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  1. 10 games is above average for a Watford manager.
  2. Also the same players know they are going to be picked regardless of form so feel they have no competition for places, this must affect motivation to keep high standards.
  3. It’ll almost be funny if it weren’t this lot
  4. 1 point each for the top 4, and a grinding win against a side expected to be up there. Couldn’t have turned out better. They say the league table after 10 games is a fair reflection, and we’re right up there. it’s great being a wanderer right now.
  5. Shit away day that’s 15 miles away from me. Can’t really not go.
  6. Fucks sake, Dixon’s positioning was schoolboy.
  7. Offside, then kicked the ball to far so ran into Dixon and gets a pen. Joke.
  8. I think you’re right, though surprised the dog track is still there, it got sold to build offices on a good couple of years ago.
  9. Going on that clue, Mansfield.
  10. Was happy to take a draw all things considered them saw @burnden pic and now fuming.
  11. Hated being bunged in the upper tier at MK Dons, we’re good enough to beat anyone at home regardless of what atmosphere the opposing fans create.
  12. Went to both in 1995, don’t remember much about the first leg, but the second leg was and still is my favourite night as a Bolton fan, we were going to Wembley in a major cup final after years in the lower leagues. Never have I wanted to punch a player more when Fjortoft celebrated in front of the Bolton fans doing his plane thing. I felt sick, defeated and hopeless. Celebrating the equaliser thinking it went in when it hit the post first and that bit of hope crept back in. Mixu’s goal, though was good was much better in my recall, a 35 yard screamer in the top corner, more hope possibly expectation. The winner and scenes, dragged yards down the terrace and we knew that was that. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so many different emotions in a 45 minute period. Couldn’t stop smiling for days after.
  13. I could have looked at like that but less than 4 weeks later we beat Reading at Wembley. I’m taking your experience as a lucky omen.
  14. Had a similar experience when going to Stoke in 1995 so you have my every sympathy. In short, left Bolton in the afternoon for an evening kick off to go to Stockport where Marple was going to pick me up and drive down to Stoke, the train was also going to Stoke anyway. Train was held up due to a break down, stuck on it for 4 hours going nowhere. 4 other Bolton fans on the train so sat with them. Finally got to Stoke and the 5 of us got a police escort to the ground. Got to the ground 5 minutes after kick off. We drew 1-1 which gave the title to Middlesboro. Got a lift back to Stockport to get a train to Bolton, Stockport had road closures so was re-routed which meant I missed the train. Had to wait an hour for the next one and finally got home early hours. One of the worst days I’ve had following Bolton.
  15. Pleased they’re going to be okay as don’t want any club to go through what we did apart from three clubs. However, not so pleased that they have some manoeuvre in the transfer market as it’s likely to be another club to worry about at the top end.
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