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  1. Nope, last one was Jules on Tuesday so Byers presumably still up for grabs.
  2. Probably because they didn’t give him the knighthood or whatever else BoJo promised him?
  3. What happened to the Northern Irish lad we were touted with, anybody know if he got a move anywhere, he seemed to be in hot demand?
  4. You have to keep the shape the same or the players won’t know where they are. It’s not like a club team where they’re together every week and Foden will start to find how to deal with it as the tournament goes on but we certainly need to keep the pace up in the way we started the last game instead of dropping off.
  5. But even after losing Bod and CJ we already have four fist line strikers in Dion, AC, Vic and Dan, plus two potential others in Conor Carty and CMG so unless at least one’s going how do we fit another in?
  6. Have you told Lineker 😁
  7. Definitely a talent and one for the future and if Boro feel he needs another season out in L1 why not. He could add the size and physicality we’ve been missing up top as well.
  8. Serious question, do you think he’d have lasted in an Evatt team or dressing room.
  9. Fantastic piece and Nathan just stating exactly what it takes to b successful. Our new lad sounds to have a bit of that in him so let’s hope so but I’d really like to see Evatt shelve the young player, sell on requirement and add some real experience with a bit of attitude in his dealings this summer. Other than Demps and Iredale, neither of who have been getting regular starts, I don’t think we have anyone in the squad with a tenacious attitude and it really showed when the chips were down last year. With a tougher season ahead we can’t let that happen again.
  10. Sadly not I’m still stuck in one with divvies like you. 😎
  11. Yes, great finisher Maple and surely every bit as much good as a finisher for us as CJ was although I somehow don’t see him as an Evatt player! ☹️
  12. Many a true word said in jest but you carry on and don’t worry son.
  13. Spot on jacket, on the boats and a more reasoned view on Net Zero and he’d have walked it. Everybody accepts climate change and a need to move to renewables but we’re going far too quickly. I don’t particularly want to leave the ECHR but just a real threat to do it if negotiations to amend aren’t possible would have been better. Too late now I think?
  14. Wait until you see the crap that Labour are about to dump on you before you start crowing. They’re keeping very quiet on intentions for a reason but sadly the likes of yourself either can’t, or don’t want to see it. Believe me you will regret it and very quickly.
  15. Please don’t, it’s bad enough the human bollard being PM but save me from the Ginger Minger. I’m a proud Manc myself but every time she opens her gob I feel ashamed to think I might sound anything like that. I suppose at least it’s a signal to other thickies with no qualifications just how far you can go in life?
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