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  1. Bury fans didn’t used to hate us Whitestar. I grew up in the fifties and sixties and to be fair many fans went to both as they never played at home together. Obviously during the 70s the idiots got involved leading to the segregation instead of all fans just mingling together. After that things changed for all clubs.
  2. Exactly, they should stick to where their history was.
  3. Since you post on the Cambridge site Lusty maybe you should listen to their extensive complimentary posts after the game, claiming we’re the best team they’ve seen since Wednesday last year, fully deserved the win and sure we’ll be promoted. Not bad for a team you’d earlier claimed were lacking with all our injuries. ☹️
  4. Actually I don’t, Cambridge play some of our challengers including a posh on Saturday and we want 5he: to beat them surely?
  5. I thought we weren’t too bad first half actually just no composure on the final ball but to be fair we were electric in the second half and withstood everything Cambridge threw at us. Standout second half for Josh who was majestic and Ogbeta and shout out for Coleman who looked totally secure tonight.
  6. Strikers haven’t had any service no point blaming them. Simple pass on to Bod and Coggers wasted it, Ogbeta did the hard work then completely lost in the cross. We can’t say we haven’t created the opportunities, it’s our fault if we blow them. Passing is just awful and lacking the composure to finish anything.need a reaction now.
  7. Absolutely no cutting edge at all, don’t even look like scoring but something tells me we’ll be reet second half.
  8. Standing off people at the back again instead of challenging them. Need to tighten up here.
  9. FFS, what the f was Paris doing there. This is what’s costing us just stupid clumsy passing at the back.
  10. Interesting selection a pretty attacking line up with Paris and CMG there plus AC on the bench to come on later. Good opportunity for CMG to prove what he can do. Whatever happens full marks to IE for having the nerve to go for this lineup.
  11. 😁 Seriously though with Taylor and Forester fit do we need to risk Jack tonight? Personally, even though it’s his old club I’d be leaving him on the bench for this one as we need everyone fully fit.
  12. Decent team Cambridge, good manager Harris but if we turn up we win because we’re just better. Can’t afford to drop any points tonight and give Pompey and Derby a lift. I don’t think we will 0-2 to Wanderers. 🙂
  13. Obviously to cover for their injured strikers but let’s hope he’s nowhere near fit and can’t hit a barn door?
  14. Whitesince63


    Exactly this. When you looked at the starting eleven on paper before the game you’d have said it was arguably our strongest available eleven and should have been more than good enough to beat Charlton but we didn’t because players made mistakes. Iron out the mistakes and we’ll be fine until the reinforcements return.
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