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  1. Keep the team that finished today to start next week and for me No10 is where Dapo should be, he affects the play so much better there than out wide and with Amaechi nearly ready, bin Kachunga, just doesn’t do it I’m afraid. What a comeback though, we’ll done Whites and IE for not buckling.
  2. Pretty dire stuff so far and no doubt changes to be made at half time. I’d bring Brocky on, move Izzy forward and Kachunga never to be seen again. If that doesn’t work bring Baka on because there’s nothing to lose.
  3. With my ban record I’m not risking it but I still think we do need to be winning this one. 😵‍💫😔
  4. I think there’s truth in what both you and Cheese say Wooli but we have to be careful we don’t overstate the situation. Our goal rate is poor but it’s not because we haven’t created chances so something must be working. As for defence, yes we’ve conceded early but even yesterday with the chances we had second half, we could have pulled that back. I think we’re just lacking in personnel. I worry about Doyle at this level, Kachunga isn’t a goal scorer and Dapo just needs to stop complaining and concentrate on doing what he’s good at. Other than up top where it’s now abundantly clear we need to invest in January, I’m happy our current squad is good enough to at least finish top ten.
  5. My main concern is whether Sarce is really fit to play? If he was carrying a knock to start on Saturday, then got another crack on it, will he really be fit enough in 3 days? I accept we’re light already but maybe either Sheehan or Fonz should play the No10 and bring Sarce on only if needed?
  6. I’d always considered North End our main rival but I suppose it’s probably because they were the team we played most often years ago, League and cup, whilst Rovers and Burnley slugged it out. Bury were our neighbours but we rarely played them and of course Wigan were non league. As others have said, it’s a generational thing and right now Wigan are the nearest thing we have to local rivalry so I suppose, like it or not, they are our biggest derby game.
  7. Same team tomorrow except Isgrove in for Baka to give Brocky the support in front of him that he never got on Saturday. Can’t understand some on here wanting to throw the baby out with the bath water and change everything. That’s the first poor game we’ve had for goodness sake and if Sarce’s volley had gone in it could all have been very different. IE will stick with his system and what the players know and so he should.
  8. Agree completely Jacket, adapting his style doesn’t mean dispensing with it. IE needs to accept what isn’t working and change it. The system is great overall and hugely entertaining but just needs a tweak or two to plug the holes we can see.
  9. Cheers Rk but to be fair, players should be able to celebrate wherever on the pitch they like without that kind of reaction. You were well worth the win yesterday but don’t get too confident. We had a bad day yesterday and it may all be different by the time we come to your place? 😉
  10. Let’s just put it down to a bad day at the office and it certainly was a very bad day. We can all criticise but it was generally just a really bad team performance, a one off and I can’t recall a day when so many players were off key at the same time. It doesn’t dent my confidence in the side overall though or lead me think we won’t still be challenging for promotion. Evatt is himself still learning and as we’ve said many times, we’re a work in progress. It’s sometimes valuable to get a kick up the jacksy and hopefully that’s what we’ve had and it will just fire the players up to make sure it doesn’t happen again. We always knew we needed to strengthen in January and yesterday just proved it so onwards and hopefully upwards starting on Tuesday. 🤗
  11. A good stuffing usually has a soporific effect on fans so let’s hope today is where Doyler gets back to form and adds a couple to go with those from Dapo and Sarce as we crush the pie eaters.
  12. I think after Rotherham and Shrewsbury and losing to Sunderland and Wednesday, it’s taken a bit of the shine off but you’d still have thought being a derby we’d have a better turnout than that.
  13. I agree, that with a strikers instinct, Kachunga would have shot but the keeper was well out to him and for me it was the right option to pass to Doyle. I’ve watched it numerous times now and for me the ball was perfect, in front of the defender and it was actually Doyle who overran it and didn’t properly anticipate the pass, probably thinking Kachunga would shoot himself and looking for a rebound off the keeper. These things happen in games but sooner or later I’m sure Doyle will start knocking them in. His confidence is low at the moment so maybe he’s just taking that second too long on things but I know for certain getting on his back isn’t going to help. Baka may add something but Doyle is still the best and most proved striker we have, so for me IE should stick with him until we get in someone better.
  14. I believed we had space for an addition at the end of the window Rudy, which we didn’t fill, so surely it should still be there? I don’t think for one minute that IE will reinstate BC but I only voiced it as a potential emergency option.
  15. Of course he’s an option. We have space in the squad, he could be reinstated today if IE wanted to. What about that can’t you understand?
  16. You’re right Dr but with space in the squad it’s an option for IE to reinstate him if he sees fit in an emergency. That’s all I said.
  17. Seem to recall you and another rubbishing a certain poster on Saturday for suggesting Comley might be an option for IE if MJ and Tutte were both to be out. 🤔
  18. Let them come, more dosh in our coffers to go with the 3 points.
  19. Booth and Di Canio we’re both on fire that day but didn’t Peter Barnes play the first half for us and was absolute sheet and replaced at the break? Or was he just sub and replaced, can’t remember now?
  20. Let’s just concentrate on the match.
  21. I thought this board was for opinions or are only yours allowed?
  22. No keeper and no Brocky to stand in either if that really was ever a plan. I would have had Gilks there instead of Delf personally, just in case.
  23. Good shout about resting MJ va va because surely we must be capable of winning this one without him and saving him for the potentially more difficult games. With Tutte injured maybe time to give Comley a go or pair Lee and George, or Lee and Josh together?
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