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  1. From a Liverpool fan when I asked if he was any good: I think so. Played a couple of cup games. Aggressive, defends well and gets forward. I liked him so he will do well for you. The defends well part appeals as this has not been the strongest parts of the wing backs so far.
  2. I thought that but then also thought MK Dons and limbs don’t go. Then realised it was against Wimbledon and it made sense again.
  3. The lad’s gone up on my estimation.
  4. It was 5, but it still grates me to this day. The year before we were about 17 behind Notts County, but lost in the semi.
  5. It’s the same one step lower. York promoted to the NL finishing in 5th, a mere 21 points behind the team finishing 2nd.
  6. Maybe the advantage is to play at home first, get a lead and then park the bus. Happened in both games, more so in MK v Wycombe.
  7. Pleased for Wycombe, good fans who get another Wembley day out. Don’t like MK and the shithousery of Lewington on the pitch and their chairman off it. A local game to the soulless stadium for me now next year.
  8. Peterborough’s turn next season
  9. Hard to believe it was only just over 5 years ago when we beat them on New Years Eve to get an edge in the promotion race.
  10. I’ve been to Watford a couple of times this season, they’re not staying up, and Norwich look doomed. Would prefer Everton to go, Taggert header and them staying up remains in mind and I’m no Lampard fan when it comes to management, would rather a decent lower league manager be given a chance rather than just a name.
  11. I think it’s possible but a big ask. If we do it’ll be great and a day at Wembley would be brilliant. If we don’t, we come back next year stronger and go for the title, and be stronger for the Championship the year after if we get there. Either way, 2 1/2 years ago is still fresh in the mind, and the last two seasons are probably beyond most fans expectations.
  12. I know it’s been in for a bit, but not really taken any notice of it as not been able to get to a game since Ipswich away. Anyway, trying to get MK Dons tickets, and being 10 miles up the road, a couple family members want to come but it won’t let me buy more than one ticket on my membership. I’ve registered them as members but now it won’t let me assign them tickets. Any help would be great because I’m beginning to lose my shit over this.
  13. 2 more wins and relegation is avoided, and then and only then will I start looking to the top end of the table. Brilliant win, brilliant run, COYWM.
  14. Look at the positives, it’s another game closer to January with our depleted squad where we haven’t lost 3 points, which in our form was a worry. May have a fixture congestion, but if we can get a January with signings who had half the impact as last year, then I’d fancy our chances more against Wycombe and Morecambe, then playing them now. Horse racing on the box it is then.
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