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  1. Add Dapo to the shooters Johnny and we should be looking forward to some crackers.
  2. Well Gillingham dropped another 2 points at home last night so are still 9 points from safety having played a game more, so common sense says they are going down and I can’t imagine Dempsey going with them, so they either sell him now or lose out. Evatt should insist the deals done before weekend or move on to put some pressure on Scully.
  3. Jay Jay free kick away against Villa, never seen one better. I should think everybody said it? 😉
  4. Well we’ve had so many smash and grabs against us this season we were due one ourselves. Let’s hope we get one next week too for the one they got last time.
  5. Whitesince63


    Yet he speaks very highly of you!! 😉
  6. Great stuff and clean sheet as well.
  7. Bet Sunderland will be wetting themselves now? The super whites are back. 😉
  8. Jones is going to be busy playing both full back positions Rudy 😀
  9. Crikey, if he’s on 8k a week, can’t see Millwall footing enough of that to let him come here.
  10. I think Jones will add the missing spark today and a goal will lift sprits immeasurably. We’re much better than results suggest so let’s hope todays the start of the upturn. 2-0 to Wanderers.
  11. Poor in every department tonight but no composure when passing into the box, lightweight in midfield and very suspect at the back. We basically have no cutting edge, plenty of bluster but little quality I’m afraid.
  12. This is garbage but if all we have to rely on is Delfouneso, that says it all!!
  13. Me too Burnden and with Lee back and possibly Jones as well as at least Dion up top and potentially other signings, it should be an interesting line up. Whoever plays I just hope they get us the points?
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