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  1. All depends how big the offer is and not just for Evatt but for FV too? Potentially big club Swansea if they get it right. That said I don’t think they’re really any bigger than us so unless the offers incredible I don’t think there’s much chance of him going there or anywhere else.
  2. He may well be, he was wearing a No10 shirt so could be. Reminded me a bit of Nolan the way he burst forward so possibly not an out and out striker. Looked impressive though and his manager was surprised no EFL clubs had come knocking before now.
  3. Talking of strikers, anyone an opinion on that Josh Stokes of Aldershot who bagged two cracking goals yesterday? Apparently he’s been doing that all season, only 19, strength of an ox and looks like a cracking prospect. I know it’s non league but the standard after looking at recent years seems to have risen considerably and there look to be some real nuggets in there if you’re prepared to take a chance on them. Could be a cracker for Evatt to nurture?
  4. I’d be absolutely amazed if it wasn’t. Chance of putting yourself and this team in the clubs history book, ffs.
  5. Well we’ll get a miss on Jan 6th if we don’t get through with the pie eaters winning last night so let’s hope we win. Given that IE can set a new all time clean sheet record I don’t expect him to make too many changes. Harrogate aren’t mugs so I’d start with pretty much a full team and hope to get a lead then make changes afterwards.
  6. Sensible decision to include Coleman on the bench instead of Jerome with the other strikers we have but hopefully we won’t need him?
  7. Hope not, that would mean a pay day for the Pie Eaters wouldn’t it?
  8. That’s exactly my point Ani. Share prices go up and down all the time so you’re right if the shares have risen since the original 10 bought then they’ll have a bigger share for their £1m investment than the new buyer. It’s always the % holding of the total shares issued that’s key not the SP.
  9. How many went for the draw then?
  10. Was one of them Lusty? 😂
  11. If only it were that simple Ani. It still depends on the value of each individual share, not the total amount invested. If each share for original owners was bought at £1 then clearly they have £1m shares each. If the share price has now fallen to 50p the new investor will have 2m shares for his £1m whilst the original investors shares are now worth only £500k! Likewise the company value falls as it is based on the value of the total shares in issue. You’re right though in that the issue of new shares has to be agreed by existing shareholders, usually at an AGM or EGM.
  12. No, I’m not guessing, I’ve been involved in enough open offers to know that if I didn’t take up the offer of more shares the value of my holding is reduced. If a company has 100 shares and is valued at £1m each share is worth 10k but if they issue another hundred shares each one is worth £50k which is of course obvious but your % holding remains the same.
  13. It’s the percentage that matters most jacket. The SP will move constantly and more shares dilutes holdings so all holders should be offered the opportunity to buy and retain their percentage irrespective of price.
  14. Difficult to understand though with that N Irish accent!! 😆
  15. In terms of retain/release, what’s the actual situation with Paris? Do we have an option on him in the summer or is he destined to go back to Brentford? The only article I read from him seemed to suggest he was looking forward to getting back there to push for a first team place? Could we even afford him if we did want him or would someone with deeper pockets come in for him as I wouldn’t imagine a hard deal has been done for him to come here yet?
  16. Not a penalty in this world but how shit is Maguire and his defo was for me so I suppose it evens it up but England are garbage again just so slow like against Malta but they have to speed it up second half if they want to get back into this.
  17. Well excuse me but surely if we go up the income also goes up so I don’t really understand where this concern that FV can’t afford to fund us in there is coming from. I recall not long ago Sheffield United getting to the PL with many of the players they had in L1 so who’s to say we can’t do the same? Of course we’d have to add a few but I think there are very few of our current best eleven that couldn’t hold their own in the Championship and then it’s down to IE and CM to find some nuggets to help us compete there. This club doesn’t have a right to be anywhere but surely given our stadium, fan base and commercial ventures we can generate as much if not more than most other clubs in there and certainly more than any of our neighbours.
  18. I’m getting worried about all this confidence, I recall how confident we all were before the Carlisle game and look how that turned out? Despite that I’m also very confident and the way we’re playing just now why shouldn’t we be so I’m going for a very comfortable 3-0 win for the Wanderers.
  19. I agree Dr, it would be reasonably low given the standard we’d be at in the Championship and no doubt that would be taken into account with any selling price. I’d hope though that rather than selling they’d look for new investors to join the party. If we did make the Championship though would we settle for just that or would we expect a push for the PL? I certainly would as long as it’s done sustainably.
  20. That’s plainly nonsense, the fit young sportsmen of yesterday would be just as agile as those today given the same diets and fitness regimes but the whole point is that yesterday was what it was and today is what it is but give me yesterday every time rather than the sanitised stuff we watch now, as illustrated by that horrendous display by England last night!! 😊
  21. Can you even imagine todays players on a pitch like that and how lenient we’re refs then compared to now? It was a completely different game then played by men not whiners and definitely better in my view.
  22. Tedious is an understatement last night but isn’t there a top 5 seeded place for group winners or something which is maybe why the likes of Kane and Henderson were used?
  23. That’s right Woolli, he started off up front but then dropped back to midfield. Still my favourite player of all time and so glad Liverpool didn’t nick him when they were looking.
  24. Only 10 points, needs to be double that.
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