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  1. 10 mins outside is perfect, as long as i can get onto the motorway quickly so I can get to my girls. What are the best places south of the city? oh and we're not bothered about living in the centre of town, a garden for the kids is more important. And I think I'll have to bite my tongue, sadly. What's with WW, everyone's gone all grown up and sensible. this would never have happened 10 years ago!
  2. Tonight is my leaving do; Do I; 1) tell my boss what I actually think of him, prick that he is or.... 2) Say he;s been an inspiration, made me a better marketeer and it is with a heavy heart I depart? Also, doesn't someone on here live in Cambridge? I'm going house hunting on Saturday, any ideas on a tight budget for rentals?
  3. I think between end of 93 and 96 I didn't miss a Friday night in Hawthorns. Old Three beforehand and then a chicken soup from the vending machine at the cab rank round the corner on the way home.
  4. Thought she made some interesting points. Plus Wolf Hall was a right good read.
  5. It's more London than most parts of the capital. I say London, I mean expensive and pretentious.
  6. I think it's more to do with the breakup of the transmitter regions so local news isn't that local anymore, epically down south. For example the meridian transmitter now covers all into Kent, meaning people in East Kent get news from Brighton and Southampton. It'd be like you lot getting news from Newcastle. Also I'm 20 miles from Brighton and I get London news. Norwich now gets news from the whole of Anglia, as does Ipswich but they'd prefer London or Essex news. ITV don't invest anymore as its simply not worth the money, epically with more folk getting their local coverage online wh
  7. Well to be fair, it would bore the pants off her and it was her gift from me. Besides, I've seen what she's packed so no complaints from me.
  8. Going to Barcelona tomorrow until Saturday. Never been, but she still won't let me go to the Nou Camp. Apparently there are some amazing galleries. Apparently.
  9. Crawley


    I thought we beat them 2 nil and it was a Tuesday if I remember rightly.
  10. I wouldn't have been able to survive living in Bolton being called Sheldon. It's not that bad!
  11. I'm with anyone who doesn't get The Mighty Boosh, maybe it's because I was watching more Peppa Pig when it was on. My missus loves The Big Bang Theory, I can't stand it, again this could be due to another lazy cliche about using my name for a geek! It is a shit name though!
  12. Made glorious summer with this sun of York. And for that reason I am out. Come on Henry you Lancastrian bugger! Fuck the Frenchie Plantagenets. That said they gave us a lovely badge for our national football teams kit.
  13. He's British, has an English girlfriend and lives in Surrey. Give him a break and support one of our world class sportsmen.
  14. I getting a little concerned. Heard this on the news and my first thought was, this wil run and run on WW. I need to get out more.
  15. Gave mine everything. I'm now skint but in a much better place. No point fighting when you have kids, it hurts them the most in the long run.
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