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  1. Good idea, why not start earlier and play in the light?
  2. Still early days yet but the leagues already starting to look as expected before it kicked off other than Charlton, MK and Oxford who were fancied. Barring injuries I don’t see any way we won’t be in the top 6 but unless our strikers start firing soon the top 2 may be beyond us.
  3. Great performance and could have been much more convincing with the chances we had. If Charles keeps getting there though it will surely come but credit to their keeper tonight who was arguably their MoM. Bring on Posh now and we’ll be in the top four after the weekend. COYWM.
  4. Would you like to reconsider that opinion? 😉
  5. This. Losing points to them now that we’ll never make back.
  6. Wish I was Marc!! 😉 Just wondered what happened to him and if he got his move after blanking us. Did his move to Standard go through then?
  7. I thought we had a promising youngster of our own in Conway who could step in in Johns injured or departing. This kid hasn’t really played any first team football, just a couple of Papa Johns and couldn’t even cut it in a lowly Portuguese side, so can’t see him going straight into the first team still, IE got it spot on with Bradley so let’s hope he’s pulled another rabbit out of the hat with this lad?
  8. Well whatever role Kachunga’s been playing, Sadlier couldn’t have been worse and in all likelihood would have delivered more. At least when he gets the opportunity he can shoot and with both feet, unlike Kacha who shoots like a tart. Just give him a chance and if he doesn’t take it then get rid but don’t write him off before we’ve properly seen what he can do.
  9. Can’t argue with that Mounts. 😉
  10. I think that’s a really silly question amounts and not like you generally. I accept he’s getting older and probably isn’t the player he was but for me he’s still the best we’ve got. Look at that step back and pass for Dion against Villa, and their PL defenders. He can still do it but not for 90 minutes and maybe it’s time to be looking elsewhere if we seriously are hoping for promotion. As for the rest, I haven’t actually seen anything from anyone else that convinces me they’re better than him other than Morley, albeit a different kind of player, who is still young and learning.
  11. Lee is by far the best midfield player we have but he can’t play every game. The trouble is there’s nothing to choose between the others and none of them fill the 10 role that Sarce left. Players that do cost big bucks which sadly we don’t have so IE just has to do the best he can.
  12. Nail on the head R2R, we don’t have the money to make quality signings unlike our major competitors. Can’t blame IE for that, he’s doing the best he can but he’s still shopping at the bargain shop. I think the chopping and changing is an indication of that, plenty quantity but little quality. Can’t see much happening before the end of the window so we just have to accept what we have I’m afraid unless the board find something down the back of the sofa??
  13. No way is he anywhere near 6’ 4”. Just look at him against Rico who is genuinely that height. 6 feet or just over at most.
  14. Agree Dave, anybody coming in should be better than we’ve got but I obviously rate Stockton higher than you so glad it’s down to IE. 🤪
  15. It’s still early days but the table is starting to tell the story with all the bigger clubs at the top and I don’t expect it to change much over the season and those top teams will take points off each other. It was a blow yesterday but if we can get a win at Plymouth on Saturday it sort of levels things up again. I expect Wednesday to be automatics this year so poor as it was its maybe not as bad as it seems?
  16. Bruce always maintained that you could never have too many good strikers so signing Stockton would be a big plus for me. Looking at how many goals the top teams are banging in proves goals win games and partnering Dion with Stockton seems a great partnership to me. Sadly I’m not sure we have the money and after yesterday I think the defence is where any money we do have should be spent. Marlon anybody?
  17. Spot on this Sheep. What I couldn’t understand mostly today was the complete absence of Lee who could have made so much difference with his experience. Five subs and he wasn’t amongst them and exactly how bad does Santos have to be before he’s replaced. Too much chopping and changing with Evatt I’m afraid, completely unnecessarily in my view so 3 out of ten for our manager today with both the starting eleven and subs.
  18. Agree Benny, they are already unhappy with Darren Moore so a good dishing today would really unsettle their camp.
  19. Despite Wednesdays seeming weakness on crosses so far, I’d still ignore that and start Dion and Dapo up top with Lee in the 10 role. I think with their pace and skill and hopefully Bradley continuing his improvement down the right, it’s the best way to open Wednesday up then if it’s not working we have Bod and Baka to come on later. Defensively Rico surely should be back in however well Aimson played the other night. No disrespect to them but we shouldn’t forget that it was only Morecambe we were playing and Wednesday will be a much stiffer task and I think Rico is a much better option. Will certainly be a cracking atmosphere and many of the Owls fans over here are nervous for the game. They’re concerned about the fitness of Smith who hasn’t featured yet and doesn’t look like making it tomorrow either so hopefully we can take advantage of that. 2-0 to the Wanderers for me.
  20. Can’t wait for Saturday and Tuesday now, big crowds, great atmosphere and a really good test of where we’re at. Win those two and Evatt really will be crowing!! 🤗
  21. Not me Zico but at least I’m not on my own questioning it. 🧐
  22. Ha, you never know? 😉 I'm probably miles off Gonzo and I certainly hope so but at this time of the season, strange things happen!! I never count anything out. 🥸
  23. Still think there could be something afoot with Dion. No proof just a feeling, especially with Evatt’s comment about there definitely being movement in and out before the window shuts. I hope not and that he means loan moves for experience but I’m struggling to see who?
  24. Has to be a banker for Wanderers this one, especially without Stockton but can’t get my head round his going to Fleetwood if rumours are true. Not exactly an upward move is it, he’d have been better coming here.
  25. Oh dear, well that should even the game up? 🥴
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