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  1. Looked a decent player, composed on the ball. Unfortunately though judging by the way he went down and had to be helped off the pitch it looks like a possible ACL strain/tear and will miss at least the next few months. Hope I’m wrong
  2. Couple of spare tickets going here as well. 1x Adult (26-59) and 1x Young Adult (19-25). Selling for face value of course. Drop me a PM if interested.
  3. These are still available if anyone is still looking for tickets
  4. Sorry if I'm not meant to post this here but got 2 tickets going for the game - 1x Adult (26-59) and 1x Young Adult (19-25). Selling for face value of course. Drop me a PM if interested.
  5. bromers

    Take Over

    I think it's probably the former...
  6. Painful to see that lot splashing out £2m for a left back while we’ve no idea if we’ll have any senior players for the first game of the season
  7. bromers

    Take Over

    Palace Entered admin 26th Jan 2010 Finished 21st in Championship in 2009/10 season, escaping relegation by 2 points Were bought out by fan-led consortium 1st Jun 2010 Portsmouth Entered admin 26th Feb 2010 Relegated from the Prem that same season 3 years before they were bought by supporters trust in June 2013. They went from the Prem to League 2 during that time Plymouth Entered admin 4th Mar 2011 Relegated from League 1 at the end of the season, finishing 23rd Bought 8 months later by local businessman James Brent Port Vale Entered admin 9th Mar 2012 Finished 9th on 59 points in League 2 for 2011/12 season Exited admin 20th Nov 2012 (but obviously they've never really recovered since)
  8. bromers

    Take Over

    Chill out lads. New mega rich owners will be in by Friday with their cheque book primed and ready. Sturridge has just been released by Liverpool and Gazza Cahill's a free agent now. We'll pip Barcelona to Rodrigo's signature and then rescue Chungy from the German second division. We're getting the old gang back together. League will be won by Christmas
  9. Almost as if Parky knew what he was talking about when he said he was reluctant to throw Connell into regular first team action due to the increased risk of injury...
  10. A good signing yes, but for every Gary O'Neil there's a Marc Wilson, a Will Buckley a Lloyd Dyer and a Clayton Donaldson
  11. Peterborough appear to have a good scouting and recruitment network that is able to consistently find gems from the lower leagues. We, on the other hand haven’t had decent recruitment since the days of BSA (bar a few decent signings by Megson) It’s something that I hope new owners put in place, don’t think I can stand many more signings of washed-up journeymen.
  12. Such a shame to see Vela’s career stagnate. Showed such promise when he broke into the first team. Seems to me like he didn’t work as hard as his talents deserved - I always thought he looked a bit unfit on the pitch. Don’t think he’ll play above league one in his career again.
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