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  1. Crawley


    I thought we beat them 2 nil and it was a Tuesday if I remember rightly.
  2. By god, there's some fashion disaster on that photo! Can no one buy a pair of jeans that fits them?
  3. According to the paper today, Jussi top with 80 saves made, way ahead of second placed....al-Habsi on 67. It's all statistical bobbins but shows what we had on our books.
  4. Where you looking from a window above?
  5. Jesus, you must have been to some shit holes before then. Yes, its been warm for a good few weeks, not so back home?
  6. It looks like I have to work. I have a spare ticket on me if anyone can get to Goodge Street tube. No cash required. Sorry for the late notice, I've been trying to get out of it all day.
  7. I'm there. There are hotels everywhere; get yourself booked into the one on the Paymaster General roundabout.
  8. If you're having a half day, I would get off at Euston, take the Victoria line, few beers in Victoria. Three Bridges to the Snooty Fox ( loads of Mancs but don't let it put you off) walk to the Paymaster General roundabout where there is a pub, few in there and then taxi to the ground. If you want to go in town, get off at Crawley, turn left, walk directly ahead, as soon as you see The Glades shopping centre, turn left, passed the church and you're in the bar district. Usual fair, but the Punchbowl is the biggest pub, almost opposite Bar Med. It's all shit, but the weather is nicer and the local ladies might like some of you fucktards
  9. Bar Med; that place is pretty grim. I think most people start out at the Punchbowl pub and work their way up the street to the various bars. The ground is near K2, the sports centre. Nothing much else round there, apart from a roundabout. As I say, it's nasty, so best stay in London longer, get the fast train to Southampton Central from Victoria, get off at Three Bridges station (takes 40 mins) and jump in a cab outside or order one from the Snooty Fox (typical station pub opposite) Once its over, get back to London as soon as you can.
  10. Well that tie has cheered me up. Crawley is a shit night out; stay in London or go to Brighton. I should be able to spot Stanley, he'll be the self satisfied knuckle dragger
  11. Dissertation? Nah, my tinpot degree is in drama and music. I can barely write proper like.
  12. I wasn't alluding to about the actual language, sorry ironically, I wasn't being very clear - English, Portuguese, German whatever etc Its about the way its used. There is a received notion about use of language; those who have command of it (or are deemed to) and those who do not, usually through lack of education which is either historically denied or poor systems. If you believe you can't engage with the sociocultural norm linguistically; then people generally create a ghettoised or corrupt form that gives the user a status at least in their own cultural groups. So you get the patois against the acrolet and the power struggle between the two; its about the dominant culture and the subjugated underclass, be this any of the languages used as the base speech.
  13. Three times - we have a winner. Go to the top of the class or take anything from the top shelf. I don't have to wriggle out of anything, if you can't see the power imbalance between someone calling a white, middle class, middle aged man a Pommie whatever and someone a Black C**t, then I fear I can't help you and it sounds as though you are probably in the right place. Frank Spencer gave a clear explanation. Essentially language is power; and those subservient in culture or those who have been repressed usually try and take control of their situation usually through language first; such examples would be street language from poorer areas throughout history and Afro Americans reclaiming of the word n****r. If you don't have a language you simply don't exist, and by this I don't mean they are mute, but a language which is of their own and comes from their cultural sphere of influence. Ultimately, the world still views the European/American culture and historical signifiers are the norm, anything outside this is the other. The world dialogue is still formed around this axis. It's only been 300 years since the beginning of the Slave trade when essentially a genocide took place and killed identities - names, language, culture, history. The still dominant culture raped an entire continent and spat it out as dehuman workers. You went over to Australia as a free man to earn a better wage being blessed by dint of birth coming from one of the richest and most powerful nations on the earth. I'm not suggesting that we should continually apologise for the sins of the father; but how you still feel you can give these words - Pommie C**t, Black c**t, the same cultural power given the weight of history behind using such language is at best, in my humble opinion, wilfully ignorant. See, now you've made me make a really feckin' dull post.
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