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  1. I think we’re all waiting to see if Ronan can deliver on the promise he’s shown in the past Dave and he’s obviously got first to convince IE that he’s worth a spot when the real action starts to be able to do that. It will be tough for everybody but we’re going to be playing better opposition soon which will give us a better perspective on who’s likely to get a starting place, including Ronan.
  2. Where my golf course is 🤗
  3. I’ve not seen much of either of them too but at 6ft 2in I think Pigott could be the more useful in both boxes. Our main problem up top last season was not having someone to hold the ball up and allow the Doyle’s, Sarce’s and others to get forward, plus we always looked vulnerable from corners in our box and never looked dangerous from corners and free kicks when attacking. A bit of height would help both.
  4. Declan John now confirmed as released from Swansea retained list today, so no reason for him not to come back and sign up, unless he’s after a bigger pay packet!
  5. That’s good news Pilot but any more word on the Kumari tweet of weeks ago about “exciting news”? We’ve heard nothing since!
  6. Well being based in South Yorkshire, I’ve got some great “home” games to go to at Rotherham, Wednesday and another of our “haters” Doncaster. Having lived in Lincoln until recently, that’s another one I’m really looking forward to after their failure to get promoted. Some genuinely good games to look forward to next season and I can’t wait to get it started.
  7. I think that’s unfair Micky, it depends entirely on how how you perceive the comments. I’ve never intentionally come on here being negative or critical. I’ve certainly called out some of the limitations of our play and maybe you and a few others felt I was too harsh. In that case why not just respond to that effect, or don’t respond at all. I was met with a hail of abuse, told to eff off, that I’m a cunt, a twat and a bellend! Now I might be all of those things and some might disagree with my points but is there really any need for that kind of language abuse and where it’s used, should I not
  8. Brilliant Traf, love Black Pudding, especially from Bury Market when I get over there and glad you’re open to new posters but you sure have an odd way of showing it? 💁‍♂️😊
  9. All fair points Micky but even at this level I should expect a certain level of capability and just producing the basics should be a given for anybody who considers themselves a professional.
  10. I think there’s little point continuing this or any conversation Ani, so it’s goodbye from him and it’s goodbye from me 😉
  11. Thank you Woolli, exactly my thoughts.
  12. Ani, I’ve never claimed to be more realistic or more passionate than anybody else and you know I haven’t. I called our forward line inept after the Morecambe game because it looked like ineptitude to me that supposedly senior professional footballers couldn’t do what are the most basic of actions asked of them. If you feel that’s too strong a description that’s your opinion, please tell me what you call it when players can’t take properly, a corner, a free kick, or even cross to a teammate rather than hit the first man? They do this constantly so how do you describe it? I’ll explain
  13. Lee is injured and won’t play. That’s a blow as he’s been as influential as anyone. I’d personally play Jackson left mid, he’s good both going forward and at the back and should fit in well with John and mean Dapo can possibly go more central?
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