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  1. I trust IE too Stevie and of course he shouldn’t play players if they’re not ready but I thought for example that he might have given Ronan at least a try in place of Fonz who constantly underperformed last year and the speed he dispatched DP after recovering from injury seemed a bit disappointing. Obviously he didn’t think either were worthy and I totally respect that and I agree George will surely get his chance at some point this season but we all like to see our youth progress so let’s hope a few of them do reach the level needed. 😉
  2. Whitesince63


    So do I want Derby to survive Popeye and also Fleetwood. You have to feel sorry for the fans of these clubs who just want to watch and support their teams. We know exactly what it’s like when owners you have to trust let you down like this. Sadly the money needed to compete at all levels these days just encourages owners to push the margins.
  3. You just never know Mantra, this may be the point Sunderland slip a bit (clutches at straws!) from over confidence? I think we were lucky playing Ipswich when we did so let’s hope we can carry that on with some of the others? Like you I’d be more than happy with a point on Saturday.
  4. Agree MK but you would have thought the lad would have more chance of first team action here than he will at a PL club?
  5. Whitesince63


    Sad to see yet another big, old club get into serious trouble and with much bigger debts than we had, more difficult to see them getting out of it. Yet again a team ruined chasing the riches of the promised land in the PL. I hope they can find a genuine owner like Sharon to rebuild them.
  6. Sad to lose yet another midfield talent but when you think about it, although IE talks our youth up, he doesn’t exactly show his faith in them. Ronan and DP loaned out and George not even got game time yet, despite how good he was last year. Maybe young Kian feels he’s got more chance of progressing at Burnley, it surely can’t be about money?
  7. Disappointing yesterday but we still created chances and if Doylers had gone in or George’s had stood it would have been a game changer. I didn’t think Rotherham were anything special and our build up play was again excellent. We do need a bit more up top but I’m sure IE and CM are working on it.
  8. Christ, can’t we just get over this now? They are going to do it so maybe apathy, no booing and no clapping might make them consider either stopping or changing it?
  9. I agree Masi, I think last year was Gilli’s swan song but his reactions have just ebbed a but more and we’ve moved up a level. He’s a brilliant back up to have and still a crucial member of the squad but I think it’s time to give Dixon his chance now.
  10. I agree Dave, our main competition have signed proven quality strikers whilst we’ve gone for support players. That could cost us but there’s still time yet and if we’re still light in January I’m sure IE will act. If we can hang on to the leaders until then we can make another second half run. I think what we have got is strong enough to keep us top half at least and you never know one or more might surprise us!!
  11. This should be an amazing start for Ian and the boys to walk out to a crowd like that so let’s hope it doesn’t unnerve them.
  12. A bit disappointed with this, was really hoping for a more proven goal scorer but IE must think he’s what he needs so that’s good enough for me. Welcome Elias and let’s hope you prove any doubters wrong and bang them in with the good service you’ll get here.
  13. Great work and thanks to all those involved just in time for the new season 👍
  14. Weren’t we after some hot shot kid from the reds but they hadn’t decided whether to loan him or keep him?
  15. I think we’re all waiting to see if Ronan can deliver on the promise he’s shown in the past Dave and he’s obviously got first to convince IE that he’s worth a spot when the real action starts to be able to do that. It will be tough for everybody but we’re going to be playing better opposition soon which will give us a better perspective on who’s likely to get a starting place, including Ronan.
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