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  1. bromers


    Agreed, we can’t go on like this forever
  2. That’s good to hear imo, means we’re sticking to a sensible wage structure and not being taken for fools. Turnbull was one of the highest earners at Northampton (4K a week apparently) so he was probably asking for quite a lot in terms of LG2 wages, glad we stood firm. It ties in with something Evatt said in one of his early interviews about “not being a cash cow, we want players to come to Bolton Wanderers for the right reasons” https://youtu.be/b2veNlJP6sg
  3. Talk on Twitter about it being a lad called Bright Amoateng, a product of the Liverpool Academy, last at Bury U18. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/bright-amoateng/profil/spieler/580800
  4. Would be nice to have a new face announced but I'm assuming it's Bunney
  5. Not exactly small change that... [tweet] [/tweet]
  6. Looked a decent player, composed on the ball. Unfortunately though judging by the way he went down and had to be helped off the pitch it looks like a possible ACL strain/tear and will miss at least the next few months. Hope I’m wrong
  7. Couple of spare tickets going here as well. 1x Adult (26-59) and 1x Young Adult (19-25). Selling for face value of course. Drop me a PM if interested.
  8. These are still available if anyone is still looking for tickets
  9. Sorry if I'm not meant to post this here but got 2 tickets going for the game - 1x Adult (26-59) and 1x Young Adult (19-25). Selling for face value of course. Drop me a PM if interested.
  10. bromers

    Take Over

    I think it's probably the former...
  11. Painful to see that lot splashing out £2m for a left back while we’ve no idea if we’ll have any senior players for the first game of the season
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