possibly go more central?
  8. Ani, yet again you’re spouting a complete load of nonsense. None of the things you’ve just accused me of have I done. Why don’t you read my posts properly? I swore in one post in response to some absolutely disgraceful comments from posters like you actually. I don’t normally respond like that, haven’t since and won’t again but If you don’t like the points that I or Ratchet Man or anybody else makes, why don’t you just respond with why, there’s no need to resort to insults and swear words. That’s just childish and unnecessary and I’m sure you’re above that. As far as Traf’s latest response, it
  9. Just testing, you do have a modicum of intelligence then so why don’t you use it more often instead of throwing out insults? Look Traf, we’re all Wanderers fans on here, we all want the team to do well but we can also all see that some things are wrong and it’s not negative to point them out. We need a complete performance next week and I’m sure we’ll get it if the players go out on that field meaning to do it. I’m sure they will 😉
  10. You are a numpty aren’t you. Not one thing I’ve written is negative but then since your vocabulary is limited to swear words and drivel, you probably have no idea what negative actually means. I really think it’s people like you that need to do one and leave the board to those who can see all aspects of the team, good and bad and discuss them without having to resort to insults and prophanities.
  11. Steady JR or you’ll be called negative for pointing out what the more realistic amongst us have seen for weeks. Being objective and pointing out the obvious isn’t being negative, it’s being realistic but some can’t seem to realise that. We have been extremely fortuitous in many of our recent games to come out with a result, which is annoying when anyone watching can see that we’ve been well on top but failed to take advantage and it’s nearly cost us. Well in the last few games it has. A 1-0 lead always leaves you vulnerable to one super shot, a freak moment, a mistimed tackle or a poor referee
  12. The marking from the free kick was awful but I’m still not convinced that Gillo couldn’t have made at least some effort to get or deflect it. Whilst he’s made some good saves this season, he does often seem rooted to his line. That said, we should have had the game sealed before then but once again failed to realise that in order to score you need to actually shoot!!
  13. Let’s just all agree to write yesterday off as a bad day at the office and move on to Crawley next week knowing that only a win will do. Actually I wasn’t really surprised at what happened, Exeter were always going to throw everything at us and yet again not killing the game off when we had chances to cost us. That’s history now, forget it. Are we a better team than Crawley? Of course we are. Do we have more to play for next week? Of course we do, so it’s up to the players to prove whether they want it enough. According to Gillo, in our dressing room after the game you could hear a pi
  14. Steady on, it’s just someone’s opinion and if you watched that game today, you surely couldn’t argue that Exeter fought harder than we did in the second half. They were stronger in the tackle than we were and more direct in their play but I think losing Lee and then with all the changes IE made, it just unsettled the team. This squad has plenty of fight and heart to get us where they have and I’m sure they’ll put today right next week.
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