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  1. I’m not sure even Bassini would want to take this croc on?
  2. To be fair many players will still be on holiday and even if not we can’t really do anything until next week when the window opens so hopefully things will speed up after that. I’m hoping that Evatt’s going for quality this time though so we may have to fight a bidding war with other clubs for the best players?
  3. What a cruel lot we are, is there nobody with any sympathy for our nearest neighbours? 👼
  4. Well we don’t actually know there aren’t any other options for Bod do we but I suspect any offer would have to also take into account his injury and lack of playing time so I’d have thought seeing as he seems to be happy here and wanted by the fans it would have to be a very poor offer for him to leave?
  5. You’d think they should be but the EFL may give them some latitude given they’re in T/O talks?
  6. It would be nice for them though wouldn’t it? 40 would be even better!! 😀
  7. Nothing confirmed on that but DM is a lifelong County fan and has been offered a 2 year deal there but only 1 year at Derby.
  8. Just watched the 42 McCauley Langstaff goals for Notts County last year and whilst you’d have to question the defences he faced he certainly looks a talent but it was also interesting to see how well Adam Chicksen played for them. I was disappointed we let him leave but he seems to have found a good home at County.
  9. I suppose I am apathetic towards them really, I’ve always considered them a lower league side despite them having a moment in the sun in the PL and winning the FA Cup more recently than us. For me it was always going to end in tears and now it looks like it might end period? I suppose you could say they’re destined to go “pop” with either their owner or potential,one?
  10. I’m one of those “older” fans mantra who hopes no club goes through what we did and whilst I have no affection at all for Wigan I don’t really want to see them going bust. I’d prefer for them to exist in the lower divisions where they really belong so we can give them the occasional thumping to make up for their success over us in recent times. It would be much more fulfilling to see them struggling and fighting relegation every year and looking across at us and finally realising that they were really always only pretenders anyway.
  11. I fully accept he wasn’t good enough but when he first came in the defence in front of him wasn’t the best and after we signed Trafford he got virtually no football from week to week as he wasn’t even playing regularly for the B Team. Just throwing him in occasionally just wasn’t fair to me and it was no wonder that the lad always looked nervous and lacking confidence. I do think he’s a better keeper than he’s showed here and I just hope that out of the spotlight and playing regularly at Hartlepool he can get his confidence back and show that.
  12. Well good luck to Joel, he’s been treated pretty shabbily for me and I hope he now regains his confidence and has a good career.
  13. Spot on desperado, we’ve done it before and hopefully we’ll do it again. As you say, it’s the journey there that’s the best bit and hopefully our younger fans are now on that journey we’ve enjoyed so much and I include our yo yo years in that because fighting relegation was as exciting as for promotion. I wouldn’t swop being a Wanderers fan for any other club.
  14. To be fair pants Leicester had their fantastic moment in the sun which we might have done before them had the board backed Sam but it all evens out in the end and they’re back down again, probably never to repeat. The BSA years were magnificent but I go to watch Wanderers wherever they are and personally being in the PL isn’t something I’m greatly hoping for and I certainly wouldn’t want to be a Bournemouth or Brentford knowing I was only there through money, even though I know their fans will enjoy the now but all the time know it won’t last.
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