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  1. Marc. Maybe I've been going around with my eyes shut. The point I'm trying to make though is that there's no place for this kind of thing at BWFC or football in general. Would you disagree?
  2. I'm with you there Carlos. I just hope I don't hear it again. There's nothing sadder than a bigot who doesn't know what the fuck its all about.
  3. Maybe I've led a sheltered life. Are we now the Rangers of the championship? I suspect not. FWIW I live in Glasgow and know the problems it causes and they're not pleasant. Bolty, you'd probably know better though.
  4. General fuck the Tims, fuck the pope etc nothing too serious but when the fuck have we been about this (Bolty I maybe too young to remember the 60's but I still don't want to hear it)
  5. Thats what I thought. It was just a bit bizarre to hear it today. Good effort to all who turned up. But can we never hear that nonsense again please?
  6. Was at the Hamilton game today. I've been supporting BWFC for 25 years but I wasn't aware we had sectarian allegiances. Can someone elaborate as to what some of the chants I heard today were about?
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