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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. 3,000 customers and well behaved customers, shall attend.
  2. I thought we had a poster off here who was that high up at Manchester City that KDB used to babysit his children and and Vincent Kompany used to deliver his milk? or has he departed now? The poster I mean?
  3. Dear marc505 could you lend @bolton in bedford10p to contact the number please. KR neil hart CEO
  4. Afternoon all Please be aware this also extends to clothing given some of the abominations I’ve seen in the stands. there is no place at our club for cheap clothing. BW neil hart CEO
  5. Mr Elvis whilst the opportunity to entertain your wife would be a welcome one. I’m afraid you have dampened my enthusiasm somewhat by reference to the almost defunct, dinosaur like AHM. It is rare nowadays that they are together at away games and to be honest the club has moved on from their ilk. they’re not long for this world looking at the state of them and only young H really fits the future pathway of the club. You could of course sign up to the wonderful membership scheme which takes about 13 seconds and buy your own tickets for you and the handbrake of course. But please don’t let the fact it takes a matter of seconds to sign up detract from the noise around the scheme. BW Neil hart CEO
  6. Mr undies thank you for your esteemed view. When I give a flying fuck of your opinion I will be sure to act upon it best wishes Neil Hart CEO
  7. Dear Michael where did I make reference to the fact that me working at any club meant I was a supporter? I merely answered your question. now haven’t you got people to put in the ground? KR neil hart CEO
  8. Dear Michael. Well done for focusing on the error. Rather than assisting your fellow fan who is clearly a French fancy short of an afternoon tea. KR neil hart CEO
  9. Mr redcliffe Maybe some proactive ideas from your attendance at Old trafford would assist matters as we try and move with the times KR neil hart CEO
  10. Mr Jol customers such as these have no place at our football club BW neil hart CEO
  11. Mr grey we are a modern football club and I will bring my tablet. It also takes photos which come in handy on such occasions. KR neil hart CEO
  12. Thank you for bringing this to my attention it reinforces my belief that we do have some highly challenged individuals within our support. But as an inclusive club we shall try and ensure that suitable care is given also in this particular case I will offer to subside 10p so the customer can ring the ticket office up to resolve. I suspect it took more time to set up this thread and post than that would have taken Best wishes Neil hart CEO
  13. Dear Michael Yes I do. and I’m hoping to be at gillingham And will carry out a who’s who roll call. No place to hide regards Neil hart CEO
  14. Mr spider no need for personal attacks is there Given your own apparently lack of ability to navigate your own business through a time of change, I would keep your thoughts to yourself and leave my hotdogs to me KR neil hart CEO
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