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  1. Will Lowe must be the brother that isn't allowed to shout out aloud!
  2. grego

    Take Over

    Seems I assumed correctly
  3. grego

    Take Over

    Likely its loaned from somewhere, to start the debt pile again.
  4. grego

    Take Over

    Sam may wait, see if we out of league one!
  5. grego

    Take Over

    Thought it was four "hun bred children, and a crap in the field"
  6. grego

    Take Over

    Anyone know if the new owners (consortium /financial adventurers) need to just pay HMRC before 4th April, or does the full sale have to complete? Just wondering if Ken found some other support (for the £1.2 big ones) he could muck about wasting time trying to force a better deal? We would still be on the cliff edge with wages and butter hot dogs still distracting from the footy.
  7. grego

    Take Over

    As your favorite Ayn Rand character said "The brothers of the man who invented fire, had him burned at the stake, but he still left them with something they didn't have" (or something like that!) Howard thank you for taking the time to give us your unbiased experience based view. Without you this forum has just lost something that it didn't have before, I for one will miss your comforting insight. Seems now its something we cant get back easily. COYWM
  8. grego

    Take Over

    There is also diligence from Ken's negotiating team towards the purchaser. Basically has the purchaser actually got available funds in place to complete in the agreed timescales.
  9. Please No, not again. Its futile and embarrassing. He wont sell until he sees a decent profit or has taken a few tickles in the form of consultant wages. Lets give our team some support (protest looks like we are saying, this team will all be gone come the revolution) we can win this game.
  10. Early this morning on the 'Manchester TV' channel, Parkin actually said, we will concede but its about delaying as long as possible. I thought this was strange and probably explains how we are set up and the current mind set. You wouldn't hear other managers and 2nds saying that , even if its actually true! I agree with Parky, we do need a goal (obvious) , but not to settle the team because they seem settled. We need a goal to prove the backroom tactics and as we arnt getting one, its blatantly not working. About 6 times today when we actually won the ball back (once on the right really close to goal) we end up playing backwards until Beavers gets it and he struggles to get a build up pass. We see to have to start a build up (if at all) from a set formation way back, or from a lumped goal kick. We never played a ball on the deck from goalkeeper held ball.When we win the ball , is the time to increase tempo and attack from where we are, not play back to a tactical starting point. As I write this I realise of course that in midfield we probably haven't got the quality, despite the team trying hard. I agree with others on here, at times you would think we were 3 up today instead of desperately needing a win. Where are the team that went to West Brom (seems like years ago instead of start of season)?
  11. Agree with most of this. We pressed high up in the first half and then they were quicker than us on the break. We are poor at corners, seemed the MW goalie was waiting for it to come to him and it often did. I was in CU (west upper) and it was very quiet in there with people watching their devices for champs league info.
  12. Can we get someone "in" after Christmas that can induce attacking mentality in our midfield.? Why did we release Spearing?? he was willing to take a pay cut is what I heard
  13. Seems to me.. We have no attacking midfielders (or so Parky thinks), so when we have the ball we pass back to the goalkeeper and punt up to Madine. Try for a free kick (like big sams tacktics) and even when he wis it we are not able to control the lay offs. Ameobi is the only player who has licence to shoot from outside the box, another huge tactical mistake! but true!! They where more physical than us and yes the ref was a bit poor, but we need someone eho can boss midfield (why not make Ameobi play more central?) and we need a few physically stronger players (with coloured boots on like they have!!) My only pleasure today was Sordell not scoring (even though I had a bet on that he would!) Our organisation during attack is really lacking.
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