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  1. Whitesince63


    Not true. Instead of just copying the others on here who also don’t prove their accusations, just show me where I’ve been negative about IE. Some of you on here are just happy clappers and if that’s you then so be it. Nobody’s perfect, including IE and sites like this are for all views so just comment on the club instead of writing rubbish.
  2. He just has to prove himself first. There’s no way he can just take a first team place in front of our main strikers. Just head down, prove you can do it and you’re bound to get a chance in at least the early cup games. I’m sure he knows that and still came so that shows me he’s got a good attitude so let’s hope the young man does well?
  3. Whitesince63


    You love me really 😉
  4. Whitesince63


    Steady on Maxi, there’s actually no bigger fan of IE than me, I’ve backed him 100% since he’s been here, even when others have slated him. I’d be gutted if he left now but I’m not blind and Derby are a bigger club than us, not much bigger I accept but do have bigger support. Just saying that if he was offered the job I’m sure he’d be tempted that’s all and ho only lives down the road. That said, it’s fraught with danger and he knows he’s on a good thing here so hopefully he’ll stay and see it through.
  5. Whitesince63


    Perfect job for Evatt, seriously big club at rock bottom and close to his home. IE would be crazy to pass up the opportunity if it was offered to him. Despite his recent comments, an offer like Derby would probably be too, much for him to reject and though I’d be disappointed if he did leave I’d wish him well.
  6. Millers fans clubbed together to buy Shearers shirt for Smith and now they want it back!! 😀
  7. They have history of not paying wages so let’s see if they even get it first!
  8. Rotherham have signed Cohen Bramall from Lincoln, a left back but still no confirmation of a deal on Fossey yet and Millers fans not even discussing him on their forums. Is a deal with us really dead?
  9. Come on va va you couldn’t blame the lad for going to Celtic, especially when you consider where our club was at that time. Ok it hasn’t worked out and how many players do put any kind of loyalty before money? I’d actually have liked him back here but there’s nothing to say he was someone IE would be looking for when there are more important positions to strengthen. I don’t wish the lad any ills but don’t want him to come back to haunt us by doing too well.
  10. Evatt has always maintained to prospective signings that coming to Wanderers is a project and not the finished article. Players who are up for the fight have seen that and come here for the climb, or in Rico and Dapo’s case, stayed here for that. Obviously Fossey wants money and the certainty of Championship football, albeit at a smaller club and potentially for one season, rather than enjoy the ride here. Good luck to him but to me it’s very short sighted and I think he’ll find it hard fitting into a struggling side fighting relegation next year.
  11. Crikey, we haven’t even signed the Irish kid and he’s getting pelters already!!
  12. Don’t know why people dismiss these games as unimportant because if we’re relegated it will impact on our Euros chances of seeding next year. This is a competition and the players should be attempting to win it as they would any other when they pull on that England shirt.
  13. Nail on head there, exceeded everyone’s expectations, including his own. This is more what we expected from him and it’ll show in the WC.
  14. Apologies, 4 cracking goals. Southgate out surely?
  15. Well we have to be fair, Hungary have scored 3 cracking goals and fully deserve to win.
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